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Installing security cameras at your house is a relatively simple job but choosing which type of security system would be ideal could prove frustrating. As far as security systems go, they come down to four choices. These being HD video surveillance monitors/cameras, IP Cameras, DVRs, and alarm monitoring companies. Each type offers different benefits and drawbacks depending upon whether you use them exclusively indoors or outdoors. For instance, an outdoor IP Camera will allow people outside your property to see exactly who is inside while keeping video footage away from prying eyes, whereas indoor IP CCTV cameras won’t record anything until someone triggers an activation event through either motion detection software or doorbell ringers. If you’re going the traditional route, then installing a standard analog wired dome light camera is an economical way to monitor activity in your office space; however, these types of devices generally aren’t capable of identifying individual faces or recording audio.
However, no matter the choice, each camera needs to be installed properly in order to ensure optimal functionality, especially since many people install them themselves without consulting professionals first. Luckily, Secure Cam and other leading manufacturers offer professional products that include everything necessary to effectively mount, power connect, and control your device remotely. Additionally, most of today’s digital wireless IP Cameras feature both 2.4GHz band coverage and 5GHz dual band connectivity, giving homeowners additional peace of mind knowing that their privacy isn’t compromised, regardless if they decide to purchase another Wi-Fi enabled model from a trusted vendor like Secure Cam or an unknown 3rd party source. Finally, some models also allow for live streaming via dedicated web browsers as well as remote viewing capabilities thanks to mobile compatible apps; this means users can easily check in on family members even when they’re miles away and unable to physically interact with them due to distance issues or travel schedules. So whichever method works best for you, just remember to consult with experts prior to making a final decision because ultimately, installing quality residential security cams shouldn’t ever compromise your safety.
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In this blog I will talk about how much does it cost to install a good quality surveillance system in your house or office building today? Most people assume that installing a high end security cameras costs tens of thousands dollars. This statement could be true; but depending on the model that you are going with, the price really depends on many factors including your location, amount of monitoring required, which features you would like to use, and what type of camera that you prefer.
Depending on your location and what products that are available to you, the starting point can vary greatly from $5k to tens of thousand dollar range and beyond. Some companies offer monthly recurring service subscriptions ranging anywhere from $150-$900 per month, while some provide fixed fee upfront installations that can run around $1000-$2000 per camera installation.
Here’s my take on why they charge so much and how much you should actually pay if you decide to go with them.
First, most companies who sell video recording equipment claim their systems produce “HD 1080P footage” or similar terms. While HD videos usually look great on big monitors, those same images on small screens, especially smartphones, tend towards lower resolutions of 720p or less. A lot of times these smaller image sizes makes it harder to see details clearly enough to recognize faces or other detail. Not only does this negatively impact human viewing experience, but it also impacts algorithms used for facial recognition software. If you are worried about someone getting caught recording without permission and uploading illegally via VPN/Proxy servers, then using higher resolution recordings than standard definition will help keep you safe.
Second, it takes a long time to train anyone else on how to properly operate a multi function device. Many manufacturers include several different functions inside each model, making it necessary to hire multiple staff members just to get started. Training should always be provided before selling anything. Having trained individuals around gives peace of mind to customers who are considering buying something they haven’t yet seen in action.
Third, there’s often no way for consumers to test the actual capabilities of a product. Many manufacturers claim to use ‘Fusion technology’ or other proprietary methods of combining motion detection and audio processing onto single chips.

