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In the modern world, people often feel insecure and lack privacy.
People who live alone or are away from loved ones regularly face this worry. We’ve compiled some tips below to help protect yourself against potential dangers posed by criminals and intruders while improving the safety of your Vernon home.
Protecting Your Family & Property
Install CCTV cameras – One way for homeowners to increase the safety and security around their property is to install surveillance systems. While these devices come in many different sizes and shapes, they all work according to similar principles—sensing suspicious activity and alerting someone on command. These items range widely in cost depending upon model and function and come equipped with varying degrees of recording capabilities.
Keep doors locked – An effective method of preventing burglars from breaking into your house is to keep your door securely locked whenever you leave the house. If possible, ensure all your windows are shut and secured, especially those which overlook walkways. Also consider investing in high quality locks with unique keys; thieves will usually be unable to pick them due to their sophistication. A professionally made lock installed correctly also makes your door significantly harder to break through or force open.
Remove valuables from sight – When it comes to protecting your belongings, removing your possessions from view can be beneficial. Store valuable documents, jewelry, electronics and other personal valuables in safe places like safes or strong boxes. Alternatively you could lock them inside drawers or cabinets. Keep these areas well ventilated and avoid leaving lights turned on. Remember to check on your valuables regularly just in case anything goes missing.
Use deadbolt alarms on front entry/exit points – Deadbolts are typically a little longer than regular bolts but these extra inches should go far when securing your home. Unlike standard locking mechanisms, deadbolts provide further protection by ensuring no intruder can enter without first opening the latch mechanism by pressing down the lever. In addition, since these types of latches cannot be forced, they prevent tampering and theft. Furthermore, the lever design does not allow anyone else to get hold of these components. As a result, this type of device helps greatly reduce attempts to gain unauthorized entrance into your residence.

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Vernon, CA — February 27, 2020 — Here’s some background information first; SecureCam®, founded in 2018, offers high quality outdoor and indoor cameras available locally through Amazon marketplace and other third party merchants. We offer professional installation services when required along with remote viewing capabilities through mobile apps for both Android & Apple devices. Our focus was to provide “security cameras without walls” allowing customers to remotely monitor their property 24/7 no matter where they are. Here’s how people interact with us at SecureCam®.
1st Response Time – If there is ever an issue, contact support immediately via live chat, phone call or email service. All requests will be addressed within 1 business day (or sooner). No waiting around until Monday morning.
Live Chat Support – Available most hours of the day 7 days per week. Just click the button below and select Live Chat.
Phone Support – A team member will answer your questions regarding your order(s), current promotions, pricing, products, services and anything else related to your experience with SecureCam®. Phone inquiries answered during normal working hours Mon–Fri 9am-5pm PST, Sat 10 AM-3 PM EST and Sun 12PM-8 PM CST.
Email Support Team – Contact details provided at checkout page. Email response times vary depending upon season but generally respond in less than 2 Business Days, often faster.
2nd Response Time – In addition to being fast responding to customer issues, another reason why we stand behind this claim is because we send emails and notifications regarding orders every 5 minutes while processing them. Also, once processing completes, our automated system sends text messages to keep subscribers notified of status changes. So rest assured, if something happens to our website, we’ll notify you instantly either way.
Websites – Customers receive instructions and links to websites in their purchase receipt including video tutorials explaining how to install and use each specific model of SecureCams®, which makes things easier rather than trying to figure everything out yourself.

Why SecureCam Vernon is right for YOU?

This guide will cover some of the top questions I get regarding choosing the proper type of cameras.
I’ll then go through each category in detail including why they’re relevant to you today, what’s popular now and which ones we expect to be most used next.
If you’d like me to write something specific for you, leave a comment below or send me an email. We love hearing feedback from our customers.
For those who aren’t familiar with us, we’ve got a great website full of reviews for everything from door locks, fire alarms, motion sensors, smoke detectors and security cameras. If you haven’t already visited yet, come check it out. You won’t regret it! 🙂
What Types Of Cameras Should I Install On My Property?
When deciding on which types of cameras would work best for the property, keep in mind these factors:
Your current surveillance system – Is this being replaced? Would you like additional footage on your existing systems? Do other areas of your house need coverage? Does your office space need better protection against outsiders while employees work remotely? All of these situations could mean different camera setups on the same property.
How many people live/work in the building? For larger properties, having multiple residents working in close proximity makes a dedicated system necessary. Smaller places often just one person living and operating out of a small apartment should only invest in enough cameras to adequately protect them and their immediate area. Having a multi-resident setup on smaller properties can prove costly. A single person needs to pay less because they’re usually paying for fewer units’ worth of equipment. Still, it pays to do research first to find out exactly what you need to ensure safety in your place(s).
Is anyone else watching your surveillance feeds? While privacy laws vary state to state, in general a home owner shouldn’t worry about someone watching their home video feed unless it compromises their safety and well being. However, if you want to be extra cautious, consider adding a hidden video recorder or recording device so you have proof of wrongdoing. Also, remember that you always have the power to disable your own monitoring system from outside without needing physical access to it.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Best Security Cameras Vernon

Please contact us today to learn how our smart home technologies and security camera systems will bring a new level of security to your home or office. We are currently services areas including Toronto, Whitby, Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Burlington, Barrie, Hamilton & surrounding areas.



Vernon Home Security Cameras Done Right

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This article will help readers understand why they should invest in high quality security cameras and install them today!
In this era of cyber hacking, crime and violence, people all around us are getting smarter every day. They learn faster than ever about technology innovation and use those advances against themselves. But this only makes sense because these advancements are designed to protect them from criminals who wish harm upon them. So it stands to reason that people would be interested and invested in protecting their homes and business places from intruders using cutting edge technologies. Afterall, isn’t that the purpose behind most modern tech devices?
To keep things simple, we made this guide on top five types of security systems that are available now or soon will be. From wireless doorbells, to motion sensors, indoor/outdoor cameras, video surveillance monitors and DVRs, each type of system offers something unique to different situations. Whether you need to check someone coming inside through the front gate while away on vacation, see what’s going on outside, record your backyard pool party for YouTube videos or monitor your child playing next door, the choice is yours. Here’s a quick overview of the main categories and options you’ll find.
1. Indoor/Outdoor Surveillance Cams
These days, many homeowners and business owners choose to go completely wireless with security cams that transmit live HD video via WiFi instead of wires. These models work just like traditional wired cams but without having to run wiring everywhere. Instead, each model connects wirelessly to either an IP router via powerline adapters, Ethernet cables or both. Most importantly though, the video feed transmitted by the outdoor camera does not rely on electrical outlets to get powered and therefore won’t suffer from voltage fluctuations caused during storms and other natural disasters.

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Vernon's Best Commercial Security Cameras

Security cameras are one of those things people often assume they just “need”, but when it comes down to actually installing them, it gets complicated fast. If you haven’t installed security cameras, here are some questions I hope will help clarify some issues.
What type of camera should I get?
If you are going to install security cameras for the first time, then getting them professionally installed makes sense. They usually come with mounting kits, cables, mounts/brackets, and everything else you need except the actual video camera. Most companies offer this service at no charge if you buy through them, which is great since they already got the equipment, have trained employees, and know the products better than anyone else.
How many cameras should I get?
There really isn’t a rule-of thumb answer for this question. Some people say that if you only use one camera in each location you need monitored, then only get 1. But if you plan on monitoring multiple locations, you could potentially save yourself hundreds of dollars on additional cameras if you monitor more places. So, you should probably go ahead and add another one or two depending on your needs.
Where should my cameras be placed?
This seems like a silly question until you consider where someone would attempt to break into your house in the most common ways. For example, the kitchen door is typically the easiest place to enter your house because of its proximity to other entry points.
So, you’d want to mount your camera near the front or back doors and ideally somewhere near windows that overlook these areas. Also consider placing your cameras outside on the driveway or porch if possible, which gives you more coverage.
Should I put the same model cameras in different rooms?
No. While it may seem logical, putting cameras in every area you want monitored can become expensive and unnecessary. Instead, try grouping similar types of items together. For instance, if you live in a multiunit building and you want to keep track of who enters and exits each apartment, put all of their entrances and exits under the watchful eye of a single camera.

Security Cameras Installation & Monitoring in Vernon BC

We’re going to be talking today about commercial cameras.
In this post I’m gonna talk about some things to consider before buying a business cam system.
I’m gonna go through a few different models and explain why they would or wouldn’t work well depending on the needs that you’ve got in store for yourself.
So first thing’s first though…what exactly does “commercial” mean?
What I mean by that is…does your office need to protect against theft, fire or other emergencies? Or perhaps just to prevent vandalism?
If it’s the former then you’ll probably wanna check out our commercial doorbells page. If it’s the latter then you should definitely check out our vandal resistant security systems page.
But either way we still have a bit of information to cover before we dive straight into which business cams will actually meet your needs.
First of all…the most common type of commercial camera that people use is called “HD”. These usually run somewhere around $200-$300 dollars per unit, but they come equipped with nightvision capabilities and a bunch of different recording options like motion detection, sound activation, video storage space and more.
Another common choice are IP cameras. They’re generally cheaper than HD units and are very popular because they offer great picture quality at relatively affordable prices. However these aren’t always the best solution for every situation. Sometimes it makes sense to invest in something more robust, especially since they tend to be more expensive than the aforementioned options. We’ve got more info on this below under our section titled ‘IP Camera Pros & Cons’.
Next up is…low resolution cameras. Low res cameras usually cost less than $100 bucks each, but they can often provide very poor image quality and they won’t record anything in high definition unless you buy them specifically designed for it. So these are really only good for situations that involve recording small areas like hallways or bathrooms. For example, if someone was trying to break into your building they’d be better served installing a cheap camera in a hallway or bathroom rather than a full blown security system in your front lobby area. But hey, that’s just my opinion.
Now let’s move onto…pan/zoom cameras.

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Vernon BC is a great place to live and work. We love living in this beautiful community. But like most places it is a big responsibility and investment to be responsible with your personal information. Protecting yourself against identity theft, fraud and other crimes requires constant vigilance.
In addition to protecting ourselves from criminals, we must protect ourselves from hackers who might try to use us for criminal activity. Hackers can get inside your computer system through several different methods including phishing, malware infection, weak passwords and insecure software systems. Once they gain access to these systems, they will attempt to steal your valuable financial information and sell it on the black market, which in some cases can result in tax evasion charges, bank account freezing and other penalties. If you suspect someone’s gained unauthorized access to your computer network, contact SecureCams Vernon team immediately. Our professional technicians can quickly diagnose the issue and provide solutions, ensuring no sensitive customer information is compromised.
We recommend having multiple cameras installed around your house/office to help monitor suspicious behavior and protect against potential intruders. A good way to keep track of your kids while they play outside is by installing outdoor video surveillance. Outdoor Video Surveillance is becoming increasingly popular, but many people aren’t aware of the legal requirements. If you’re interested in adding outdoor video surveillance to your property, please call (604) 788-5666 today.
The first rule is always to install the security camera system yourself. Don’t leave it up to contractors because they often lack expertise and knowledge on the proper setup and maintenance of surveillance equipment and can cause issues for homeowners or business owners.
If you decide to hire an installer, make sure he knows the laws regarding outdoor cameras in Canada.

Web Hosting Provider Review Website Design Software
Review Date: March 2020
Website Name:
Website Address:
Author Bio: My name is Michael Dolan, and I am part of the HGR Team that reviews web hosting providers. I started working with them back in 2010 when I joined as a writer, then became Editor in 2015.

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Vernon Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras

Are you ready to improve safety at work but unsure which type of video surveillance system will help you achieve this? Whether you’re trying to keep an eye on kids at play, or just ensuring safe conditions inside your office building, here’s everything…
What’s Hot:
• Most people aren’t aware they should be installing an IP Camera System instead of a PTZ Pan/Tilt Zoom Camera like most other systems offer today. If you’ve ever tried to use a Pan Tilt Zoom camera you’ll agree it requires way too many buttons & settings…plus isn’t always capable of giving you the quality footage you desire.
Why Should I Consider A Secure Cam Installation for my Business / Commercial Location?
Security cameras allow us to capture events happening around us 24hrs / 7days a week, no matter where we go, no matter who we talk to, or what happens during those hours. They provide peace of mind for everyone involved. When combined with a good alarm monitoring service these devices ensure safety while allowing customers and employees to work without worry knowing something bad hasn’t happened.
For example, imagine if someone broke into your business, did some damage, then ran away; would anyone notice until the next day because no one was watching them? Or perhaps they stole from you, but only took small amounts of cash & electronics. These days almost every home owner carries an iPhone so chances are, he’d see his phone stolen right after getting off the bus at school, or walking down the street. But if you had a security system installed, the moment he went near your property, your phone would notify you because your computer recognizes him through facial recognition software, or your alarm siren sends out alerts. And once again, he won’t get far after stealing anything worth less than several hundred dollars.
How does it Work:
To begin the install, contact Secure cam to schedule a FREE Site Visit by having 2 qualified professionals come out to take measurements and discuss options. We can help design the perfect solution for you including custom mounting solutions, power distribution units and motion detection zones. Your project manager will guide you step by step in setting up your device(s), explaining the details and answering questions along the way..

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Mitch Skolnik


“I recently had a pricey amazon package stolen from my doorstep, so I decided to take measures and instal security cameras around my house. Highly recommend this company! They were fast, efficient and friendly!”


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“Excellent experience with Dan and the whole SecureCam team. Price and service can’t be beat!! Cameras work amazing, better than we expected.Definitely recommend!!”


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