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1) If you’re considering buying surveillance cameras for your house, office or business then this article will explain why SecureCamera is the camera for you. (This isn’t just my opinion either; SecureCam was voted Canada’s # 1 Camera Company). It’s a fact that there are other “camera companies” but only SecureCameras offers the highest quality and most effective products and service. We provide both wired & wireless solutions along with professional installations (at no cost to homeowners!) and support. No matter what level/type of protection you or someone else needs, whether they be residential, commercial, industrial or governmental, SecureCam Toronto has you covered.
2) Our team knows exactly what people should buy for themselves. They work closely with each homeowner during consultation and design phases and help them understand what type of system would benefit them the most. After choosing which solution is correct for us and our clients, we install them. Secure Cam does everything. From selecting the perfect camera model to setting up the entire live feed, installing the camera(s), connecting the live feed wirelessly. And finally, monitoring the footage 24 hours per day 7 days a week.
3) All SecureCam systems come complete with remote recording capabilities that allow customers to keep watch over their property anytime anywhere through various mobile devices and software applications. These include Apple iPhone, Android phones, tablets and laptops, along with many web browsers like Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Opera.
4) SecureCam provides high-quality customer care and after sales service. Every client receives personalized attention from trained technicians who are available Monday through Friday 9am-5pm via phone or email. Clients receive regular updates regarding their account status, technical information and product news and promotions.
Our Verdict: SecureCam Toronto is definitely worth checking out because I feel it’s one of the best surveillance camera providers in the market.

Toronto's Best Commercial Security Cameras

In this article I am going to take a closer look and provide some information on why the DVR+HD model will be considered one of the most popular commercial CCTV products in Canada. We have researched several competing brands including Axis, Panasonic & Sony; but found no other solution quite like the CCTVC210.
We believe it’s because the CCTVC210 uses technology that was specifically designed for professional surveillance markets, and offers outstanding customer support and service options through the use of our 24/7 toll free customer care hotline which connects Canadians across the country – regardless of whether they purchased locally or from us overseas!
Here are some key highlights of this top quality device
Cameras are weatherproofed to IP66 standards.
Camera resolution goes way beyond 1080P HD video capture capabilities.
Advanced motion detection software ensures alerts are actionable.
Integrated night vision capability helps ensure complete coverage around all entrances and exits.
Built-in WiFi enables remote viewing and control from anywhere in the world via smartphone or tablet. Optional NVR/NAM combo available.
Fully integrated alarm system with built-in sirens.
Optional wireless audio transmitters available.
Remote monitoring via cellular, internet connection or cloud storage.
Our Verdict:
If you’re searching for the perfect combination of affordability, convenience and exceptional value then look no further than the CCTVC210. It boasts great picture quality. Superior functionality. Exceptional ease of setup and operation. And affordable prices make it the ideal choice for just about anybody. Read More… (more…

Security Cameras Installation & Monitoring in Toronto ON

Security cameras help protect both individuals and property. They offer many benefits including safety monitoring, video surveillance and remote viewing of live footage or stored videos. However, these devices come with some drawbacks such as privacy concerns, cost effectiveness, reliability and ease of use. Therefore, before investing in a CCTV system, it’s crucial to identify and understand your needs first. Here’s what should be considered before putting together this project.
1. Determine which type of security camera will work for your specific situation.
2. Understand your requirements and expectations in terms of camera functionality, resolution and image quality.
3. Identify your current monitoring capabilities. For example: Do you currently keep tabs on a certain location through email alerts? Or perhaps you rely solely on doorbell/motion sensors? If yes, then you could consider upgrading to higher end models that include motion detection technology. But if no, then stick with standard IP cams for simplicity.
4. Take note of any other existing systems such as alarms and fire protection equipment already integrated into your building. If so, check whether they would interfere with each other.
5. Consider the size of your space(s). Would a small office fit only a few basic devices or would a large warehouse require multiple cameras across several locations? Also take into account factors like weather conditions and lighting levels in different seasons. A good rule of thumb is to go big or go home. So if you really need high definition quality images indoors during winter months, it makes sense to install a networked array of multiple cameras rather than just relying on a single standalone unit. On the flip side, if you’re installing a single camera outside, then why spend hundreds of dollars when a cheap webcam is sufficient?
6. Think about who’s going to monitor the camera feed in realtime. Depending on the nature of business, your employees, visitors or customers may need varying degrees of supervision. Is it enough for them to simply view archived clips in case something suspicious pops up after hours? Will they have to regularly visit sites and manually adjust settings on all connected monitors?
7. Finally, determine how often you intend on accessing those feeds remotely or otherwise checking in on things.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Please contact us today to learn how our smart home technologies and security camera systems will bring a new level of security to your home or office. We are currently services areas including Toronto, Whitby, Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Burlington, Barrie, Hamilton & surrounding areas.



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Toronto Homeowners will be able to rely again on professional installers who understand what they’re doing, which makes everything easier than ever. We believe customer service shouldn’t always mean waiting around while someone else does things. A quality Toronto home experience should include timely responses to questions, clear communications, detailed instructions, and no surprises. Here’s our promise to customers across Ontario: Our technicians will arrive promptly with your equipment and leave thoroughly cleaned after each visit. If something goes awry during service, we’ll work quickly to repair the problem or replace your system entirely. We provide exceptional value without compromising reliability. We offer great prices, and we use modern technology that keeps us competitive against other companies whose salespeople only seem interested in making commission. No other installer offers this level of expertise and commitment to quality; however our business model ensures we all win together thanks to our focus on providing superior support to every client.
And remember, all Securecam products come backed by a 2-year warranty and 1-Year Protection Plan — giving you peace of mind wherever life takes you in downtown Toronto or beyond. So call today (416-835-3330), order securely online or schedule a FREE ONLINE ESTIMATE. Or request a quote below.

We recommend keeping your cameras running 24/7 whenever possible, as some burglars tend to favor certain times of day.
For example, many criminals prefer daytime breakins over nighttime ones since more lights illuminate areas where valuables lie around homes, and people usually arenot in bed during daylight hours but awake at night.
This gives them better views of potential targets and reduces the risk of being caught in the act.
If you live close to work and school, it may be worth installing cameras outside these locations.
Another way to reduce the chances of getting struck by lightning during thunderstorms is to invest in outdoor motion sensors like the popular iSmartAlarm series.
Motion detectors emit loud chimes to alert homeowners when intruders cross paths with the device.
They also measure temperature variations to determine whether rain is approaching, allowing you to take action like sealing windows or closing garage doors accordingly.

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What Is A Digital Camera?
Digital cameras use electronic sensors instead of film. These days most people will buy cameras in the form factor of compact digital single lens reflex cameras (DSLRs). DSLR refers to those cameras which contain interchangeable lenses like 35mm or APS format cameras. Most commonly used sensor sizes include 3/5″, 1/2.3″, 2/1.6″, 1⁄4.3″, 12×8 mm, 16x12mm & 24x16mm. Many other formats exist but these types dominate the market. Compact digital camcorders usually take video footage rather than photos. They tend to be smaller and less expensive then traditional point and shoot models however they lack image stabilization options. More often these cams capture clips around 10–30 seconds long.
Most common forms of surveillance cameras today come in either analog or digital styles. Analog cameras work just fine until something happens to them. When this occurs, the user must send it back to the manufacturer who repairs, returns it and installs another analog unit. Digital systems record everything digitally without having the analog units ever being damaged. The biggest downside to digital cameras though is that each camera needs to be paired with a compatible receiver. If an item loses power during setup or becomes unplugged the recorder cannot operate properly. Additionally, many systems are designed for wired connections or at least cable or satellite broadcasts. Wireless cameras allow anyone with a wireless device including smartphone and laptop computers to view recorded images via online streaming capabilities.
How Does a Surveillance System Work?
There are generally several ways to install a system. First the individual(s), whose property is going to get monitored, would want a way to monitor what goes on at the particular location. For instance they could hire private detectives. Alternatively, they could set up motion activated devices. Most importantly, they should check if they really need live monitoring. Live monitoring involves someone actually viewing a scene in real time while recording an incident. However, depending upon the nature of crime committed, it might be better to rely only on recordings. Recording devices can provide police departments valuable evidence. There are various methods available for detecting movement such as a heat sensitive alarm or a passive infrared detector.

Toronto Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras

Security cameras play a significant role in making sure people live safer lives; however they aren’t always visible to those who wish to protect them. For example, people often use their smartphones while working outside which could lead to accidents like falls or slips. However most phones cannot be trusted because of various factors that include their positioning, screen size, light conditions as well as many other variables that influence phone usage during work hours.
For this reason, installing security cameras inside homes is becoming increasingly popular. People feel reassured knowing that their property is protected against theft or vandalism by having eyes watching the surroundings 24/7. Moreover, these devices allow homeowners to keep track of family members through video feeds and provide peace of mind to people living away from the house due to job transfers, college studies, and so on.
Secure Cam installs high quality IP Camera Systems across Canada including GTA area and Ontario areas. These systems ensure complete privacy by utilizing infrared technology and digital night vision allowing the homeowner to monitor every inch of his property without being able to see the faces of visitors. Some of the products offered by Secure Cam feature advanced features including motion detection capabilities as well as 2 way audio recording functionality which lets users talk back to the intruder via microphone. Moreover, some models come equipped with HD resolution cameras which offer crystal clear images as well as Wi-Fi connectivity feature ensuring constant internet connection no matter where the device’s placed. As mentioned above, Secure Cam offers both indoor and outdoor products including Dome and Roof Mounted versions allowing you to install a system wherever you please. All installations are performed professionally by experienced technicians and follow safety protocols to maintain maximum peace of mind for clients. Furthermore, all equipment provided by SecureCam complies with strict guidelines regarding CE marking standards thus giving homeowners confidence that the units meet required health and electrical safety requirements.
Why Should I Install A High Quality Surveillance System?
In general, surveillance solutions should address four basic needs that relate to different aspects of human nature. They are protection, prevention, security, and identification.
One of the main purposes behind setting up a security system is providing personal protection from possible threats or dangers lurking around your property. It gives assurance to people that nothing bad will happen while staying safe from potential risks.

