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There was a significant increase in home automation products in the past few years and the market continues to expand. As people become less interested in traditional methods of controlling devices like lights, fans, thermostats, they begin to embrace new technology.
Security Camera monitoring companies continue to see growth due to increased demand for video surveillance and remote camera systems. These cameras allow individuals to monitor areas without having to leave the comfort of their own homes.
In addition, many homeowners install these cameras because they believe there will be greater protection against theft. While this does seem logical, most thieves would rather steal cash than electronics.
In fact, according to statistics compiled by the U.S Department of Justice, only 2% of burglars actually commit property crime. The vast majority of crimes committed involve personal injury to victims and violent acts toward innocent citizens. Burglary remains the #1 criminal offense in America.
While some burglars target residences specifically to take advantage of valuables inside them, the average burglar steals items because they can sell these things easily on the black market.
If you live in Upper Tantalln, consider installing a high quality security system that includes both indoor and outdoor cameras. If you are interested in installing a security system in Upper Tantallon, contact Secure Cam today. We provide professional service, and offer great prices. Our service area covers Lower Tantallon, Middle Tantallon and Upper Tantallon.
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Best Security Cameras Upper Tantallon

What is the purpose of having a good surveillance system installed for your property? If you’re like us, you’re interested in knowing everything there is to know about this type of technology. We take advantage of many different cameras for our clients in Tantallon, Ontario because they help provide valuable information about what’s going on both inside and outside of your house.
We understand that some people simply feel uncomfortable asking questions regarding something they haven’t yet experienced; however, being able to view video footage of things happening around your property will allow you to get answers to common question and concerns that you might be wondering about.
There are several key factors that determine which camera system would work best for your needs. Some systems offer live streaming capabilities while other only permit viewing recorded clips after an event occurs. Other options include fixed camera locations and wireless networked setups that allow you to easily connect multiple devices together in order to monitor your entire property without needing to purchase individual components yourself.
Here’s a quick breakdown of these different types of surveillance solutions and why each of them could potentially fit well with your personal situation.
Live Video Surveillance
If you’re looking for a way to be alerted whenever someone enters or leaves your property, then you should consider investing in a CCTV setup. Many companies today use IP address recognition software that alerts you every time a device connected to your network changes its MAC address. These kinds of cameras typically come equipped with night vision capabilities and are capable of working with various network bandwidth speeds, allowing homeowners to stream videos directly through cellular data connections rather than Wi-Fi signals.
Wireless Networking
In addition to standard CCTV models, most modern security cameras use advanced networking techniques in order to keep track of events taking place throughout your house. Wireless networks enable cameras across your property to seamlessly communicate with each other without requiring additional hardware installation, giving you maximum flexibility in the placement options available. A lot of manufacturers today are offering multi-camera packages that contain anywhere from 2 to 20 different units, allowing you to install one model at a time depending on your exact requirements and preferences. For example, say you’ve got a single unit monitoring a specific part of your yard in front of your garage door.

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We live in an age of surveillance technology; the world around us watches back to protect us. We see this every day, but we rarely stop to consider just who sees us and why they’re watching.
Whether you’re installing cameras inside or outside or simply curious, you’ve probably wondered: Who’s monitoring me? Why would anyone be interested in seeing my life unfold through video feeds?
Well, I’m going to tell you exactly why you should care. And if you’re still wondering whether you really need a camera installed outside, read on…
If you haven’t already guessed it, I love technology. But I also like knowing exactly what’s happening. So when we moved into our house, I wanted to ensure that it was properly secured against unwanted intrusions. After some research, I found Secure Cam, which specializes in providing high-quality security solutions for homeowners across Canada.
I decided to install one of their outdoor IP cameras, because it seemed perfect for our situation. Not only did it allow me to monitor activity outdoors without having to worry about leaving myself vulnerable indoors, but I could easily check in remotely whenever and wherever I pleased.
So far, things have worked perfectly, and I couldn’t ask for anything better. If you’d like to learn about the benefits of having an outdoor camera system installed in your backyard or other area of concern, keep reading to find out everything you’ll get from Secure Cam!
Why Should You Install An Outdoor Camera System Today?
There are many good reasons why you should invest in a quality, state-of-the-art security system today. Here are four big ones:
1 | Safety & Protection Against Intruders
One of the most obvious reasons you should install an exterior security camera system is to keep yourself safe. After all, no matter how secure your home seems, it’s impossible to prevent someone from breaking into it.
But an outdoor camera isn’t just meant to deter criminals—it’s designed to help identify them, as well, thanks to advanced motion detection technologies. These systems can alert authorities to suspicious behavior, allowing police officers to track down perpetrators and bring them to justice.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Upper Tantallon