Terrebonne's Best Commercial Security Cameras

What Camera Should I Install?
How Do I Make My Choice? Read this blog post to find out which cameras would work well for you. We will talk about things like resolution, price range, power requirements, storage capacity, viewing angles, night vision capabilities and many other factors. Our objective here is simply to help you sort through the vast amount of options available to you today so you can make the most informed decision possible. After reviewing several different products, we decided these are among the top choices we could recommend to a client considering buying a commercial video surveillance system. (If you are interested in getting started building a surveillance network, check out our FREE tutorial here: Building A Surveillance System For Your Business.) If you like any of these recommendations, please tell us about them below and be sure to visit
Why Don’t They Charge More?
We believe that everyone should own a good quality high definition professional grade commercial IP camera (and if they’re really serious about protecting themselves, home owners and business people should buy multiple units and use redundancy). One reason why some companies sell only expensive commercial surveillance systems is because they are unwilling to charge enough to cover their costs. While no vendor is perfect, we are absolutely committed to providing superior customer service because we realize that without trust and integrity, customers won’t feel comfortable ordering from us again anytime soon.
What Makes Us Different?
When shopping around for solutions to protect both residential and business installations, we feel there are still ways to improve upon traditional methods while maintaining reasonable prices. Here are just some of the ways we’ve taken advantage of technology to deliver better value than anybody else in the industry.
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At Secure Cam we provide fast and friendly support whether you are installing your first camera, switching vendors every few years, or running a multi million dollar contract. You’ll always speak with someone who actually knows something about our equipment rather than another salesperson who specializes in selling you on contracts that get you locked into long term contracts.
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With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Please contact us today to learn how our smart home technologies and security camera systems will bring a new level of security to your home or office. We are currently services areas including Toronto, Whitby, Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Burlington, Barrie, Hamilton & surrounding areas.



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For many, living in a safe community is synonymous with feeling protected 24/7—especially during night hours like 3am and 2pm. Unfortunately, crimes happen almost anywhere and anytime. If you live near busy roads, parks, schools, shopping centers or large houses, the risk for criminal activity is always prevalent. While most people feel more secure indoors rather than outside, outdoor surveillance cameras provide extra protection against criminals who might be lurking around. These video systems allow you to view crime scenes and help detect suspicious behavior while giving authorities quick access to footage stored securely. It may sound expensive, but investing in a high quality system for indoor homes and offices could save you thousands of dollars in damages once something terrible does occur. So don’t skimp on this critical element just because of cost concerns; invest wisely and protect yourself today before anything bad happens.
1. 1Channel HD Wi-Fi Camera WPCW2101IEW2T
One channel IP65 weatherproof 1080P ultra wide angle HD wireless network camera designed specifically to replace traditional wired networks. Designed with indoor and outdoor use in mind these units are built tough enough to withstand harsh coastal environments and still deliver excellent image quality. Ideal for monitoring and recording events including business meetings, sales presentations, employee safety, school inspections & construction sites. One channel devices offer flexibility and scalability due to lower costs per unit & ease deployment across multiple locations. Allowing them to easily deploy to additional locations without needing to purchase more hardware which makes it convenient for anyone whether they are looking for temporary security solutions or ongoing long term supportable solution.

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If you own a home, office building, commercial building or other type of business then security cameras are mandatory and they should be installed at every entrance point of each property to ensure safety and peace of mind. However, in many cases homeowners find themselves overwhelmed by the amount of choices available when trying to decide which camera system will protect them most effectively. And while it may sound like this decision is beyond simple, it becomes complex even further once it’s understood that different models provide very specific advantages depending on the needs of the individual owner. Here are some things that you must consider carefully before committing to a particular model;
• Size of Camera System: A good rule of thumb is that any size device should cover 100% of front and back entrances along with common areas. If you’re thinking “there’s no way I could fit that!”, well yes you could but remember it’s better to spend $1000+ than being robbed blind. Even with these rules of thumb, however it’s still essential that you get professional help installing cameras because improper positioning can lead to false alarms and missed potential crimes/incidents.
• Type of Mounting Required: We recommend having 1-2 points of entry per property so ideally your camera setup should consist of 2-3 of either stationary domes (like ours), tripod mounted dome cams or pole mount camcorders. These types of systems typically deliver great picture quality as the camera captures everything that happens around it. They often come with additional accessories designed specifically to improve visibility inside rooms. Our recommended camera companies include IP Cam Pro Series, Honeywell Intrusion Detection Systems and Axis Communications.
• Recording Time: Typically, most surveillance companies offer 3 options: 24 hours recording time on day / night mode, 7 days continuous recording, or 30 days of event logging. Each option offers a distinct value proposition according to the intended usage of the footage recorded by the system. For example, 24 hour continuous recordings allow you to view video clips during both daytime and nighttime operations giving you greater insight into events happening outside normal working times and can help identify unusual circumstances occurring anywhere anytime.

