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Security cameras come in many different shapes and sizes and offer various degrees of sophistication and ability. They serve primarily to protect people and property but they can also be used for surveillance purposes in some cases, especially if placed inconspicuously enough. Surveillance cameras are useful because of the information they provide. If someone sees something happening outside while no one else is watching live video feeds then this could cause them to get suspicious. In addition, some devices allow security personnel to monitor activity around sensitive assets like electrical equipment or air conditioning systems remotely and automatically. Finally, most modern digital recording systems use image recognition technology which allows monitoring software programs to detect and identify items at a glance. A security system will typically consist of several types of cameras, including ones mounted inside homes or offices and outdoor models aimed at things like doorways, driveways or parking lots. Some cameras record audio and send alerts via email or text messages, giving users another way to track down perpetrators after incidents occur. These factors tend to make these products popular among homeowners. However, depending upon the cameras chosen, they may cost anywhere from $30 to upwards of thousands.
In general terms, indoor CCTV / IP Camera Systems should contain all 3 following functions; motion detection, sound alarm & visual alarms. Indoor/outdoor camera systems should include 2 of the above mentioned functions along with the capability to communicate through voice/video to one central control station.
Indoor/Outdoor Audio Recording System: Many companies produce both stand-alone units and integrated solutions for monitoring large areas. Depending on intended usage, each device is designed differently. For example, an individual unit would usually feature better quality than those installed alongside other electronic devices; however, it would still lack full integration. An integrated solution is generally less expensive than installing separate parts, since everything is combined into one package. While stand-alone options are less costly, they must still work separately from other appliances, meaning they cannot integrate well with existing lighting fixtures and heating/cooling components. Integrated solutions often incorporate wireless connectivity, allowing them to connect seamlessly to computers, phones or tablets. They are also more suitable for larger installations because they can handle a wider range of applications without compromising reliability, functionality or flexibility.

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1) We offer FREE professional video recording and streaming to any device.
2) Our cameras will record 24/7. They won’t stop working because you left them unattended overnight.
3) Your videos will be stored securely in the cloud and available to view anytime, anywhere via mobile devices, computers and TVs.
4) You only pay once per day for each device connected to our network. No monthly fees, no hidden costs.
5) We install professionally for less than $100/camera, including everything required for setup. And, you’ll receive a full 1-year warranty.
6) All products include a 3-month monitoring service.
7) Our customer service team answers phones 7 days a week and emails 8 hours a day.
8) If you ever decide you’d like to move to another location in the country, just tell us where and we’ll take care of the relocation for you.
9) We’re always adding new locations, please check back often.
10) We provide free training materials that walk through every step of setting up and managing your system.
11) You’ll get a free 30 minute phone call to answer any questions. Or, feel free to email us anytime during business hours.
12) We can help your family or office stay safe, and save you money.
13) We’ve helped hundreds of people across dozens of states install thousands of security cameras in homes, offices and retail stores. We’ve installed thousands of cameras ourselves and would love to put our experience and expertise to work helping you find the perfect solution.
14) We’re excited to show you why you should use us for all your video surveillance needs.
15) We’re proud to serve customers in Canada and Mexico, but we’re happy to assist anyone who’s interested. Please contact us for details on international shipping charges and rates.
16) Check out this article:
17) For more info visit www.securecam.

Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Sylvan Lake

We created this post after analyzing many different types of cameras. We tried them out first hand to see which ones worked well in real life situations. If you are interested, keep reading to learn why these are the top options for security systems at home or business today.
Security Camera Installation Trends Today
Many homeowners install surveillance cameras by choosing the least expensive option they find, sometimes buying multiple cameras to cover various angles and locations. However, a little research usually leads people to better choices. Here are some examples:
• More manufacturers have come out with Wi-Fi DVRs, making it easier than ever to view live video remotely. These often include night vision capabilities. Many times, customers are surprised by just how effective they are at keeping track of kids or pets during the day while working outside and away from home.
• Video Doorbells are another popular choice. They allow you to monitor activity through audio and motion detection, allowing you to tell who’s ringing without having to go inside immediately. Some companies offer 24/7 monitoring, ensuring peace of mind.
Other Features That Work Out Well For Security Installations Include:
• Most of us wouldn’t dream of sleeping with our doors locked, but most burglars would prefer a fast getaway rather than deal with the hassle of breaking a window. A deadbolt is always a good idea, especially during power outage seasons like hurricane season, since it takes less time to break through a door with glass windows versus wood.
• Smart thermostats are perfect for preventing energy loss during summer months — even if your air conditioner isn’t running. During cooler days, the temperature will rise quickly, which puts wear on AC units. By reducing humidity levels and cooling rooms at appropriate intervals, an automatic fan system reduces the risk of moisture damage.
When it comes to choosing among the many great products available on the market today, there really aren’t bad choices. As long as you’re aware of the features to consider, you’ll be able to narrow down your criteria accordingly. Just remember to shop around until you find something that fits all of your requirements. Happy shopping!