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There’s nothing worse than worrying whether your house will be burglarized during the night. If you own a business, you probably don’t want any of your clients being robbed either. And while many people prefer having a video surveillance system installed inside their homes because they feel safer knowing someone is watching them when they leave the house or go to bed at night, most homeowners simply use these systems as extra layers of protection rather than relying upon them entirely. After all, you’re still just moving away from the idea that someone who breaks into your house could harm you or damage property without leaving evidence behind.
So why install a complete home or office surveillance system anyway then? Well, besides providing peace of mind, some of today’s high quality cameras offer advanced tech like object detection and facial recognition, which would be invaluable should you ever come back across suspicious activity in your area again down the road. The other reason to consider installing a whole lot of home security products is cost effectiveness — after all, it’s cheaper to pay for many different types of items upfront instead of spending cash every few months repairing things that went missing due to theft.
We hope this helps answer some questions regarding home monitoring technology and gives you some insight into the latest surveillance devices available for purchase. But what are some of the home security device options and brands you’d recommend considering adding to your arsenal? We’ve got lots of recommendations coming up next week and beyond, but in the meantime take advantage of our top picks below!
Hikvision HDIP Series IP Camera
This model offers 720P resolution, day/night viewing capabilities, motion alert notifications via email as well as text message alerts through Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, plus a range capacity of 300 meters outdoors and 60 meters indoors. As always, check your state laws to see if you’ll need permits or licenses first though. This particular unit includes built-in WiFI, 2MP digital zoom, 4x optical lens, IR illuminator, infrared cut filter and audio output. Checkout prices starting around $200 USD.
Fujitsu FV821i-2N1 IP Video DVR
If you value flexibility above everything else, perhaps this Fujitsu DVR is perfect for your needs.

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If you live somewhere without surveillance cameras already installed then you still have an interest in protecting yourself against unwanted visitors.
This isn’t only something relevant only during daytime; it is essential to keep tabs on who enters your house/office during both day and night, since this could be either a potential threat or just a friendly visitor stopping by.
What should you look for in a CCTV system?
There are many different types of cctv video systems available today, but knowing which model will work specifically for your needs and meet the expectations is key to making an informed decision. If you’re thinking about installing cctv in your Toronto area home or office, these five questions will help you narrow down your options to find the perfect device for your property.
Do I Need Professional Installation Services?
Installed professionally, cctv cameras offer excellent coverage across large areas at great value. However, because they typically include multiple units, professional installation is often necessary — particularly if you want to monitor specific locations around your house or business. Depending on the size of areas you wish to cover, these installations can cost anywhere from $1k-$6k+. Do some research and consider contacting us if you are interested in finding the perfect solution at affordable price points. We are experienced installation partners offering quality service at competitive rates to ensure maximum peace of mind.
Can My Camera Handle my Expected Traffic Volume?
For most residential applications, cctv models tend to fall generally under 2MP resolution. For larger properties, however, higher resolutions are possible, allowing you greater detail and clearer visibility through thick foliage and other obstructions. Consider whether you need high definition footage for accurate facial recognition and identification, along with higher frame rates for smooth motion detection.
How Many Units Am I Buying?
Depending on the type of coverage required, cctv cameras come in single-, dual-, triple-, quad-, or octo-camera configurations. Some manufacturers sell a range of package sizes depending on the space requirements and desired coverage, while others focus exclusively on smaller numbers of sensors per unit. A typical 4×4 configuration would yield four times the overall viewing area of a traditional 1x setting..

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“I recently had a pricey amazon package stolen from my doorstep, so I decided to take measures and instal security cameras around my house. Highly recommend this company! They were fast, efficient and friendly!”


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“Excellent experience with Dan and the whole SecureCam team. Price and service can’t be beat!! Cameras work amazing, better than we expected.Definitely recommend!!”


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