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Stratfor Research predicts that the global market of commercial surveillance systems will reach $7 billion this year, according to research firm Gartner Inc. And the demand is projected to increase 5% annually through 2020 — but only 3% annually after that.
Gartner estimates that total spending will hit $11 billion next year.
“While the industry saw revenue growth of 13.6 percent last year, growth rates for 2019 were lower,” said David Johnson, director of surveillance intelligence solutions at Gartner.”We expect a slowing down in the rate of adoption as companies struggle with rising operational costs due to increased regulatory compliance,” he added. “In addition, some companies are concerned about cyberattacks against their networks as well as concerns about privacy issues arising from the use of video analytics technology.”
But the rise in spending isn’t solely tied to economic factors. As cities around the world face greater threats like terrorism and violence related crimes, they increasingly find themselves turning to private contractors for help.
This trend could be particularly pronounced for small municipalities, which often lack adequate police forces. They’re especially vulnerable because many rely heavily upon government grants to fund law enforcement operations.
One city that relies heavily on federal funding is Stratford, Connecticut. Its population grew nearly 50%, to roughly 40,000 residents last decade. Since 2011, Stratford Police Department officials say they’ve seen spikes in crime involving firearms; robberies rose 60%; car thefts jumped 70%. At the same time, they note that overall violent crime decreased 12%-18%.
So the department turned to Stratfor for assistance. After conducting extensive surveys of other U.S. agencies, Stratfor found a handful of products that offered high quality, affordable options for smaller communities seeking to improve their ability to keep watch over their streets and citizens. These vendors include SecureTek Systems & Solutions LLC, SecurAmerica Corp, DtecNet Ltd.; E2 Technologies USA LLC, Visonic Communications International SA, Kontron AG and EOS Video Surveillance.
All told, these six vendors accounted for 95% of total sales in 2018, and most sell multiple models that offer varying levels of functionality.
Here are five things to consider when choosing among them…

Best Security Cameras Stratford

If you find yourself spending most of your day worrying about how safe your family and property really are, then you should consider investing in some form of surveillance system. While this technology isn’t mandatory, it’s still probably worth considering if you’re thinking about moving somewhere less than secluded. For years, consumers have flocked to digital cameras because they’ve offered high quality images without requiring extensive technical knowledge. But today’s market offers something better–and cheaper. If you’re worried about safety and privacy, installing outdoor motion sensors could be exactly what you need. Outdoor motion detectors are great for those who live in rural areas or other places where crime rates are unusually high, but they provide little protection against people trying to enter through windows and doors. They aren’t cheap either, which often makes them affordable only after adding multiple units around properties. However, indoor motion detection systems offer a far greater level of security while maintaining an extremely reasonable price tag. We’ll walk you though three models currently available for under $100. All three of these devices come with motion sensitive switches built in, meaning that no additional equipment needs to be purchased. As long as someone enters the premises at least once every 30 minutes, the sensor will trigger alarms. Some older models had a minimum amount of movement required in order to activate the alarm, but modern versions use infrared light instead, allowing for higher sensitivity levels. Indoor motion detection cameras can be particularly useful inside buildings where entry points are numerous. At any moment, employees might leave their offices just to get lunch; children playing sports outside the facility might drop things or knock over furniture; guests coming to visit might leave items lying around unattended. An effective monitoring solution would pick these events up immediately and notify authorities of suspicious activity. And when combined with an advanced facial recognition software package, you’d truly have complete peace of mind. When selecting the right Surveillance Camera for your location, you must take several factors into consideration.

Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Stratford

In this post we talk about some great products we recommend for 2020/21. We discuss why these cameras will fit well into a Stratford environment and offer practical information on setting them up.
If you’re new to home security systems then we suggest starting with something as basic as IP video. If you already have cameras installed but they aren’t performing optimally then installing a good quality wired IP Camera would be the first step towards improving system efficiency.
We also cover the most popular wireless options available today. Not only does this make things easier financially, It makes them simpler than ever to install. These days anyone who knows anything at all about technology can pick up a pair of scissors and cut cable wires away.
But wireless tends to come with compromises which should be understood prior to making the purchase decision. Although it often simplifies installations considerably, this convenience isn’t always worth compromising on image sharpness, range or reliability in exchange for ease of use.
So, what’s important to consider when selecting a security solution? Is price really everything? Or perhaps it’s image resolution instead. Whatever your choice, rest assured that SecureCam understands your needs better than anybody else, because we design, manufacture and distribute the highest grade home alarm solutions anywhere in Europe. Our product line includes high definition indoor & outdoor HD cameras, indoor motion sensors, fire / smoke detectors, wireless remote controls. A full selection of accessories including mounting kits and batteries are supplied to enable customers to get the job done easily and effectively.
For example, there’s no reason to go back to analog monitors when digital displays work just fine. And you certainly shouldn’t compromise on video quality; with our affordable 2M network cameras, you won’t find yourself wishing you had invested more money in higher quality gear.
Of course, what matters most is that your investment is protected against threats like power surges, weather damage and loss due to theft, vandalism and natural disaster. So whether you prefer 4k HDR video surveillance, 720P Wifi-enabled CCTV or 1080P webcams, keep us in mind whenever it comes to choosing a reliable security guard for your business, family or property.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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When selecting a home security system, it is imperative to determine which cameras will be mounted in strategic locations around the house. Here’s why…
Security Camera Locations
1st Floor Front Door/Windows
First, select high quality 1080P HD home video recording systems that feature 3 way audio, motion detection, day & night capabilities. If possible, always opt for IP Network Systems because they offer superior video image resolution versus analogue cable recordings. Install them near outside door entrances first then move inward across the floor space towards other windows or key entry ways. Ideally place these in areas like hallways, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens since many burglars enter homes through the front doors. Also consider placing some behind furniture and cabinets for extra monitoring coverage and privacy during non peak times. Ensure your perimeter coverage extends to both sides of each window…if this isn’t already part of your current surveillance solution then install additional cameras to cover this area. Be sure that the majority of exterior glass surfaces remain unobstructed while installing…this will help reduce unwanted reflections and false alarms….which leads me to my next point…
2nd Floor Rear Window
I highly recommend placing outdoor IP network cameras at the rear side of windows facing away from your residence. Not only does this provide excellent 360 degree panoramic views but they are extremely effective for early warning purposes. Plus, in most cases, you’ll notice suspicious vehicles parked in front yard parking areas after dark whereas rear window vantage points capture activity occurring inside the house well past dusk hours. Most people forget to mount these types of “eye in sky” devices. Keep in mind that all of our recommended products automatically detect changes in light levels and adjust accordingly, including detecting when sunsets occur…and they’re almost instantaneously triggered if someone walks outside carrying items/furniture. These factors greatly improve the overall picture quality and sensitivity of your home security solution.
3rd Floor Windows (optional)
In addition to 2 main floors, I’d suggest adding another external camera positioned along the top edge of the roofline pointing downward toward the ground….ideally placed just above where rain gutters drain down to prevent water accumulation anywhere on your rooftop system.

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Stratford Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras

In this day & age, people feel safe knowing they live somewhere that is monitored.
Security cameras provide peace of mind. They help deter crime and protect property, whether its residential or commercial properties, or both. And, they provide proof should something go awry and you need assistance.
We understand this concept and strive daily towards providing our customers with the highest quality products available for them today. Our focus remains on customer satisfaction and making sure every client receives exactly what they expect.
At SecureCam we have years of experience serving clients in Connecticut and throughout New England. We take great pride in being able to offer our clients the best prices and most secure solutions possible while still maintaining excellent customer service.
If you are considering installing a video surveillance system in your home or business please contact us today and schedule a no obligation consultation.
Thank you for stopping by our website. If there’s anything else we could answer that would assist you in selecting a solution to fit you needs, just shoot us an email at and we’ll be happy to discuss further.

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When it comes down to picking the ideal indoor/outdoor CCTV camera, there are many factors involved beyond just the price tag. A few of those include but are not limited to, resolution, mounting options, viewing angle, operating temperature range, wireless functionality, size, ease of use, and warranty coverage. So while prices vary greatly across marketplaces, there are several things both brands should consider keeping in mind when deciding which would be perfect fit for your needs.
While they aren’t always the cheapest cameras available, in some cases they offer excellent value for your buck. We’ve handpicked 10 top rated models below that fall under this category. They’ll cost anywhere from $2900-$14999 depending upon manufacturer and model. And since most come bundled with software packages you won’t find elsewhere, you get added flexibility in terms of monitoring habits.
Hikvision’s 8th generation C2 Series offers high definition 1080P video recording at 30 FPS along with advanced facial recognition technology as well as remote viewfinder via IP connectivity. Additionally, this model houses 16MP still image capability. While it lacks night visibility capabilities like other models, it boasts a wider field of view. Its weatherproof casing also makes it suitable for outdoor installations, especially considering how well equipped it is for multiple power sources (120V AC 100W, 12VDC 1.5Amps). Finally, its large 2 meter cable length ensures a hassle-free install.
For the ultimate in quality and affordability. Take advantage of the 3rd Generation C3 series which offers 24Hz Full HD 720P recording with face detection, motion alerts, night mode with IR illuminator, night vision, 1080P day and dusk modes, automatic geo tagging, USB charging port, 4x digital zoom and more. Plus, many devices allow for WiFis connections, eliminating the need to purchase additional hardware. These units will run roughly $2500.
There’s no question about it; Hikvision remains without rival when it comes to providing top notch indoor surveillance solutions. The HS2516N-ZTK is one of their newest products that does double duty serving as a DVR and NVR system.

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In today’s world, people increasingly rely on technology to protect themselves against both theft and intruders breaking into their homes or offices. People often install inexpensive webcams to monitor who enters or exits their property but this isn’t always enough protection depending upon the types of crimes being committed. For many years cameras have only been able to see clearly through walls and ceilings while windows tend to be transparent making them invisible to most surveillance systems unless they’re specifically designed to detect certain frequencies of light. All these things create gaps which criminals love to exploit and therefore more expensive HD video solutions must be considered if you wish to prevent crimes occurring altogether rather than just seeing who entered or exited your house or building without alerting anyone else inside. So we’ve chosen to go down the route of installing both 1080P IP cameras and 720P network CCTV devices along side each other ensuring maximum coverage across multiple monitors whilst providing great views of people going in and out of rooms as well as recording footage should anything happen and help reduce crime in your premises. We are able to provide quotes covering both residential and commercial installations for all budgets ranging between £200 to hundreds of thousands depending on required resolution. Our standard package includes 2 x 720 P Network Camera/IP cameras in total including 1 outdoor unit plus 2 indoor units in addition to a 24 hour monitoring service via our professional customer care team and dedicated support line 7 days per week allowing immediate troubleshooting and remote operation wherever you live, work or operate. Some typical packages include;
1 x 1080P Network Camera
2x720P IP Cam / Network Camera(s)
All cabling laid & tested for reliability
Full installation guide provided
24 hr Monitoring Service
Immediate Support Line Mon–Fri 0800 – 1800
+£350 Installation Cost
Call us on 01268 441 888 Ext 103 for a FREE quote or visit
We believe that no business owner wants to lose control of his or her assets either physical or digital due to criminal activity especially because they cost valuable cash. Therefore we guarantee 100% satisfaction against any type of product failure due to poor quality or manufacturing defects.

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There are many different types of cameras available today in the market. From traditional CCTV systems to modern HD day/night video surveillance equipment or wireless IP cameras. Each type carries specific advantages and disadvantages but they all offer excellent value and reliability. So which ones will be most suitable for your needs?
What should I consider buying?
Before investing in anything it is worth considering what exactly you wish to achieve with your purchase; this could include both indoor & outdoor use for example.
Will you only need to view via internet streaming / cloud sharing software? Or will you actually install the system yourself in order to connect to your existing network using Wi Fi technology? Some systems allow full remote viewing without having to physically touch them while some can be fully remotely controlled through apps installed on mobile devices like Android phones and iPhones.
In addition to these factors, the overall quality of picture clarity, colour reproduction and resolution also play a key part in choosing an ideal solution. Do you just need something basic enough for checking the status of doors and windows, then a cheap web cam would work nicely. However, if you’d prefer something high end capable of capturing audio and thermal images too, and perhaps a few other advanced extras such as night / motion sensing capabilities, then again a higher specification model would suit perfectly. If you intend installing the device in person rather than simply connecting to a WiFi connection, then a rangefinder type design that includes IR illumination sensors would help you identify people and vehicles quickly and precisely (as well as detecting movement).
Are you already connected to a power source or an internal wired LAN type setup? Is this going to be used outdoors? Will you want it indoors & outdoor combined? And finally will you be able to control all aspects of operation including live feeds via smartphone apps or PC software? These questions really influence the choice of equipment required to ensure maximum functionality and efficiency.
If none of the above considerations apply to you and you just need a single purpose security camera that does not necessarily involve monitoring every aspect of your property 24 hours a day 7 days a week, then you probably won’t find any particular problem selecting one..

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“I recently had a pricey amazon package stolen from my doorstep, so I decided to take measures and instal security cameras around my house. Highly recommend this company! They were fast, efficient and friendly!”


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