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Best Security Cameras Victoria

Security cameras are being used more often than ever today as many people are having them installed in their homes/offices. They have become standard household items that most modern households own and some families even use them during vacations to record events in other cities around the world!
Nowadays, they provide us with a great amount of peace of mind knowing that everything inside our house is under surveillance 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Security cameras offer us protection both against intruders but also burglars, thieves, vandals, as well as weather related damages, fires and flooding.
But not everyone knows what type of Camera should be purchased to suit his needs. We put together this brief guide to help you find out which model will work best for your requirements. So whether you have recently decided to install a CCTV system into your house or office, or you just would like to buy yourself a nice gift for next Christmas, keep reading… Read More »

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Victoria Home Security Cameras Done Right

When choosing whether to purchase home video surveillance cameras, many consumers focus solely on price point. When I ask homeowners why they install these products, most say “because the insurance will cover everything under $200”. We hear this every day from clients installing video systems because they believe they qualify for a discount. Many times this is simply untrue — and sometimes dangerous. So which type should you trust? Here are some things to consider.
First, remember that just like other forms of protection technology, insurance companies are legally permitted to use certain criteria or requirements to determine who qualifies for discounts. If you aren’t aware of those specifics, you could end up paying more money than needed. Don’t rely only on pricing to figure out what makes sense for your needs, instead shop around to find a program that better meets your specific coverage needs. And always go through professional advice whenever possible.
Second, be sure you understand exactly what equipment a particular policy covers. For example, does it include internal components like power supplies and processors, or external hardware including IP cams, DVRs, and accessories? Is that covered for a single cam or 10+ different units, or just 1 unit per home/business location? Do devices need to connect via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, landline phone line, USB cable, Bluetooth®, or something else? As you read policies carefully, be absolutely certain you’re getting what was negotiated in your contract and being fully protected from risks and associated costs. Always get confirmation from multiple providers first, then select the best deal for yourself.
Third, don’t assume anything goes without saying. Sure, you might expect your current house alarm system to work fine after years of service. But what happens when you buy another home while still insured under your current contract? Will that device meet code standards and pass inspections? What if your existing system isn’t compatible with your upcoming system? Find out exactly what conditions are required to ensure that your next home’s security solution won’t cause problems down the road. Be aware that things can occasionally fail and break unexpectedly; knowing what to anticipate ahead of time helps prepare you for the unexpected.

Security Cameras Installation & Monitoring in Victoria BC

Homeowner security cameras allow homeowners across Canada to monitor their property while they’re away, without breaking the bank. And it’s only going to get easier when the market gets more competitive. As technology improves and prices fall, more people will be investing in these devices than ever before, leading to greater competition among companies like Secure Cam. But which system should you buy, and who should install them properly for maximum value? Here’s everything you need to know to figure things out before making the decision to invest in a property surveillance system.
For Homeowners:
We’ve talked extensively about security systems in general in this guide, but today we’ll focus solely on residential ones because most folks will probably consider installing them first. For those interested, though, the same tips apply no matter whether you purchase a commercial or residential unit.
There are four types of property monitoring products available, depending on exactly what information you’d like to capture. Some cameras record audio and video, some just take photos, and some offer both audio recording and photo capturing capabilities. All work similarly; you’ll plug your device into power via Ethernet cable, connect the other end to your router via WiFi, then configure the web portal on the device via an internet connection and login credentials — usually provided by either a service representative or customer support staff.
In addition to connecting to Wi‑Fi, each model should come equipped with batteries which provide anywhere from 1 hour to several months worth of battery life per charge. Once connected, you should see something similar to the image below. From there, you can view live footage on a smartphone app (such as iSmartAlarm), check recorded videos on the cloud, check photos taken and saved locally, or review alerts received through email or text message. Each device offers a different level of control over settings and functionality, ranging from complete hands-off automation to fine manual tuning.
If you decide to go down the self-installation route, you must also factor in the cost involved with hiring someone else to handle the job professionally. If you do, however, expect to save around $2,000-$4,000 on average.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Please contact us today to learn how our smart home technologies and security camera systems will bring a new level of security to your home or office. We are currently services areas including Toronto, Whitby, Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Burlington, Barrie, Hamilton & surrounding areas.



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This website will show you everything you need to get started on installing the perfect system. From choosing the cameras themselves, through to setting them up and configuring them for optimal use. We cover everything in this guide including the top four video surveillance systems available right now. All these options are suitable for both commercial use, or domestic installations. So whether you’re after something affordable but still high quality, or something cutting edge and state of the art this guide should be able to help you find exactly what you need.
If you’ve got questions then just drop us a message and ask away. We’ll try and answer as quickly as possible. Or alternatively, check out some of the other articles on our site, which include guides on the following topics; IP Camera Installations & Setups, Wireless CCTV Installation, Outdoor CCTVs Melbourne & Sydney.
We also have guides covering all aspects of home automation, home networking and wireless technology.

