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Best Security Cameras The Blue Mountains

Security cameras play multiple roles both inside the house and outside including but not limited to; they help protect children, pets, property, valuables like laptops and other valuable items. They alert family members in case of fire, crime or burglary.
They provide live video feeds 24/7 even during power failures thus, monitoring everything around the home. They improve indoor safety through real time visual surveillance even in dark rooms. They offer great value for money because unlike traditional closed circuit televisions which only view a predefined area on TV screens, these devices capture high definition quality video footage of entire homes thus saving customers significant amounts of money every single day.
Best Security Camera Features
1. DVR Video Storage Capacity: Depending upon available storage capacity and usage pattern each client will be able to configure his own desired amount of space ranging from 1 GB to 20GB. Our clients usually go for 10–15GB while some prefer a large recording capacity up to 50–80 GB. All digital recorders come equipped with removable microSD cards and most models can work without electricity allowing them to operate completely independently if there is no internet connection. (Most modern video recordings store information locally rather than sending it back to headquarters via computer network).
2. High Def Recording Quality: Each model is backed up with HD recording technology and advanced motion detection functionality. While many people consider 8mm film to be obsolete today, security companies still insist on investing heavily in this type of equipment believing that it would continue to produce useful evidence in court cases of criminal activity. Most professional grade DVR systems feature 3G wireless connectivity making viewing remotely possible even if the device loses power.
3. Multi Channel Capability: Many DVR units allow users to select specific channels to save and monitor. Some include cable boxes, satellite receivers and television antennas along with built-in weather stations. Other popular options include multi channel VCR capability, night vision and infrared lighting systems. For the latter, a dedicated infrared light source is placed near to each unit ensuring maximum coverage in outdoor areas. Wireless capabilities eliminate the cost associated with installing cabling infrastructure.
4. Remote Access & Monitoring Tools: A good DVR system should support remote control, playback and event logging functions.

Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems The Blue Mountains

What Makes Secure Cam Different From Other Companies: We use the latest technology for video surveillance products; this includes IP cameras, wireless cameras and network/factory install cameras. Our network installs will provide customers peace of mind knowing they won’t ever miss a thing. Our service technicians come fully trained and equipped with state of the art tools making them experts in the field of CCTV camera installations.
Why Should Business Owners Consider Us?: As a business owner, having high quality IP cameras installed professionally could save yourself hundreds or thousands of dollars and hours wasted trying to diagnose issues down the road. If you’re serious about protecting your property, consider taking advantage of our custom solutions. By choosing us to monitor your office space, you are sending a message that says “I’m ready to take my life seriously.”
How Can I Protect My Property?: All our systems are designed to be reliable and affordable. By adding additional components like motion sensors, DVR’s, fire alarms, remote viewing, doorbells, key fobs, alarm panels we cover every angle possible.
*This security system does not include anything other than the cameras.
We’re not insurance agents selling you coverage. Your job is to protect your family and valuables. For help buying coverage contact your current insurer or go to to find your personal options.

The Blue Mountains's Best Commercial Security Cameras

Cameras come in many shapes and sizes these days but how well they protect homes and offices remains mostly uncharted territory. For 2020, however, technology experts expect more homeowners will be installing cameras to deter burglars; install them around doors and windows; and use video analytics to help spot intruders before they get inside. More than half of U.S. adults surveyed by Harris Poll say they would consider adding surveillance systems to increase chances of getting caught on film if their houses got robbed. And nearly four in 10 people said they’d feel safer living among other families who had installed a security system for protection against burglary.
Here are some ways to stay ahead of the trend:
• Start thinking about whether you really need a full network of cameras throughout your house. Even though most criminals enter through doorways, only 25 percent of homes surveyed in a recent report released this summer found themselves under constant threat of invasion; most security companies recommend putting just the front and back entrances monitored. A simpler solution could include placing several discreet surveillance cameras near important entry points like garage doors and sliding glass patio panels, says Troy Johnson, VP of research for security vendor Procera Networks. “The key thing to focus on is finding places where you’re actually seeing activity,” he adds.
• Pick devices that work seamlessly together. “There should be no difference between how you see things on different parts” of the home or office, says Stephen Littau, founder and CEO of Security Technology Group Inc., which sells products made by Sony Electronics’ Qrio line, including models that support both indoor and outdoor viewing. But depending on your needs, he suggests trying different types of cameras and accessories, including wide-angle lenses and infrared lights. These tools offer greater resolution, making scenes clearer — and helping to thwart thieves hiding behind curtains or walls.
• Take advantage of today’s digital monitoring solutions. Today’s cameras typically upload footage automatically via Wi-Fi or cellular networks. They include cloud storage, allowing remote technicians or police officers alike to view recorded videos without visiting each and every property. Plus, you can easily search archived images using keyword searches or location tags. Some even record sound from outside the residence to aid authorities in identifying suspects.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Please contact us today to learn how our smart home technologies and security camera systems will bring a new level of security to your home or office. We are currently services areas including Toronto, Whitby, Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Burlington, Barrie, Hamilton & surrounding areas.