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In this guide we talk about the best video surveillance systems for upper tantallon homes in 2022. We will be going through each category including cameras types, price points & brands, along with their advantages and disadvantages.
This post was updated on February 12th 2020.
Best 4K Camera Types For Your House
There are different kinds of cameras available in the market today. Depending on the needs of the homeowner these differ greatly. Some people just use them for monitoring purposes while some use them for both residential and commercial use. If you would like to get started with installing cameras then you should first understand which type would work the best for your home. Here are four of the most popular types of cameras available today.
1. HD IP Cams
These come equipped with high definition quality images. They usually provide good night vision capabilities. These cams will allow you to monitor multiple rooms simultaneously. These are ideal for residential use since they are small and compact.
2. PTZ Cams
PTZ stands for Pan/Tilt/zoom. These cams offer full 360 degree rotation. These can zoom up close to see faces clearly while being able to capture footage far away. They are great for monitoring large areas. These are often used for business applications but can be useful for residential uses as well.
3. Fixed Network Cams
Fixed network cameras offer excellent image resolution and are usually great value products. They come in several sizes ranging from tiny ones to huge units that cover entire floors. They can easily be mounted indoors or outdoors, depending on the type of unit you purchase. Most models are wireless meaning that they can connect wirelessly without needing power cords or other wiring.
4. Wireless Network Cameras
Wireless cameras allow you to place them wherever you feel necessary. These cameras can either plug into a router or be connected via WiFi. Many people prefer them because they can move easily around the house. These are perfect for outdoor use as they won’t interfere with electrical outlets.
Price ranges vary widely for cameras.

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Security cameras are quickly becoming one of those items that everyone wants but few people actually own. Most people who live outside of cities or rural areas don’t realize just how unsafe they truly feel once they leave civilization. They often find themselves wondering why they should bother with these devices since no one else does. However, most cities and towns require surveillance video monitoring systems in order to protect their citizens from theft, vandalism, murder, assault, rape, kidnapping and other crimes against innocent civilians. Unfortunately, many communities lack adequate funding to install the proper technology throughout town which leaves them defenseless against crime before it happens. Not only will this cost tax payer dollars unnecessarily, it makes criminals bolder while simultaneously making law abiding residents less safe than ever.
While many small business homeowners use security cams because of convenience issues, larger companies often require additional levels of safety due to liability concerns. Many large retail establishments like WalMart, Target and Costco all utilize video security systems in order to ensure employee safety and prevent loss of goods during breakage or shoplifting. Even restaurants and bars take advantage of security cameras to keep tabs on customers while preventing underage drinking among minors. All types of property insurance policies cover losses stemming from criminal activity but if the damages exceed policy limits then the homeowner must rely upon his personal assets until he gets back on track financially. A good amount of the general population isn’t familiar with how much property damage occurs each year from burglary alone. While statistics aren’t readily available regarding specific dollar amounts per incident, some estimates suggest that upwards of $14 billion was lost nationwide in 2017 according to Forbes.
If someone broke into your house today would you be pleased knowing that nothing could be done about it unless you had expensive, high tech equipment installed around every corner? Would you be satisfied having to wait weeks for help to arrive after the fact? If a burglar stole your wallet and cell phone then perhaps you’d understand how inconvenient it can be having a broken window, smashed door locks and holes drilled through wallboard while waiting on police investigation. Imagine living under the same roof with a person intent on breaking things and leaving without taking anything worth stealing except memories…