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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In this article I will be sharing my experience installing cameras, reviewing products and explaining why they’re great choices for home/business owner’s. My reviews focus on the top 3 rated cameras available on Amazon today.
This guide was written specifically for those who own properties that include a residential home or business location that needs protection to deter criminal activity. These areas include but aren’t limited to; garages, front doors, entryways, backyards, sheds, barns, warehouses, storage spaces and commercial buildings.
Cameras can play many different roles depending on where they are installed at your property. They help protect against theft, vandalism, fire damage and other hazards.
Some homeowners use them only to monitor specific events like motion detection while some install video doorbells and indoor cameras that allow visitors through your gate without ringing bells. Others use them to record footage, send alerts to family members or store recordings locally for reference purposes. Some simply prefer privacy over being constantly monitored.
Whatever type(s) of camera you decide to implement at your property, the choice should depend upon what types of incidents you’d expect to see. If you live a quiet life and rarely get burglarized, then perhaps a basic surveillance setup would suffice. However, if you’re concerned about crime prevention and are worried about burglars breaking in frequently, then a system that includes both motion sensors and audio recording devices could serve as deterrent and provide additional peace of mind.
If you already have existing cameras at your place, check out these recommendations:
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3. Wireless Door Locks | Smart Lock
4. Smoke / Fire Alarm System Integration | Ring Video Doorbell
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7. Surveillance Systems with Storage Space | Dropcam Pro 4K HD 1080P
8. Remote Access via Mobile Device | Samsung Gear S3
9. Remote Viewing App for iOS and Android Devices | Apple TV, iPad or iPhone

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Best Security Cameras Sylvan Lake

We live in a world where technology is constantly evolving. As we move towards a fully connected digital environment, the way we interact, transact business, conduct personal affairs, share information and communicate will be impacted by this evolution, and we must adapt accordingly.
This article focuses on some of these developments that impact us, both personally and professionally.
Technology Trends Impacting Us Today
In today’s world, people expect convenience, speed, accessibility and efficiency – all things which are made possible through technological innovation.
Smartphones and tablets have become commonplace items, allowing for instant connectivity and communication. We use them to check email, read news articles, listen to music, watch movies and play games. They’re also useful tools for taking photos and recording video footage which we then use for sharing with friends and family members via messaging apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger and Viber. Smartphone cameras are capable of high quality image capture, making them ideal candidates for surveillance applications.
Security Camera Systems
There is no denying that the internet has transformed many aspects of life; however, it hasn’t necessarily brought about a safer environment. Hackers continue developing ever more sophisticated methods for accessing sensitive data, while cyber criminals exploit weaknesses in software systems to gain unauthorized entry and perform malicious acts. With so much potential harm being caused every day, security experts recommend investing in a robust home monitoring system. These devices offer protection against intruders who would normally break in.
Security cameras are one of those essential technologies which help protect us. A well-designed security camera network offers several benefits. Firstly, they allow us to monitor areas in real-time without needing to physically go into the premises. Secondly, they enable us to view recorded images remotely, enabling us to identify suspicious activity before anyone gets hurt. Thirdly, they can provide evidence of criminal wrongdoing.
Homeowners, businesses and government agencies alike rely on these devices to ensure that everything goes according to plan.
Sylvan Lake Surveillance Cameras & Installation Services
At Secure Cam, we understand the importance of protecting ourselves, our families and loved ones. Our team consists of professional installers who are highly trained professionals equipped with state-of-the art equipment and years of experience.