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In 2020 Hikvision introduced the WL12 series camera, which was aimed towards “easy setup” applications.
TiandY released their next generation DVR/NVR system, the TZ10 series. In addition they introduce support for multi-camera configurations for ease of use and scalability. Check this article for some ideas on how to take advantage of these cameras.
Hikvision announced that their new CCD line would be replacing current models starting early 2021 (the WL11xC being replaced first). They said that the new products will feature improved image quality, enhanced reliability and easier maintenance. We expect them to come in several flavors depending on market segments but probably will follow along similar lines to the HID9xxS2C. They should be able to deliver the same level of functionality but offer better picture output.
We predict that most manufacturers will continue offering 1080P versions of both indoor as well as outdoor cams by 2025 and then focus on improving 2K resolution by 2026.
At Secure Cam we recommend investing in some form factor options that allow either 3 or 5 way connectivity. As long as you are running dual video feeds for redundancy purposes, having only 1 wire connection to run through the wall makes cable management less of a hassle. Having multiple high definition cameras, each capable of capturing 4k content is another valuable tool for ensuring coverage across your property.
Finally, we see wireless becoming increasingly popular due to cost savings and increased portability. Many devices on the market today include built-in wifi cards and Wi-Fi extenders like Ubiquiti Networks range extender. These units tend to provide excellent signal strength and they can easily connect to existing networks without additional configuration. We believe many people will embrace the convenience of a seamless network experience especially as they become aware of the many benefits offered by 802.11ax and Bluetooth SIG standards.

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Security Cameras Installation & Monitoring in The Blue Mountains ON

This guide will provide information for consumers who would be interested in installing a CCTV system but aren’t quite sure which type of cameras they should buy or install. We’ll cover some basics like how many people live inside the building, the lighting situation, weather conditions, and the distance required to see properly. Plus, we’ll talk about other factors like motion detection options, zoom capabilities, nightvision quality, price point, and ease of use.
What’s this for? When choosing a surveillance camera for your home, office, business, garden shed or any property, you’ve got lots of choices, and it helps to understand them beforehand. A poorly chosen camera could mean big losses down the track due to missed incidents. So, this post aims to help readers identify what they’re after and narrow their search accordingly.
In addition to providing general guidance on types of security cameras available today, we’ll explain why certain camera models work better than others depending on different scenarios. For example, if most rooms in your house tend to get plenty of natural light and you’re only concerned with capturing images during day hours, then something high resolution might just keep things crystal clear while keeping costs lower. However, if you frequently find yourself going dark at dusk and dawn, then night vision capability becomes crucial. Likewise, some places benefit from wide angle lenses, whereas others work well with standard ones. Plus, some cameras offer audio recording and monitoring alongside video streaming; these days, it’s possible to connect a phone to record sounds and monitor remotely whether via a smartphone or tablet screen. Lastly, some cameras include Wi-Fi connectivity so you can stream videos straight onto smartphones or tablets – handy if you travel often. Our ultimate aim is to show you what you actually need to determine which camera suits what scenario.
To begin, we recommend starting out with the following considerations so you pick security systems suited to your needs and lifestyle. These questions are intended to spark conversation around your requirements and expectations. They won’t necessarily tell us exactly what you want – it’s up to you to decide what’s really important to you. But answering these questions in advance sets the scene for what we call ‘the blue print’ — i.e.