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Victoria's Best Commercial Security Cameras

In this post we will discuss some of the best ways to protect people and property inside and outside homes & offices. We will talk about top rated cameras, installation tips and tricks; plus we’ll go through other ways we think could be useful. These include doorbell camera reviews which cover the most popular brands like Ring and HelloProdigy, IP technology, CCTV Camera Installation Guides, Remote Cam Monitoring Tips, Camera Mounting Ideas/How-to’s, Indoor Surveillance Systems and Outdoor Cameras Reviewed. Plus lots of other topics related to the topic including Smart Wi Fi Solutions, Door Locks Reviews and Keyless Entry Devices.. Please enjoy!
Free Melbourne Cams Quotes – SecureCam Australia Pty Ltd provides FREE quotes for ALL types of products including IP camera systems, Access Control system solutions, Automation controllers, Wireless Video Solutions, Audio Recording devices and many more. Our experienced team will guide you every step of the way towards getting the ultimate solution. Call us today on 1300 720 994 / 03 9711 8777 / 03 7058 8438!
Cameras For Homes And Businesses | How Many Cameras Should I Install? Find Out Today In 2020…
We’re glad you found my blogpost. As mentioned below in the content section, we offer a range of FREE information regarding both residential and commercial projects. Here’s just SOME things we’ve got available…
I would suggest installing anywhere between 2-10 cameras for surveillance purposes only…. but if you really feel like your house needs more than 10 cameras then perhaps consider adding additional motion detection zones or cameras that zoom in closer to detect smaller movements such as pets walking around, children playing, small animals running away, smoke alarms going off ect. If you decide to install multiple cameras it is imperative they all get linked together via wifi and each feed should ideally be displayed separately in full screen mode using software called “IP Pro” which allows anyone with internet access to control them remotely. If you don’t already own this software then you can buy it cheaply used at Amazon.
Also if you do use a surveillance device then ensure it supports HD recording so you dont miss anything important. Some devices support recording 1080P and some record 4K…..

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We provide professional installations & monitoring service across Melbourne CBD and surrounding suburbs. We install CCTV systems in commercial properties including high rise buildings, schools, universities, government organisations, large corporate companies, retail stores and more. Our customers benefit from 24/7 remote video surveillance, real-time viewing via mobile phone or computer screen, alerts through text messages, email, phone calls and web portals.
Whether installing a single IP Camera system in a single office, multiple locations in different cities, or thousands of cameras around the world; SecureCam will ensure each system installed meets its customer requirements, providing exceptional quality images, audio and video recordings, along with excellent customer service. For further information please visit

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In this post I will briefly discuss why and how to select the BEST Security Camera(s) for your family’s personal safety AND business’ security. If you’re ready for some exciting news: SecureCam VICTORIA is offering FREE INSTALLATION SERVICE IN THE NATIONAL RETAIL MARKET FOR ALL CURRENT OR NEW HOMEOWNERS. We’d love to help protect families like yours.
If you’ve seen the movie “Home Alone”, then you already understand just how valuable having a reliable & professional alarm system is. And while most people agree that having video surveillance cameras makes sense for keeping eyes on children and pets, they fail to realize that video recording is only part of making them truly SAFE… A properly installed motion sensing security camera helps provide peace of mind knowing someone is watching after your kids and pets.
We offer many different brands and models of cameras; however, we always recommend choosing products that meet these criteria:
1) Must be wireless — meaning no wires hanging down outside your house/office, which could easily get cut and leave you without power.
2) Should have a night vision capability. For example, our HD-CVI series offers both daytime and nighttime functionality.
3) Be equipped with high quality audio capture capabilities, so you’ll hear anything unusual happening inside your property.

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1. Secure Cam is proud to announce their partnership with Victoria, BC’s largest provider of CCTV cameras, to provide high quality security solutions for both commercial and residential customers. We also install these systems ourselves for clients who prefer us to handle this task, which we are happy to offer our expertise in. As part of our ongoing commitment to providing the highest level of service possible to each client, our team will continue to be your trusted source for professional installation, repair, maintenance and monitoring of your security system. If you would like more information, please contact us today!
2. With the rise in popularity of Smart Homes, many homeowners are turning towards IP cameras, especially the popular HD models, because they allow them to see inside their homes from anywhere via web browsers on mobile devices. They are more affordable than traditional video surveillance products and come equipped with a host of features including motion detection/detection, night vision capabilities, audio recording, 2 way talk back functionality, live streaming capability, video storage, remote viewing and control, and many other advanced functions.
3. The most effective form of home security is actually being seen from outside the house rather than relying on expensive alarm systems. A good example of this is a home owner who sees someone enter her property but then forgets she had a visitor until after they left. Another benefit of IP cameras is you can monitor multiple properties without having to purchase additional equipment. For instance if you own 10 houses and each one needs a different type of camera installed it is quite costly to buy and maintain 10 separate units. An IP Camera solution allows you to easily expand to more locations.
4. IP cameras offer many benefits over analog cams, including better image capture, higher resolution images, less distortion, no moving parts, lower power requirements, smaller size, greater portability, longer battery life, and a wider range of mounting options. They are also capable of capturing images from a wide angle view of 180 degree horizontally, allowing them to detect movement from almost every direction. Most importantly though, they can be controlled remotely through web interfaces, making them ideal for use in home automation applications and for remote business operations.

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