Sylvan Lake Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras

Security cameras have become ubiquitous in homes and offices around the world, but they aren’t always the most convenient solution to keep watchful eyes on things.
While there’s no shortage of options available today — ranging from cheap webcams, through traditional surveillance systems like DVRs, and all the way up to professional grade IP solutions — many homeowners find them prohibitively expensive.
Fortunately though, there’s a viable alternative to those pricey home video monitoring products, which will be even better suited to your needs than the high end models you might consider.
It just requires a little bit of research first. And while some people prefer to use DIY methods, most find the convenience, flexibility, and cost savings of installing a professionally installed security system far outweigh the initial expense.
So whether you’re planning a new home construction project, remodeling, looking for a DIY upgrade, or simply want to get started keeping tabs on who enters your place, read on…
We’ve taken care of the details to bring together everything you’ll need to know to install your own security cam network. From choosing an affordable model, to finding a reliable installer, this guide covers everything you need to know to ensure the job gets done correctly every single time.
Best Camera Options Today
There’s nothing stopping anyone from building their own security camera setup these days. While the idea sounds great, building and maintaining your own system isn’t necessarily easier than buying a commercial grade security device outright.
If you’re interested in doing so however, there’s still plenty of options worth exploring, including:
Web Cams
These devices typically plug into your router via ethernet port, allowing you to view live footage on a computer anywhere in the house. Some come equipped with audio recording functionality, so you can listen in on conversations without having to physically go near your monitor.
The downside is that web cams generally offer lower resolution images than dedicated units, meaning you won’t see nearly as good detail, especially on faces. If you’d rather just record video instead, check out the next section below.

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Hikvision CCT3-FVR4HD 1080i WiFi DVR HD IP Camera System with 12X optical zoom lens, 3MP USB port and 2MP remote control. Includes: 1 x Network Video Recorder HD 720P CCTV, Mountable on standard wall mount, Wall Switching, Audio/Video Input Jack, 3 Way Power Supply Unit(PSU), Remote Control.
Can be installed indoors / outdoors, indoor only recommended on concrete surfaces. Can use AC power or DC via PoE adapter. Comes with 4 HDMI ports and 5 VGA outputs. Supports WFS, MJPEG, RTSP and HTTP protocols. Compatible with Android OS version 4.3 and above, iOS 9.1 and above, Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP SP2 onwards, MacOS 10.8 and above.
Cisco TZ520 Wireless Access Point (WAP). Cisco’s TZ520 Series offers high-performance wireless LAN networking solutions for small offices or branch locations. Ideal for connecting multiple network devices simultaneously including PCs, printers, laptops, phones and tablets; each device will connect seamlessly without requiring a wired connection. These products are ideal for small business environments and educational institutions where fast Internet connectivity is required while operating cost savings through simplified deployments saves significant capital expenses. Included are a dual band radio card which operate in the 2.4 GHz ISM bands, 802.11bgn, bgacommunication and IEEE802.11n standards. A built in external antenna ensures maximum range. Connected clients or stations are automatically identified allowing an intelligent management console that makes configuration changes quickly and easily. This device supports both static MAC addresses. Features include auto negotiation support for 802.11a/g networks, automatic channel scan feature, QoS mode selection, dynamic client reauthenticating after disconnection, DHCP server service discovery and DNS server service detection.
Tiandys’ WIFI Doorbell Camera PT5L01P. Perfect for doors, garage door tracks, driveway entrances, windows and other entry points that are typically monitored remotely. Its compact size allows easy mounting anywhere around house and garden or in office environment. Suitable for outdoor or indoor applications.

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Sylvan Lake Home Security Cameras Done Right

In this guide, we will talk about the different types of cameras available today to install inside or outside of homes, offices and other places of business. We’ll take a quick tour of some popular brands and then dive deeper into each category. If you aren’t familiar with the term “Security Camera”, they are devices used primarily for video surveillance purposes. They record events and send them via internet to be viewed remotely. Most people use them for home monitoring but they work just fine for commercial applications.
We’ll go through a few examples for both indoor and outdoor installations including:
1- Indoor Surveillance Systems
2- Outdoor/Indoor Wireless Systems
3- IP Video Recording Devices (IPVR’s).
4- Motion Detection Systems (MDS)
5- Wireless Access Points (WAPS)/WiFi Mesh Networks
6- DVS Systems (Digital VMS), Networked Pan Tilt Risers (NPTR)
7- Smart Doorbells
8- Wireless Audio/Video Conferencing
9- Remote Monitoring Software
10- Cloud Services
11- Network Management Tools
12- Home Automation Systems
13- Wireless Alarm systems
14- Wireless Smoke / Fire Detectors
15- Security Lighting Control Solutions
16- Video Analytics Solutions
17- Video Analytics Apps
18- Mobile Applications
19- Security Software
20- Cloud Backup
21- Remote Desktop Connectivity
If you’re ready to get started installing these products, click below to order yours. All of our products come complete and are shipped direct to your door. No hassle and no salesperson required! Simply place your order here or call us at 1 888-839-7766. We offer same day shipping in most cases..

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