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In order to keep track of everything going on inside your house, whether they be people or pets, many homeowners install security cameras around their homes. Some prefer DIY installations while others hire professional contractors like SecureCam who will put them up for you at no cost.
If you’re interested in installing one yourself, below we’ve outlined some basic steps on getting started along with a few things to consider beforehand including which products work well indoors and outdoors, what types of places would benefit most from having surveillance video, and which models offer different features and benefits.
So without further ado, this article contains a detailed guide to help determine which type of security camera system would be best suited to suit your needs. We’ll talk in depth about indoor versus outdoor settings, what devices come with each model, whether they should be placed discreetly or prominently, and if there’s anything else you should take note of when buying a security camera system. After reading through these tips, hopefully you’ll feel confident enough to purchase a good quality CCTV system and get it installed by professionals, giving you peace of mind and protection of your property against intruders.
Before setting up your camera, you need to first decide whether you’d like it to monitor only certain areas or capture footage everywhere. A single camera setup could mean placing it near doors/windows, entrances/exits, staircases, bathrooms, bedrooms, offices, garages, parking spaces, garden rooms, sheds, utility areas, and other high traffic zones. Alternatively, you could use multiple security systems, either connected wirelessly or via wired devices such as DVRs and routers. Either way, these choices must be considered carefully. If you opt for wireless monitoring, then you’ll obviously need to place several cameras across the entire perimeter of your premises, although only those close to high traffic locations ought to connect to external monitors. On the flip side, you could simply rely on the internal feed to ensure proper monitoring of your property instead of relying on external feeds. As always, it’s advisable to test both approaches prior to making a decision to find out which one works better for your specific needs.

Security Cameras Installation & Monitoring in Surrey BC

Security cameras are installed and monitored in many different locations for various purposes including surveillance, monitoring activity at work/home, detecting intruders, providing video evidence against theft/burglary, recording traffic accidents, preventing vandalism/graffiti, assisting law enforcement agencies and so forth. They provide peace of mind because they protect property values, allow people to feel safer, help prevent injuries during emergencies like fire incidents, assist law officers and emergency response personnel during their jobs, help identify criminals who break into homes/businesses in order to steal property and other valuables.
In this guide I will talk briefly about some basic information regarding the most popular types of Security Cameras available today. For each type of Camera, I will go through in detail what makes them special, advantages, disadvantages and why this particular model is suitable for specific applications. Then after going through each category, I will discuss which ones should be considered for use in your business/homes in 2022 and beyond. Finally, I have added my personal favorite models, along with links to their Amazon pages. My top 5 favorites include these 2 brands:-
• Hikvision DVR HD30S2VHW3U4T1B0RKM3C01EQ5
• NETGEAR NDB8500HD Wireless IP 1080P 4 Channel Dome Network Video Recorder Wifi 8 Port USB Adapter IP Outdoor Weatherproof Wireless Surveillance System for Business /Home
For more in depth reviews please visit SecureCam is Canada’s largest supplier of professional quality security products with over 2000 high end cameras to customers across Canada. We offer products from leading manufacturers around the world. Our products consist of indoor and outdoor dome cameras, wireless network video recorders, motion sensors, digital audio recorders and a range of accessories. All our products meet industry standards for reliability, durability, ease of operation and security.
We are a member of the Canadian Association Of Professional Land Surveyors (CAPLAS). CAPLA membership ensures professional excellence and adherence to ethical standards among members.

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Security Camera Technology Advancement – We provide top notch cameras designed specifically for homeowners, business owners, and government agencies. Our cameras capture HD images, night vision, motion detection capabilities, weatherproofing, wireless connectivity, remote viewing options, video feeds, 2 way audio communication, 24/7 monitoring (via internet), cloud storage, scheduling software, motion alerts, and many more features. If you are interested in getting the most out of your existing system, upgrading to our latest technology, or simply setting yourself apart from other companies offering similar products, then check us out today.
Why Secure Cam?
We understand that every customer wants the ultimate experience when buying security camera equipment because they’d be investing thousands or tens upon thousands of dollars. At Secure Cam, we strive to exceed each customers needs. We take pride in being able to offer exceptional service through excellent staff, quality camera installations, high reliability hardware components, fast shipping times and outstanding after sales support. All this helps to produce some of the highest performing security surveillance systems available. As well as giving great value for money, we believe that these are the things which separate our business from other providers. We hope to earn your trust soon enough, but if not, just rest assured that you will see why we deserve it.

