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For many years now, CCTV cameras have become a standard part of almost every property owner’s dream. A good quality video system will ensure that there is no breach in safety while allowing you to monitor everything, 24/7. If you’re thinking about installing this vital piece of crime prevention equipment yourself, then take note, it could be easier than ever. Here’s why:
1) Online shopping. For those who love nothing better than finding a bargain on, the world wide web portal, they’ll find some great deals on the latest technology including surveillance systems, which are available with both wired and wireless options.
2) DIY. Anyone can get started today; just visit sites like Fixr, which lists hundreds of projects people have completed themselves. They range across various fields but include anything from putting together an office desk to fitting solar panels onto your roof.
3) Installers. These days there are several install companies across Australia and New Zealand ready and willing to help homeowners. And while prices vary considerably depending on size, location, materials, and other factors, they offer high levels of customer service and support to help you sort through them all.
4) Local expertise. Many towns around Australia and New Zealand still maintain their own handymen and tradespeople. While these folks aren’t always able to provide professional installation, most know enough about their industry to suggest a suitable solution. Plus, many will happily show you any products you’d prefer to buy.
5) Apps. As always, smartphones are key. From apps like ‘Installed’ and iFeng which track products installed in homes, to the popular Zonoff App which lets you remotely control multiple devices via smartphone, it makes life easier.
6) Smart solutions. Finally, don’t forget about what happens once the camera is mounted. Smart software packages like Ring Video Doorbell 2 allow homeowners to view live streams, record conversations via voice activation, and automatically alert police should something go awry.
So, whether you’re considering buying, hiring, building or installing yourself, it really couldn’t beat starting your research well ahead of schedule.
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In this post I will be talking about my research for the best cameras for home use. My first recommendation is the Ring Video Doorbell 2 which is available at Amazon. If you want video doorbell for your house then this is definitely the way forward. Ring is known for being reliable but they also offer great customer service. They are the only ones who offer 24/7 support which makes them stand apart.
Next would be the Nest Cam Outdoor HD 1080P Camera. Again this is another camera that offers excellent reliability and also good customer service. It has a wide lens to capture the whole area around the device. The Nest Cam comes with motion detection and night vision capabilities making sure that no matter what the lighting conditions are you get alerts and notifications whenever something moves.
Another thing worth noting about these products is that both come with cloud recording meaning you can record everything without worrying about storage. Both devices come fully setup with batteries and mounting kit ready to go straight away.
Now if you want to look a little further down the road, then the Arlo Pro 4K WiFi Security Camera comes highly recommend. This has some fantastic features including night vision, weatherproofing, 2x zoom and the ability to control the camera with Alexa voice commands. This camera also records video to the cloud so that you can view it anytime and anywhere. All in all, I believe this is one of the top choices available today for anyone looking to protect their property.
Finally, the Ring Stick Up Cams are an affordable solution if you just want basic surveillance in place, or as part of an alarm system. I am personally going to install these myself because I like having them installed professionally but you could easily buy them online and install yourself. These cams work well for monitoring areas outside the home or business. The Ring Stickups come complete with battery pack, mount bracket and instructions. They are small enough to stick anywhere and they don’t take long to charge. They have a nice LED light to help people locate them quickly. This type of cam has a range of 150ft indoors and 300 feet outdoors. I also recommend installing them near windows as the light helps illuminate the scene better.

Warkworth Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras

HikVision T2 HD IP Camera WV1025C1W
IP Cam VTX-T4030S 1080P 60fps WiFi Video Doorbell Wireless Motion Detection Alarm Control System 4G LTE Cell Phone Connectivity Wireless Cloud Storage Camera/Monitor Surveillance Network Monitoring Wi-Fi Remote Viewing 2X Wide Vision Zoom 1x Ultra Wide Vision Angle Panoramic Lens Night Vision Sensor Power Supply Rechargeable Battery Housing Case Size 3 5/8 Height x 12 9/16 Width x 18 7/12 Depth Weight 8 lbs Product Highlights: • High Resolution Full Color Daytime / Night Image Display: 1280 X 960 Pixels (240 Dots Per inch); 1024×768 resolution available via optional display module; • 720p HD video capture @ 30 fps; • Integrated night vision capability; • Integrated motion detection sensor alarm control system; • Built-in wireless network connection technology support 802.11 b/g/n standard; • Support both wired and wireless operation modes, allowing users convenient setting without network cable connection; • Easy 2 hours recharge power supply design; • Supports Android OS or iOS mobile devices remote viewing function through built-in wifi module or PC/tablets/laptops; • Optional external storage function supports SD card slot; • One Year USA Manufacturer Warranty • Includes everything required for quick setup and ready-to-use, just unbox, plug-and-play operation & connect to internet router and enjoy high definition video surveillance monitoring anytime anywhere; • Suitable for indoor or outdoor environment, ideal for residential applications including family areas, schools, restaurants etc.; • Provides full 1080P HD quality image transmission without compression, suitable for all digital images formats like jpg/jpeg, tif, png, gif, webm etc. • Designed specifically to be used inside and outside building walls providing the highest possible level protection against intruders, weather damage and vandalism; *This post contains affiliate links. For more information please see my Disclosure Policy & Affiliate Information.* ***NOTE***
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The Secure Cam team will be installing and monitoring cameras and providing service for homes and business locations in Warkworth Ontario. We install all brands including Arlo, Ring Video Doorbell, Dlink, Honeywell, Vivint SmartHome, