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1) We have been installing cameras since 2007. Our install team consists of only highly qualified professional technicians who specialize in residential & commercial installations. They have years of experience installing high definition IP security systems, and they are experts at troubleshooting problems and finding ways to improve customer satisfaction. If you live in Victoria, BC, you should be able to find someone nearby who installs your own system.
2) We offer a full line of products including HD video recording devices, wireless networked surveillance and doorbells to keep you aware, safe and entertained 24/7 without any hassle.
3) When your family moves away, we will transfer your account information securely to another person in your household or business. No worries about lost accounts.
4) All orders are shipped via FedEx ground in Canada or USPS Priority Mail and arrive next day in most cases. Shipping charges vary depending on how far your location is from us. For example, shipping rates range from $25 to $50 depending on how close you are located.
5) We provide FREE standard monitoring service for a period of 12 months after purchase. After this initial period expires, customers pay monthly subscription fees depending on which type of monitoring package they purchased.
6) We offer an extensive array of services for customers. These include remote viewing, custom alerts, onsite visits to monitor and resolve issues, and even home automation.
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In this article we will discuss the following topics;
1) Why install a CCTV system, 2) What type of cameras work well in different types of applications, 3) Types of CCTV systems available in Australia, 4) Installation of a CCTV System in Melbourne 5) Installation Services for Homeowners and Businesses.
Why Install A CCTV Camera System?
There are many reasons why people decide to get a surveillance camera installed. These could be anything from protecting against theft, to keeping track of who enters and exits certain rooms or buildings. Whatever reason you have, installing a good quality surveillance camera system should help protect your family and loved ones.
What Type Of Cameras Work Well For Different Applications?
Cameras come in various shapes sizes and functions. Depending upon the size of the area that needs watching they range anywhere from tiny point and shoot models to large panoramic dome or PTZ style cameras. Some cameras offer night vision capabilities while others don’t but most come equipped with some sort of motion detecting capability which can alert someone immediately via email, SMS text message or call.
Types of Surveillance Cameras Available
There’s a wide range of options available depending on exactly what you’re trying to achieve. Here’s just a few examples:
Panasonic: Panasonic offers both fixed and PTZ cameras. Their Panoptics series include the WV-BX210PTZ, the WVC100P and the PVCH10/11.
HikVision: Hikvision manufactures and sells IP cameras that use the H3G protocol. They are compatible with Windows OS and Android operating systems.
TitandY Security Systems: TitandY are known for producing high end and durable products that provide excellent image resolution. Their HD-IP Series includes the HDI-200HD IP Camera, the HDI-220HD IP Camera, the HDI-240HD IPCamera, and the HDI-250HD IP Camera.
Installation Of A CCTV System In Melbourne And Victoria.
Installing a video surveillance system can be tricky business especially if you’re doing it yourself.

Security Cameras Installation & Monitoring in Victoria BC

In this post I will discuss the top 8 cameras available today, including popular brands like Camsmith. If you would like to see which ones are installed currently visit my website We install them locally and monitor every single camera continuously 24 hours 7 days a week. We go above customer expectations because they deserve it and you won’t receive the same service anywhere else. So please join us and experience first hand who’s really installing your cams and keeping track of them…we’ll send some photos of you guys’ homes.

Are you ready to upgrade your business communications system to include video conferencing capabilities? Is your current IT infrastructure capable of handling high quality voice connections without crashing or lagging behind during peak times, making conference calls seem less than optimal? Do you wish you could connect multiple locations simultaneously? Or perhaps you simply want improved flexibility in your day-to-day meetings. As technology continues to advance, many people wonder whether traditional telephony systems such as phone lines, fax machines – and even landlines themselves – will be obsolete someday soon.
Teleconferencing isn’t just good for remote workstations. Companies around the world use videoconferences regularly to handle various types of tasks – ranging from routine sales presentations to multi-part training programs to virtual office introductions. For these reasons, teleconferencing software solutions keep changing constantly. When upgrading existing telephone equipment, it helps to identify the purpose(s) for which you’re replacing it, as well as possible alternatives.
What are Some Ways Telephones Could Be Replaced?
For many companies across North America, landline phones aren’t used frequently enough to warrant replacement. But, for those organizations that rely heavily on communication through both voice calling and data transmission via email, texting, instant messaging, and chat applications, telecommunications providers offer VoIP solutions. These technologies allow callers to enjoy features similar to standard analog devices while receiving additional benefits. Many small and medium sized businesses opt for Internet-based teleconference options instead of using separate telephone appliances due to added convenience and increased productivity.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Please contact us today to learn how our smart home technologies and security camera systems will bring a new level of security to your home or office. We are currently services areas including Toronto, Whitby, Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Burlington, Barrie, Hamilton & surrounding areas.



Best Security Cameras Victoria

If you need more than just video surveillance systems to keep watch over visitors to your business or house then check out the following four top rated IP cameras and see which ones give most accurate readings of activity around your property.
1st Place Winner = NVR-T610N
This model runs an 8MP image sensor, 2 x USB ports and offers some advanced settings including night vision, motion detection, dual pan/ tilt angles, auto focus & exposure controls along with live viewing capabilities via smartphone apps. All this makes the T710N a perfect choice for both residential and commercial properties.
2nd Place Winner = Panasonic CFW4300 (with built in Wi-Fi 802.11n)
Panasonic’s CMW4303 has a wide angle lens of 80°x50′, 1080P resolution, WDR technology (wide dynamic range), USB 3.0 connectivity, integrated Wi-Fi® wireless networking, and supports high quality 5 Megapixel autofocus imaging sensors. Its remote monitoring feature lets you view its footage anywhere, anytime without having to be physically present.
3rd Place Winner = Samsung TCM4510HD
Samsung’s TCM4510HD boasts 1920×1080 Full HD resolution; has 120° horizontal field of view, 30 frames per sec, 1 inch CMOS Sensor, IR cut filter, day /night illumination mode, and a maximum distance measurement of 10 meters with no limit on recording capacity. Also featured is a two-way audio port and multiple mounting options. Lastly, its WIFI support enables realtime streaming and playback through compatible mobile devices like Android smartphones and tablets.
4th place winner=Sony WH80X5S
The Sony WH80X5S packs a huge 32 GB storage space to record videos for days while supporting 24 hours long 720p HD recording. It possesses 10 megapixels imaging sensor (HVGA LCD display) that captures pictures with sharpness and detail. Other notable features include automatic face recognition with facial expression sensing, adjustable white balance control and night vision. Most importantly, it operates on battery power making it ideal for outdoor uses like home and office security applications.

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Secure Cam has become synonymous with high quality cameras & installations. Secure Cam has installed thousands of products across Australia including commercial properties, government buildings, homes, schools, offices, factories and other business locations. We install over 40k cameras per annum.
We are well known for exceptional service standards delivered efficiently without compromising on customer satisfaction. Our clients appreciate our focus on excellence and attention to detail which leads to an enhanced experience. All of this ensures we consistently deliver outstanding levels of service and support.
So why should I buy from us?
Firstly, we provide excellent product knowledge, expertise in installation, high level of technical ability and service delivery.
Secondly, we use leading technology products and our team members are continuously trained and educated on current technologies.
Thirdly, our clientele trust us, which drives repeat sales. When we say ‘Best Practice’, it’s because we take pride in being the market leader providing industry leading solutions and services.
Finally, as part of a larger family owned Australian Company, we remain committed to delivering great value to our customers while maintaining superior ethics.
For example, we believe strongly in the importance of transparency, and therefore only charge after completion on projects to ensure you pay no upfront fees regardless of size. For those who prefer paying monthly instalments instead of annual payments, we offer discounts on these options.
What type Of Camera Do I Need?
Most residential property requires some form of outdoor surveillance solution.
Generally speaking; good visibility around windows, doors, pathways, driveways, fire escapes and areas prone to break ins. Depending on your location and requirements, you will find many different types of cameras available on today’s market. These include CCTV Surveillance DVRs, IP Based Networked Systems and standalone systems. The choice depends completely upon your needs. As always, a professional installer will be able to advise you of the most appropriate system. However, generally speaking; standalone systems work better than networked systems in regards to affordability and flexibility.

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Home security cameras have made huge strides towards becoming mainstream in recent years. As technology continues to evolve, so does consumer demand. Today, homeowners rely heavily upon these devices to keep watch over their valuables. However, many of us still struggle with getting the most value out of them. Fortunately, this article will help put things back on track.
In case you aren’t familiar with home surveillance, allow me to explain. These little gadgets use infrared lenses to shoot footage in broad daylight. They come equipped with advanced motion detection algorithms. When something moves within range, they automatically record video clips and send alerts via email or smartphone apps. And because these cameras don’t require batteries or wires; you won’t find yourself fumbling around trying to plug power cords everywhere.
Nowadays, almost anyone can take advantage of high tech home monitoring systems. All you really need is a few basic components. First off, you need some sort of recording device—which usually includes either webcams (with a built-in screen), IP cams, or digital networked storage solutions like hard drives. Next, you can connect some sort of alarm system (typically comprised of an siren and/or strobe light). Finally, you need software for processing and sending notifications. Once you combine everything together, you should be able to get started easily.
But wait, there’s more. If you want extra functionality, consider adding other sensors. A floodlight sensor lets you see inside while nightfall is coming (and vice versa). Motion detectors detect intruders who try to sneak past you undetected when you’re asleep. Smoke alarms, heat monitors, gas leaks, carbon monoxide monitors, moisture meters, air quality indicators, fire panels—they all play nicely alongside a good old fashioned doorbell camera. But why stop there? Some manufacturers offer multi-camera packages that include several models.

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When choosing to buy a security system, be careful you aren’t just buying another gadget – this should be viewed as part of a comprehensive business investment portfolio rather than something which replaces other investments and security measures. As technology advances and becomes ever cheaper over time, these systems will keep pace and become increasingly sophisticated and reliable – especially as they’re becoming less reliant upon moving parts and batteries! The key advantage to investing in high quality CCTV cameras or IP Camera Systems as opposed to traditional analogue or film systems is cost effectiveness – when used correctly IP cams offer many advantages including ease of use and flexibility of operation. With digital video recording capability built in every day there’s no longer reason why anyone shouldn’t consider incorporating security systems into their everyday life, whether it is at work, school, in your own house, car park, garage, office, store…you get the idea. These days most homes contain multiple electronic devices including TVs, computers, laptops; iPads, mobile phones, tablets, games consoles, music players, DVD players, radios, clocks/alarms plus countless household appliances like kettles, washing machines, dishwashers, tumble dryer etc. A good security camera ensures the safety of everyone living in the premises. Most of us spend hours each week sitting behind computer screens so having surveillance equipment mounted around the property enables peace of mind knowing someone else is watching over you. If you decide to install security cameras around your home then remember that you’ll want them mounted discreetly without being obvious to those who live with you or passing visitors, unless you actually wish to attract attention to yourself. Also avoid placing cameras in areas that cannot easily see through, or where they could pick up unwanted reflections and distort images (like glass doors). When selecting the location of a security camera be aware of shadows and dark shadows cast on walls. If possible try to position lights near to the subject that casts shadows. Shadows provide useful information as well as providing some distraction for would be thieves trying to break in. Lights cast long shadows but may interfere with the resolution of the image if positioned close enough. Be careful to ensure lighting does not affect the image sensor of CCTV cameras either permanently or temporarily (e.g. flash photography).

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If you’re ready to upgrade your Vikiota home, then these tips will ensure you get the most for your dollar. By upgrading the technology in your household safety system, you’ll be able to easily monitor key areas inside your home without having to constantly move around the house.
We recommend checking out this guide before buying a new commercial guard security cameras system in order to avoid common pitfalls. These top 5 things to consider while shopping for a new alarm system could save you hundreds of dollars and headaches down the road. We take a comprehensive approach to providing quality security systems in Victoria, BC. From monitoring packages and products to installation services and service options, Secure Cam offers full customer support and complete satisfaction. Our clients understand that choosing a safe solution like ours isn’t just about saving some cash; they seek security solutions that offer peace of mind because they rely heavily on their homes to provide them and their families security and comfort during critical times. For those who own residential dwellings, Secure Cam designs custom built digital video surveillance systems that help protect against theft and burglary through state-of-the art security equipment including motion sensors, DVR recording capabilities, HD wireless IP network connectivity, cloud storage facilities, biometric fingerprint readers and other advanced devices. Protecting people should always come first. As a leading provider of high tech solutions designed specifically to enhance your protection needs we focus greatly on making customers feel valued, listened to and ultimately satisfied. Whether you already have a well thought out system or would prefer something less expensive and riskier, Secure Cam offers unparalleled expertise in selecting the perfect combination of hardware and software technologies required for optimum performance. Ali Alirestaurant@gmail.comextendedwithquickinfographic2020-07-24T14:18:23+00:00March 12, 2020 | How to Choose the Right Business Software in 2022? A Reviewhttp://bitesizeitformarketing..

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“I recently had a pricey amazon package stolen from my doorstep, so I decided to take measures and instal security cameras around my house. Highly recommend this company! They were fast, efficient and friendly!”


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