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With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Surrey Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras

In this article, I’m going to show you which cameras will be most effective for each environment; whether it’s an office, shop, warehouse, school, bank or retail store, there’s no doubt that a professional quality video surveillance system will provide maximum protection while minimising ongoing costs.
If you’d like the full guide including images please click below…
Best Camera Suites
For smaller installations, consider buying a complete package consisting of several different models. These packages contain everything but batteries and power supplies, saving both space and cost, especially since many high resolution cameras offer 24×7 recording capabilities. If you’re installing multiple units into various areas then consider getting some sort of networked solution.
When choosing a CCTV System, the first thing to bear in mind is the resolution required. Most people assume 720P HDTV would suffice. While this isn’t necessarily untrue, it won’t meet future requirements unless you upgrade regularly. Many top brands today produce 1080p HDV systems which can capture higher resolutions than standard definition TV broadcasts. For example, the Sony VENICE E1U series offers 2k resolution. Some manufacturers go further still, producing 4k solutions, though these aren’t usually affordable yet. As technology develops and resolution increases, many other factors must be considered, particularly bandwidth needs and the type and size of storage medium. When buying a camera system, remember that a small increase in price can mean a large difference in terms of functionality. A larger capacity SD card may seem expensive upfront, however it could save hours’ worth of work trying to get footage recorded onto USB sticks. Also keep in mind that many cheaper products use proprietary cards or USB sticks, meaning they’ll only support specific operating systems and cannot easily be upgraded.
There are plenty of good options available for those who like to DIY. However, if you prefer to take things seriously, you should invest in professionally built equipment. Professional equipment often includes additional hardware such as IP cams for remote viewing and alarm integration. It’s recommended that you purchase professional grade equipment rather than cheap kit, because once the warranty expires you’ll find the latter will quickly become obsolete.
For most installations, an analogue camera is sufficient, but digital solutions are becoming commonplace.

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Security Cameras come in many different types but they have certain things in common across each type. They must always be aimed towards something of interest, whether it’s a window, door or wall. They should have good quality optics. And they must record video continuously 24/7 without interruption.
In this article I will discuss both Hikvision and TidyCam which are high end brands for domestic use. Both are well known manufacturers but there are other reputable names like Dahua, Elbit Systems, Visonic, Panasonic and Sony. These cameras usually come as stand alone units with IP67 certification meaning they meet the highest level of water resistance standards and therefore suitable for outdoor installations.
I would recommend that anyone purchasing a security cam needs to understand exactly what sort of recording capabilities they want, be aware of any limitations (and possible alternatives) and choose wisely. For example some models offer nightvision capabilities whereas others just record images but lack the ability to zoom in close.
Also some of these models allow remote activation through apps while others only work via wired connection. So check out the specs carefully to find the model that suits you best (or best meets your requirements).
Hikvision HDP series are available in 1080p FullHD recording resolution. They support day /night operation (24 hours per day), motion detection, geo fencing, sound detection, alarm notification, and much more. Some of them even provide cloud storage options allowing you to watch and save recorded videos on various devices including mobile phones. A couple can operate in windy conditions and can withstand extreme temperatures.
Tidyda CX-81080p Wi-Fi Video Recorder Camera, 8MP Full High Definition Recording Resolution. It records 720P HD video clips in 60fps (frames per second) at 1680×960 pixels at 30 frames per seconds. It supports panorama mode and face recognition technology and offers a range upto 150 meters indoors or 300 meters outdoors.

If you’re reading this post you probably already read some posts about the 5G hype. If you haven’t then go ahead because the next wave of network technologies is going to happen soon enough.

Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Surrey

In fact, I am doing this because my kids love watching videos together. They also like playing games together and sharing pictures with each other through email. However, they had no clue about me keeping track of them whenever they walk around after dark. Even worse, they would be afraid to go outside without telling Mommy first. Yes, those days are long gone. My children will feel safe walking around wherever they please thanks to these cool little gadgets called surveillance cameras. These handy devices allow us parents to monitor the rooms of our homes remotely via webcams and live video streams. We can see what they are seeing and speak to them remotely. No longer does mom have to wait until morning when she checks the baby’s diaper bag or bedroom just to check whether her child could possibly come inside with mud caked under his/her fingernails. She can get updates while still sleeping like “Good Morning” text messages from her smartphone. Of course, you’re probably asking yourself why anyone would want to install CCTV Surveillance System for their home? Well, many people use spy cctv systems to keep tabs on the comings and goings of neighbors which often result in heated arguments among neighbors. Another common reason would be to catch suspicious persons who would later slip away unnoticed. Some parents even consider installing hidden cctv cameras in areas in their residence where they have the highest probability of getting burglarized; e.g, near windows and doors, high value cabinets containing expensive items, electrical appliances, etc. As well, many law enforcement agencies across countries utilize video monitoring tools to help solve crimes; e.g., police forces in USA investigate crime scenes with remote viewing of evidence via various types of surveillance cameras installed in vehicles. Lastly, there are many households that own pets and would like to ensure that their families’ safety while leaving pet carers unattended or after returning home. A great example of one of the most popular applications of spying system for home usage is nanny cam software. Many mothers are choosing to download apps onto their smartphones to record conversations and interactions amongst family members. As soon as someone speaks negatively towards their kid, moms are able to listen and view recordings instantly.

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Surrey homes and offices deserve quality Security cameras installed, and here’s why they should be: Security cameras help deter theft and keep people safe during crises while giving them peace of mind. They provide homeowners and tenants a way to protect themselves against break ins; they allow business owners to monitor the safety outside their establishment 24/7 without having someone constantly watch over them; and they can prevent crimes such as burglary, vandalism, and fraud. Additionally, surveillance systems are used as crime deterrent tools in schools, childcare facilities, parks, shopping centers, warehouses, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, airports, sports venues, casinos, banks, health care institutions, government buildings, colleges, universities, prisons, factories, office complexes, apartment homes, multi family residences and military bases.
At Secure Cam UK Ltd, we specialize in providing superior video surveillance products and installation solutions for homes, businesses and other locations across the globe. We strive to fulfill customer service expectations through fast delivery, great prices and professional installers who exceed deadlines whenever necessary.
We provide state-of-the-art high definition IP cameras with motion detection and audio recording capabilities that come standard with many options for controlling and monitoring remotely via mobile apps, websites and cloud computing interfaces, including Zonoff which includes both web browser support and device integration. Our HD digital video recorders offer built-in storage capacity with advanced viewing features like live streaming real-time playback, zoom function, face recognition technology, high def resolution and support for multiple file formats. Many of our security devices feature wireless networking capability as well as the ability to connect with compatible alarm panels and third party integrations. For more information check out our website Check us out on Facebook & twitter @securacam. To get started please call 01892 551577 or visit us at

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In this post I will be discussing my top tips for installing quality cameras around homes/offices. These guidelines help me ensure clients get great value for money and get exactly what they expect. Here goes..
Installation Tips:- Make Sure you use qualified professionals to install your cameras.- Install your cameras at least 10 feet above ground level.- Don’t just stick them anywhere but place them strategically.- Consider the angle of the camera view.- If possible put cameras facing towards doorways and windows.
Surrey Home Camera Installation Trends:- People generally buy a few different models depending on whether they’re after indoor only, outdoor only, both indoor & Outdoor, or perhaps something else entirely. But regardless of which type you decide, keep these things in mind to maximise the potential of your investment -:-
1. Buy high definition cameras.- HD video is always better than standard definition.- Most people think 720p’s aren’t good enough, but in reality it’s actually fine for most situations. A lot depends on factors like lighting and distance from subject matter though.- For instance, at 30ft away at night with poor light levels, the image isn’t going to be particularly sharp anyway so why bother spending extra money.2. Invest in zoom lenses.- While some cameras offer fixed focal lengths, this isn’t necessarily ideal. Zooming gives you the flexibility of working at close range without having to move further back.3. Be aware of frame rates.- Frame rate refers to the number of images displayed per second. Higher numbers mean smoother movement, lower numbers show less ‘jittering’ if you watch fast moving objects (e.g. someone running). 4. Avoid cheap ones.- Cheap devices won’t provide great picture quality nor will they be able to withstand weather conditions well.5. Use wireless connectivity whenever possible.- Wireless technology makes setup quick, convenient and safe.6. Keep everything tidy.- Your cameras shouldn’t block the way or take over floor space; try and avoid leaving cables exposed wherever possible7. Try & hide wires to the outside world.- For example under carpet, behind walls, up the side of cupboards8. Ensure batteries are replaced regularly.- Batteries drain quickly and you risk losing footage due to dead batteries9..

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“I recently had a pricey amazon package stolen from my doorstep, so I decided to take measures and instal security cameras around my house. Highly recommend this company! They were fast, efficient and friendly!”


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