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The most common question I get from my customers regarding their home safety concerns is “I am going to buy a good quality camera system, but which type should I use? Should I go with the ‘big brother’ IP cameras, or should I consider something smaller? Do I need motion detection? Is facial recognition technology reliable enough for me? And then we talk about other additional things like privacy issues, storage capacity, battery life, weather conditions, resolution, and video format support. So many questions, and not always easy answers to find, especially since I myself just recently purchased some really nice ones. However, today I will try to answer most these questions for you and make this guide useful enough for anyone who needs guidance in buying his/her first, or next security system.
So, without any further ado, here they come; the ultimate guide to installing good quality Ucluelet home security systems;
1. Why Use A Camera System For Your Home?
If you ask yourself why should you be investing in a whole house video surveillance solution, you are probably wondering how it could possibly benefit you or improve your home’s overall well being. Here are several benefits to owning, renting, leasing or borrowing a full house video surveillance system and understanding the advantages and disadvantages of them:
Homeowners Protection:- Having a proper home monitoring setup can help protect your family against various types of crimes including burglary, theft & vandalism.- Video Surveillance enables homeowners to capture evidence of intruders and criminals inside your property and send those recordings via email immediately after occurrence.- Video footage can act as proof of crime scenes by providing investigators an excellent account of events inside your residence.
Security Of Personal Assets:- If someone gets hold of or steals valuable possessions while living in your place, this can become problematic because you may end up paying for damages in case they decide to keep the stolen items.- A complete home monitoring system can provide peace of mind by keeping track of your valuables and making sure no criminal attempts to steal them or damage your personal belongings.
Property Value Enhancement:- Having a monitored home environment helps to enhance your property value on both residential and commercial level.

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If you live in the United States or Canada, please visit this link ( If you live outside North America then we recommend this link Our products include both indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras, IP camera systems, doorbell cam systems, baby monitor system, video recorder systems, motion detector systems, wireless security alarms, fire alarm control panels, wireless camera mounts, wireless keypad locks, smart locks, garage doors opener and other related accessories like batteries, power cables, mounting brackets, wall plates, and many other items. We offer great discounts on bulk orders, and fast deliveries worldwide! Please contact us today to get started and receive your order in 2 days or less!

(Note: I have added some links for each section below, which will take you directly to the relevant article and blog post)
Section title: 1. Installing Surveillance Cameras in Your Ucluelet House / Business Building: A Complete Guide
Blog content: Installing a CCTV System in 2020 is easier than ever thanks to technology advances in recent years. Today, most people use a smartphone or laptop computer to connect to Wi Fi networks, enabling them to easily install a camera. But in the past, installing a security cctv was a complex task.

Best Security Cameras Ucluelet

In this post we will talk about best cameras for 2020 and 2021 edition for Ucluelet homes/office installations. We will be reviewing some of these products below.
For Ucluelet Homes
We’ll begin with some basic questions you should ask yourself before buying a security system.
Why do I need this type of security system?
Are my neighbors aware that they are being monitored?
Do I trust everyone who lives on my street? If yes why?
Will people see me through the camera lens? Will anyone try to break in?
What are the advantages to having a security monitoring service installed at my house?
Is there a monthly fee? Is the equipment covered under warranty? Can I install it myself?
If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of installing home surveillance systems read our article here: and
Here are 5 top rated security camera brands and models to consider for home use:
1. Ring Video Doorbell 2 HD Camera.
Ring doorbell camera with motion detection technology. Works great indoors & outdoors. No internet required. Just plug it in. The world’s smartest video doorbell.
This model includes:
• Motion Detection Technology
• Night Vision
• Built-In Microphone
• 2 Way Audio
Price: $199.99
2. Nest Cam Indoor Wi‑Fi 1080P IP Camera
Nest cam indoor wifi ip camera with night vision. Easy setup and connect via WiFi network. Works anywhere inside the Nest thermostat. Includes free mobile apps and cloud recording.
Price: 199$
3. iSmart Alarm Pro Wireless Alarm System.
iSmart alarm pro wireless alarm kit with 3 sensors. Works anywhere in your home and is weather proof. No wires necessary.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Why Do I Need A Camera System?:
Cameras provide protection but they are only part of a complete solution; cameras should be used alongside motion detectors, lighting controls, audio sensors, tamper alarms, intrusion detection systems, video analytics, fire / smoke alarms and other devices that work together to protect people inside and outside your residence.
What’s Important About The Right Size Camera:
In terms of size, it could either be a full HD 1080P resolution camera or perhaps even 4K Ultra High Definition. The higher the resolution the better of course because the images will show detail and a wider field of view which makes them easier for us humans to understand. However if you really just want basic day to day footage then this isn’t necessary. Full HD resolution cameras typically run around $300-$800 depending upon your area. If you want something cheaper check out these great options below.
Best Wireless Motion Detectors 2020
Wireless IP Surveillance Systems:
Security Camera Review:
WiFi Enabled WiFi Alarm Sensors:
Smart Video Doorbell Reviews:
Camera Mounted Lighting Control Devices:
Motion Sensor Detectors:
If you’d like a little help getting started with your own DIY project consider calling us today and asking for a quote via phone call or email. We always recommend starting small and testing your ideas first to avoid wasting lots of money on things that aren’t working properly. Don’t forget to use our install directory to search for products that fit your exact needs in order to save some time when searching for solutions. Happy hunting guys!

