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Doing business across the country requires constant communication among customers, suppliers and employees. Many modern organizations implement technology solutions to streamline daily operations, save costs and increase productivity. Technology helps companies manage and protect sensitive information while reducing operational expenses, enhancing customer service and offering convenient shopping experiences; however, this technological advancement does present some risks. Employees often spend significant amounts of time connected via mobile devices and other networked technologies. While these tools promote efficiency, they expose companies and individuals to cyber attacks and malware threats. As a result, many consumers demand secure environments from which to conduct transactions online or shop online. For example, Amazon recently increased its encryption capabilities. Consumers expect websites to encrypt data transmitted during checkout processes.
To meet evolving consumer demands, most industries will be forced to adapt to provide secure digital experiences. However, this transition presents unique opportunities for those who embrace innovation. Those willing to take advantage of emerging technologies stand to reap tremendous rewards. For instance, those interested in security should focus on providing high quality products at reasonable prices to gain market share. Moreover, with increasing numbers of people adopting smart phones and tablets over traditional methods of computing, manufacturers must develop applications specifically designed for these smaller form factors — something few are doing today.
In addition to investing in innovative technology, consumers will increasingly seek out security cameras to help them monitor their surroundings 24 hours a day. These tools offer peace of mind through live streaming footage of home and building interiors while promoting safety measures. From the moment the internet arrived, video surveillance became essential. Today, most households own several types of household appliances, including televisions, air conditioners, microwaves, ovens, refrigerators and washing machines. All of these pieces of equipment contain built-in webcams for recording events to upload onto computers or smartphones. Homeowners use the software programs provided by smart phone providers to view recorded images remotely on their screens. A webcam offers homeowners instant access to security feeds without having to go outside, open doors and windows and enter potentially dangerous areas like bathrooms or laundry rooms. Furthermore, these devices allow families to record moments captured in real time, enabling parents to keep watch over children or pets after school or work ends for the day.

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In this article I will go through the different ways and products available today and talk about which ones are still relevant for today and why they might be useful going forward in terms of the market place.
I will then move onto discussing some of my own thoughts around which cameras should be considered in each category for use at home as well as for business purposes including retail stores, offices, banks, schools, airports, restaurants and other types of establishments.
Finally, I am going to discuss some tips around how to get started installing these devices yourself as well as what to consider when choosing a professional installer.
We will begin by defining what exactly a “security camera” is and then moving on to discuss the various categories and subcategories.
What Is A Camera?: Cameras are used to take photos and videos. They can come equipped with many sensors like light detectors and motion detection. Some models include audio capability as well. Most people are familiar with the basic model, but there are several varieties of them, ranging anywhere from small point & shoot type models to large panoramic video surveillance systems. These range in size from tiny little things barely larger than a deck of cards to huge bulky systems mounted outside buildings.
Security Camera Categories:-
1. Wireless IP Surveillance Cams
2. Fixed Networked Cameras: these are usually mounted above doors or windows, but they can be placed inside rooms too
3. Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) Cameras: These are typically used indoors or outdoors for monitoring areas. PTZ cameras are often controlled via remote controls, smartphones apps, or web browser control panels. Most of the newer versions of PTZ cams are wireless and offer more advanced features like night vision capabilities and zoom levels beyond 100x, allowing for higher quality images.
4. Video Doorbells / Intercom Devices: These are basically doorbells, but instead of ringing bells, they send alerts when someone rings the bell remotely. Many of these models are designed to work both indoor and outdoor and can be installed in either location with no additional wiring required. They can be purchased in standalone form or integrated with existing door locks or alarm systems.

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In this post I will talk about the top 3 most popular brands/models used today, which ones come with remote viewing functions, which ones allow recording video footage, and then discuss my personal opinion as well as some recommendations regarding cameras that could be beneficial in the future.
There are numerous other manufacturers and models available but these three companies represent almost 80% of the market today. These 3 products include: Hikvision HD Surveillance Camera System, Arlo Pro Plus 2 Outdoor Wi-Fi Video Doorbell & Cam, Netgear NVR Series and of course our own SecureCamera.
We hope this post helps you decide whether or not investing in surveillance technology and equipment is something you would like to consider. We believe that having good and reliable security systems installed throughout your homes should always be considered. In many cases they’re completely necessary. Even though you live in a nice area, crime still happens. If someone breaks into your house through the front door or window, you’d prefer them to see everything than you wouldn’t. A great way to get started on securing your property is with the following items below.
Hikvision: HikVision offers high quality indoor 1080P HD IP surveillance cams with 2MP photo resolution and 1MP night vision with IR lighting. The system supports both wired Ethernet connection and WiFi. They offer cloud storage via DropBox with access via a web browser and smartphone apps.
Arlo Pro Plus: An excellent wireless outdoor 720P HD camera with motion detection capabilities. The device also records audio and sends alerts straight to your phone via an internet connected router. The battery life lasts 12 hours. The price per unit ranges from $69-$159 depending upon the model chosen.
Netgear: One of the largest names in home networking devices, NetGear sells several types of network routers ranging from basic to advanced units including DIR-835Ln series, RVS340W, RV053N, and WNR1000. Each type of device includes unique attributes. Some examples include 802.11ac speeds, 4G LTE connectivity, dual band support, VoIP compatibility among others. All models provide access to multiple applications including security software, streaming content, and voice calling options.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Best Security Cameras Thamesford