Best Security Cameras Terrebonne

If you own property in Terrebonne Parish then this guide will help you find the perfect Camera system for your needs. We recommend installing 2 cameras per room/area to get maximum coverage.
We offer FREE QUOTES to every customer who requests a quote. Secure Cam’s service includes professional camera mounting, camera wiring, battery backup system install & remote monitoring via our cloud base solution. All products include our lifetime warranty and free replacement parts.
Free Installation Service is available within 30 minutes after purchase for most locations including New Orleans East, Metairie, Kenner, Chalmette, Mandeville. If you live outside these area please call 877.567.4647 for additional information.
Terrestrial CCTV systems are becoming increasingly popular and are great way to keep track of your kids while away from home. They provide excellent views into rooms without compromising privacy. Our cameras come equipped with high quality night vision technology giving them superior visibility during times when ambient light is poor making us one of the premier providers of indoor surveillance camera systems in Louisiana.
In the coming years, most homeowners and business owners will be installing some form of video recording equipment either inside or outside their premises. Many people feel they already have enough security measures in place but still would like to see a bit more added protection for their properties.
Homeowners should consider a combination of both internal motion detection sensors and exterior motion detection devices to monitor different areas of their homes.
Businesses are finding that having multiple camera units installed around their office buildings provides better overall security. Having the ability to view each camera unit through a single device makes managing your security easier than ever, especially since many cameras can be remotely accessed through mobile apps.
Most companies today use webcams for a few basic uses, which include viewing meetings and presentations, and also checking email. A lot of businesses are turning towards IP cams due to several benefits and applications associated with them. For example, a security cam can easily record everything going on around your house and store those recordings locally, allowing you to play back a specific section anytime, anywhere.
IP Cams allow for remote management and control of any webcam connected to a network.

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Terrebonne Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras

In this post I will be talking about my top 5 recommendations for the best cameras, which includes both wired and wireless systems. My criteria was ease of use with good picture quality that would allow me to keep watching my property without having to worry about being disturbed.
For this article, I used my own personal preference but these are some really great choices if you’re looking for something different from the average. So read through them and see what catches your eye.
I am always happy to hear feedback and opinions on what other people like/dislike about these products and what they recommend instead!
1: The Axis T2C Wireless Outdoor Camera System is probably the most popular choice out there today. They offer an affordable solution to outdoor monitoring for those who aren’t ready for more complex solutions. If you’ve got a large area that needs to be monitored, then this could be perfect for you.
This system offers 1080P video streaming at 30 frames per second, night vision capabilities, motion alerts, email notifications, weatherproof housing and a 2-year warranty. For $249.00 USD, this is definitely worth trying out if you’re unsure whether or not it’s going to work for you.
If you’d prefer a wired connection, there is a USB cable that connects to your computer allowing you to monitor remotely through the internet. This is ideal for home automation applications such as lighting control, alarm activation and temperature settings. It’s available in either white or black color schemes and costs around $179.95USD.
Another option if you want a bit more flexibility than this would be the DVR Pro Series HD IP Cam. This is another wired solution, allowing remote viewing via a PC, Mac or iOS device. This comes with 4GB of internal storage space for recording clips and has a built-in microphone, making audio monitoring possible. This is a little pricier than the first option but still well priced considering the amount of footage you’ll be able to store.
3: Another excellent option is the Ring Video Doorbell HD. This door bell is equipped with a 128 x 192 sensor resolution that allows it to capture images, sound, movement and motion alerts.

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HikVision and Tiany DVR cameras come standard with many options for both indoor and outdoor viewing. These include 1080P high definition video resolution, night vision with IR illumination, wireless capabilities, multiple mounting locations including ceiling mounts and wall mounts, motion detection, pan/tilt and zoom functions, 2 way audio capability, remote control, and many other features.
In addition to these basic features, each Hikvision or Tiany model will offer different levels of additional features depending upon the price point, which includes things like IP66 weatherproofing ratings, HDCP2 compliant connections, built-in WiFI and Ethernet networks, as well as various types of storage devices.
If the above does not answer your question(s), please contact us via email at [email protected], call 727 871 5100 ext 4 (727-871-5100 Ext 4), or stop by one of our showrooms located on US 90 West near Highway 71 in Houma or on I10 East near Bayou Boeuf Rd. We would be happy to assist..

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“I recently had a pricey amazon package stolen from my doorstep, so I decided to take measures and instal security cameras around my house. Highly recommend this company! They were fast, efficient and friendly!”


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