We hope you enjoyed seeing the top trending posts published during May of 2019. Here are the most read articles this month – Enjoy 🙂.

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Ucluelet's Best Commercial Security Cameras

We have seen many changes in technology during our 25 years in business. From smartphones replacing landline phones, tablets being the main device used instead of laptops and desktops, cloud computing revolutionized everything and most importantly, cameras changed the way people see things. People started seeing video footage and pictures rather than just still images. As security camera technology advanced, homeowners installed them around their homes and offices to capture every detail of life. These days you will find us offering both indoor & outdoor security solutions with options like IP Camera Systems, Wired/WiFi Surveillance Video Doorbells, Wireless Outdoor Floodlights and Motion Sensor Lights. We offer custom installations to meet your unique needs.
Here are some examples of what we mean when we say “we understand your needs.”
• Our customers tell us they prefer to install outdoor floodlighting because it offers convenience, peace of mind, safety, comfort & energy savings while eliminating worries about power outages. They love knowing that their home and property remains well lit after dark without worrying about having working lights after hours. • A large majority of our customers use our wireless motion sensor lighting systems because these provide great value for the price, especially considering that they save them thousands annually on replacement costs. And unlike traditional light bulbs, which burn out eventually, our LED bulbs last for 20+ years. So they can be counted on to keep providing reliable illumination for decades ahead. • One customer recently shared his story about why he chose our wireless doorbell over other brands in the market. He wanted something sleek and compact enough to fit inside a small nook but something durable and sturdy for long term usage. The SecureCam® Wireless Door Bell System met those requirements perfectly; it was affordable, had a range of 150 feet and could easily withstand harsh weather conditions. His only regret is that he waited almost 2 months before ordering because when he saw the quality of the product, he immediately thought of SecureCam™ products for his upcoming projects. • Another satisfied customer told us she loves her indoor surveillance system that captures all activity and faces in real time. She can view footage from anywhere via mobile devices or computer anytime 24×7 through the Internet.

Security Cameras Installation & Monitoring in Ucluelet BC

This is a video walkthrough showing some of Ucluelet’s greatest commercial cameras and which ones will be most suited to each scenario including retail stores, warehouses, manufacturing plants, office buildings, airports, and many other uses. We’ve divided this guide into four distinct sections; outdoor use cases, indoor use cases, hidden lens use cases, and night/nocturnal use cases. Each section includes several different models of cameras listed below along with short descriptions and images for reference purposes to help narrow down the choices.
For those wondering why the “G” versions weren’t mentioned anywhere else on Secure Cam’s website… the G series come standard with Night Vision capabilities for nighttime usage. While the “L” series does not offer NV functionality. This was a choice made by us…and also one of the few differences between these 2 lines. So basically, go for the higher quality model(s). If you’re unsure whether that applies to your circumstances, our team is happy to answer questions via email. Thanks again for reading and please feel free to comment below regarding anything! Also, a huge thanks goes out towards Justin O’Neill of BGR who helped me put together this particular post. He did some great research prior to writing it up and I appreciate his contributions greatly!! Cheers!

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In this blog I am going to talk about the best security cameras for your Uclueletshort term and long term needs.
Here are some questions to help guide you through my selection.
How many people will be monitoring video feeds daily? Do they travel away often, or only work inside the building during the day? If traveling regularly, will remote viewing still be useful? Will other devices outside monitor them anyway? For example: cell phones or tablets used as mobile hotspots by multiple households, or IoT devices monitoring temperature/humidity.
What type of video capture are these systems designed to record? Is full 1080P HD quality necessary? A 720P resolution would certainly suffice but may limit the types of software that can operate in real time. Do you use other audio recording capabilities like doorbells or alarms? Would having additional recording options beyond basic motion detection improve usability?
When selecting security equipment for remote workers who will frequently be away from the office:
Are you willing to pay extra to enable some form of live chat capability? Some providers offer phone line connectivity to allow call forwarding through the device while it runs unattended; some charge monthly fees for service. Can you afford the cost of a dedicated IP address for each worker if you expect them to occasionally be absent from the network? How comfortable are you with paying an annual subscription fee for continued support after initial purchase? If you intend to keep the system running continuously without human intervention, will you accept lower frame rates than standard definition? Are you prepared to accept the possibility of losing footage if power or internet connection are temporarily interrupted?
For those interested in using a wireless webcam system to replace existing wired solutions and eliminate the risk of electrical damage associated with cable theft, consider whether you really need high resolution images to confirm an intrusion. Wireless webcams typically provide resolutions below 1000x720px which does not typically resolve enough detail in most situations. While resolution isn’t everything, if you must protect against theft of cables, higher image quality could actually result in false positives since a thief could take advantage of poor lighting conditions to avoid being detected.

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Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Ucluelet

Security cameras are becoming increasingly common across Canada due to the increase in break ins, vandalism and property damage caused by people who steal items. These devices allow homeowners, business owners and other individuals to monitor areas within view without being seen themselves. They provide peace of mind and help protect against the loss or theft of personal belongings.
In this video I will be going through some of the most popular security cameras available today and talk about their benefits and drawbacks. We’ll then go over my recommended top 10 choices. If I missed something please feel free to reach out on Facebook and Twitter.
I hope you enjoy and find this video useful.
If you would like me to cover anything else related to security cameras please reach out via Facebook and/or YouTube comments below..

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