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Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Thamesford

In this guide I will cover some of the most common questions we receive regarding CCTV cameras (and other security solutions). We hope that this article helps people get started and install these awesome devices for themselves.
1) Do I really Need One?
The short answer is YES!
If you own property (or even rent), then having video surveillance installed should be top priority for your business. If you do not protect your assets or premises, someone else could steal them. This includes your customers/clients, employees, suppliers and contractors who come onto your property (even those you trust!).
2) Where Should They Be Located?
Depending on which type of property you operate, there are many different areas in which you can place your security systems. For example: retail stores, banks, hospitals, airports, train stations, government buildings, warehouses, manufacturing plants, factories, etc.
3) Can Someone Watch Me While I Walk Around My House Without A Camera?
Yes. But they probably won’t notice anything unless something happens. And chances are your house would look like every single other “normal” household’s. So no worries on that front.
4) Will Anyone Notice If Something Happens?
Again, yes. Most things happen behind closed doors and people aren’t always aware of everything happening around them. However if something does occur on your property, it is highly unlikely that anyone will witness it.
5) Will I Have Too Many Devices Placed Throughout My Property?
This depends on how many locations your system needs to monitor. Some properties have multiple entrances and exits while others only have one. The most effective way to determine whether you need to use several units or just one will be through research.
6) Is This Legal?
If there is nothing happening on your property, then it is completely legal and acceptable to install a monitoring device without getting permission first. However, you must ensure that the device is capable of recording footage. Otherwise, you could face serious repercussions.
7) Does Everyone Who Works Here Want Them?
No. Not everyone wants to watch you work.
8) How Much Money Am I Paying For These Monitors?
There is no right or wrong amount.

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Security Cameras Installation & Monitoring in Thamesford ON

Security Cam Thamesford is an Australian owned premium quality CCTV & IP video surveillance system manufacturer which designs innovative products specifically around customer needs. We believe the best way we serve customers is through superior service support combined with an unrivaled level of after sales support ensuring the systems installed meet expectations everytime.
We focus on delivering solutions that provide exceptional value whilst protecting our clients interests; Security Cam Thamesford does this by offering a range of state of art high resolution cameras designed with ease of use and operation in mind. By providing these cutting edge technology devices along with world class reliability and exceptional service levels Security Cam Thamesford ensures our installations achieve great returns and exceed client expectations. Our mission statement is Simple; “To be Australia’s leading Security Camera Service Provider”
4k Ultra HD Security Cams
Thamesford offers four different types of ultra hi definition Security Cameras to suit almost anyone who wants professional grade Security cams whether they own or rent property. All security cam models provided come complete with a motion detection recording device, remote view software, wireless streaming capability, nightvision capabilities and of course weatherproof housings built tough so that no matter what Mother Nature throws your way they will continue working throughout wet, cold, windy conditions and other harsh climates.
All four types of Thamefsdrs security cams available include a 2 megapixel CMOS sensor capable of capturing images 640×480 pixels or higher depending upon model selection. These cameras feature a 3X optical zoom lens with an image stabiliser so that footage captured looks crisp, sharp and clean regardless of distance from subject being monitored. They also feature infrared light emitting diodes allowing them to operate indoors without causing disruption to your indoor lighting. For ease of viewing you must have access to a computer equipped with internet connection; each unit comes supplied with Windows 7 compatible operating software enabling you to remotely monitor live feeds. Wireless networking is supported in some models so you only have to plug in the power cord once setup. Some units offer Wi Fi connectivity over cellular networks giving you additional flexibility in accessing live views anywhere across North America.
The first type of camera offered is the DVR Security System. A 4 channel digital storage recorder/monitor with audio inputs.

Why SecureCam Thamesford is right for YOU?