Security Cameras Installation & Monitoring in Upper Tantallon NS

Upper Tantallon Homes & Businesses will be seeing increasing interest in video surveillance options for both commercial and residential use.
Video surveillance systems have historically offered a relatively small range of functions, but this aspect is quickly changing. Video cameras themselves have advanced rapidly beyond traditional analog technology, while sophisticated software applications are developing which automate many aspects of day to day operation. These advances mean that modern CCTV/surveillance solutions should offer far broader functionality than ever previously possible.
If you’re thinking about adding a system to protect your premises, keep these things top of mind.
Why install a new camera system in the first place?
There are several important considerations when evaluating whether to include video recording capabilities in a new project. Some projects are purely practical, like making sure no one opens locked doors during working hours. Others involve taking precautionary measures against crime; whether through deterring burglars via signs, lighting and monitoring equipment, or detecting suspicious activity via automatic detection algorithms and alerts. Whatever the reason for your new home security solution, installing high quality devices is only part of the equation. We’ll also provide recommendations about how to position them correctly around other areas, including windows and skylights.
What types of videos do I need to record?
While the most obvious type of footage would consist of motionless images captured by passive infrared detectors, these days we see many different kinds of recordings being made to address specific requirements of a given property. For example, some people prefer to record audio clips along with moving imagery because it makes it easier to identify intruders after they’ve left the scene. Other homes take steps to reduce noise levels inside the building, either intentionally (with sound insulation materials) or accidentally (by failing to properly fit carpeting). Still another common scenario involves recording multiple angles simultaneously. While many homeowners can find ways of capturing everything necessary without having to spend thousands of dollars, sometimes specialised equipment simply isn’t required — particularly due to the cost involved.
How will my house get damaged?
Not only does every home come with potential weak spots, it’s unlikely that anyone else living there currently knows exactly how vulnerable their own property tends to be.

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Security cameras come in many different varieties depending on your needs. When choosing which type of security cam will work well for you check out some of these factors:
Cameras are typically installed indoor/outdoor for protection against vandalism and theft. Outdoor installations, like those used to protect homes or businesses, should be able to withstand weather conditions, while indoors ones should provide adequate visibility against intruders, thieves, or other unwanted guests.
Indoor systems use infrared technology to detect motion, making them ideal for detecting break ins and keeping track of pets. But if you live near neighbors who aren’t happy to see strangers creeping around inside their houses, then motion detection isn’t going to do much good unless you install multiple units so that they cover every angle. These types of cameras tend to run quite high prices for basic models, but you could always splurge and get something fancy and expensive. On average though, I’d say most people would benefit from spending anywhere from $500-$1000 dollars on quality system which covers a lot of angles and includes advanced recording options that allow you to view footage remotely. If you’re planning on installing several units, expect to spend roughly another hundred bucks per unit for each additional system. And keep in mind that the price increases substantially if you go for a bigger screen size, higher resolution video capture capabilities, or any other feature that makes the camera stand apart from regular consumer grade cams. For example, my favorite “cheap” model will only record 8 hours of HD video, whereas professional grade versions offer 24 hour surveillance coverage.
If you’re interested in buying a single outdoor security camera system, I suggest getting one that’s small enough to mount outside a window without obstructing light passing through. Some manufacturers like Nest and Ring claim theirs won’t block sunlight, but this usually requires special mounting hardware for your windows, rather than just sticking the thing wherever it fits. Other things worth considering include whether the camera offers night vision (which lets you watch for motion after dark), remote monitoring capability (to alert someone via text message or phone call if movement occurs), and cloud storage capacity (so you can store recordings locally).

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In the past, most people have thought that only professional installers could get the job done properly. While this was true once upon a time, today many homeowners are able to successfully install these high-quality products themselves without having to call on a contractor.
This guide will show you step by step how to install these cameras correctly. We’ll cover everything from choosing which model is appropriate depending on your needs to making sure the camera’s battery is installed securely, ensuring proper placement, mounting and wiring. And finally, how to troubleshoot issues when they inevitably arise.
If you’d like us to help you install your next CCTV system, contact Secure Cam and we’d be happy to work together..

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