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This blog covers everything related to installing a video surveillance system in homes and offices in The Blue Mounatins area including:
– Types Of Video Surveillance System For Homes And Businesses
In general, most people prefer IP cameras over analog ones because they offer better quality images, greater flexibility, longer battery life and smaller size. They are easier to install than traditional wired systems but do cost more upfront. If you’re planning to use multiple devices in several locations then consider having them professionally installed.
Most modern day digital video recorders feature built-in recording options, allowing users to pause live viewing without stopping or pausing recording altogether. These include both stand alone DVR units and those integrated into other electronic equipment such as TVs, VCR’s, game consoles or computers; however these often only provide basic functions and many still lack advanced editing tools necessary for effective monitoring. More robust models may also be capable of storing full HD footage.
There is no perfect solution, every camera will come with different capabilities, advantages and disadvantages. A well thought through selection should take account any particular needs you have. Some of the factors considered when choosing a camera would include; resolution (720P/1080P), image quality, range (line-of-sight/remote sensing), motion detection settings, zoom (zoom ratio), audio level output, night vision capability, storage medium type and capacity (HDD/USB flash drive), ease of integration in existing infrastructure and power consumption.
Security Camera Buying Guide: When buying a CCTV camera system, it is always advisable to get professional help and expertise. However, a good rule of thumb is to purchase a model which includes some form of remote control. Most modern cameras allow this either via WiFI or Ethernet connection allowing you to monitor the device remotely and check what events are recorded. This also helps reduce false alarms caused by pets chewing cables or movement outside triggering alerts.
If possible, you’ll probably want to buy a unit with wireless connectivity. Many companies sell standalone wifi enabled cameras which plug into mains sockets but can easily interfere with nearby electronics due to high levels of energy produced. Also ensure the signal strength remains constant across various areas of coverage.

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For years people lived in homes without surveillance cameras. We live in different times today though. Surveillance cameras can help protect us and watch after our children. For those who work outside the house often they will want to be able to see everything happening around them whether this is checking the weather forecast while working late or monitoring an area of concern while taking lunch breaks away from the office. These days many companies offer 24/7 video recording via cloud storage or dedicated servers which makes remote viewing possible when we aren’t physically nearby.
While it’s great having these options, some homeowners worry about having to purchase multiple types of products just because someone else isn’t getting enough sleep or being harassed by criminals. Fortunately there is plenty of choice available but deciding which type of model is best suited for your circumstances takes research and consideration.
Security Camera Installation Tip 1
The first decision anyone making installing security cameras needs to take is what type of system they wish to use. While there are several manufacturers offering IP cameras, analogue HD cameras, wireless systems and hybrid solutions each offers something unique in terms of cost effectiveness, ease of operation and functionality which ultimately determines which solution works best for most situations. If you’ve got the cash then investing in either HD analogues or IP cams could result in improved image quality, depending upon your requirements and budget. However, the main issue with CCTV installations should always come down to space limitations; no matter what system you install they’re going to compete for space and depending upon the size and shape of your property you could find yourself having trouble fitting both systems properly onto your walls due to physical limitations. As well as finding suitable locations in order to position your security camera(s), choosing the correct mounting points is key as these determine how far the camera lens protrudes above the wall surface thus allowing proper angle coverage. Another thing to bear in mind is privacy settings on the camera itself if you’ve opted to leave the unit powered on during daylight hours since any movement caught by default will notify passersby whether you like it or not.
Another good way to go about securing your property would be to use a security alarm service instead. Many security alarm companies offer DIY kits and professional installations for less than $100 per annum plus VAT.

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Cameras will be used in most households around Australia this Christmas season
New innovations in cameras
Camera technology changes every 12 months
What’s next in the world of Cameras?
Security Camera Trends For 2022
Innovations in Cameras in December 2019
Innovation #1 : IP Surveillance
IP surveillance systems are becoming increasingly popular because they offer many benefits including:
• A lower cost per unit than traditional analog CCTV cameras
• Easier install & integration due to its plug & play capabilities
• More reliable video capture due to less reliance on external factors like lightening/dark weather conditions
• Better quality images due to superior digital resolution
However, IP Surveillance Cameras still have some limitations as well:
• Reliance on power supply which leads to frequent maintenance costs associated with battery replacement and recharging
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