Security Camera Installation
Thamesford Ontario, Canada
We install the best security cameras for homes/offices in Thamesford, ON Canada. We specialize in installing high definition IP video security cameras, which provide excellent picture quality and security system monitoring capabilities. We use only top brands including Arlo Pro 2.0, Nest Cam IQ, Axis M300 Series IP Video Surveillance Systems, D7200 Series HD IP Camera, Panasonic HCV-CT1HD 1080P Full HD Wireless Dome Camera, Sony HXR500W HDR IP Networked Surveillance System and many more. Our team installs security systems in both residential and commercial buildings. We offer 24 hours surveillance service and 7 days per week support. We also provide professional monitoring for customers who wish to monitor their home or office via remote connection. If you live in Thamesford or nearby areas, please contact us today. We will be happy to help you select the proper type of security camera.
Monitoring Your CCTV Security Cameras 24 Hours A Day
We have been providing 24 hour surveillance monitoring since 2007. We provide 24 hour live streaming video feed of your security cameras, allowing you to see exactly what happened during the times that you weren’t present. If anything does occur while you’re away, you’ll instantly receive notification via email.
If you would like to schedule a visit from a representative, simply fill out this form. Once scheduled, they will call to confirm appointment details. Please allow them sufficient time to get there and arrive promptly. Thank you!
For further information, please refer to our FAQ page or Contact Us page. For questions regarding installation or general enquiries, please feel free to send us a message through either website or phone.

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Security cameras have come quite a way since they first started appearing on storefronts back in the late 80s.
Today, many homes, offices, restaurants, hotels, banks and other places use them to keep tabs on things like people walking around outside during non working hours, parking lot surveillance, perimeter monitoring, checking on elderly relatives and pets, and keeping an eye out for potential break-ins.
They can be mounted indoors or outdoors and operate via wired connections or wireless technology. They vary in size and price but generally fit neatly onto walls, ceilings, windowsills, door frames and garage doors. Some work on batteries while some run solely on electricity — which makes this tech great for those who live near power lines or areas that get occasional thunderstorms.
We offer 2 different types of video systems: Wireless Camera Systems and Wired IP Video Surveillance System. Each type offers unique benefits depending upon whether you prefer to see what goes on inside through the front window of your house or office, or monitor things going on behind closed doors. Read on below to find out more about each system and why SecureCam Thamesford would be the perfect choice for your next video surveillance installation.
Wireless Network Cameras
These days almost everyone has WiFI enabled devices; smartphones, tablets, desktops and laptops among others. Most places these days either support WiFi internet connectivity or will provide customers with WiFi hotspots for them to connect with. The good news is that most indoor locations are equipped to receive radio frequency signals and therefore they are able to pick up audio & visual streaming from WiFI networked devices. If you’d rather watch what goes on behind closed doors than go out in person yourself then a network of connected CCTV cameras could be just what you had been searching for.
When selecting a network camera, consider these factors: Size, cost, resolution, motion detection sensitivity or image compression setting, battery life and power outlet requirements. As always, check manufacturer specs to ensure compatibility. We recommend a minimum of 10 megapixel images to allow for higher quality zoom capabilities and easier analysis of recorded videos on computers.

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Thamesford Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras

In this post we will walk through each section and explain why you should consider installing commercial cameras into your business. We’ll explore the options available today.
– Why install security systems inside?
Why would anyone want to install a video surveillance solution inside their building? And most importantly how does the installed system help protect against crime?
Security Systems are becoming increasingly popular for a number of different reasons. They play an integral part in increasing safety, deterring theft and reducing damage to property whilst ensuring compliance with laws and regulations.
There are many benefits associated with CCTV Installation & Monitoring Solutions including; but are they really that great?
Benefits for Businesses & Industries
Here are some key points regarding why you’d be better suited going for a Video Surveillance Solution inside than outside:
1. Your staff aren’t exposed to dangerous situations which increases overall morale and job satisfaction.
2. Theft deterrence
3. Crime reduction
4. Compliance
5. Safety
6. Damage prevention
7. Public Relations/Marketing
8. Insurance savings
9. Branding Protection
10. Customer service support
11. Visibility
12. Productivity gains
13. Reputation protection/market value increase
14. Better employee retention rates
15. Increased productivity
16. Higher levels of customer engagement
How Does CCTV Work?
Everyday the average person watches around 4 hours of TV across multiple channels per day. At first glance it seems like a lot of time spent watching television, until you take those same people walking down memory lane through footage recorded during their youth. As children, these individuals may remember every detail surrounding a specific incident without ever having seen the actual event. From there, some begin to believe all memories are simply replayed events over again. Perhaps this has always been true but was previously unnoticeable. However, recent advances in technology reveal otherwise as the human brain processes information differently than ever before. Today, researchers show evidence that suggests the brain stores details from various experiences in long term memory while simultaneously storing other events separately on short term memory. When viewed in slow motion, these pieces of both events appear simultaneous..

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“I recently had a pricey amazon package stolen from my doorstep, so I decided to take measures and instal security cameras around my house. Highly recommend this company! They were fast, efficient and friendly!”


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“Excellent experience with Dan and the whole SecureCam team. Price and service can’t be beat!! Cameras work amazing, better than we expected.Definitely recommend!!”


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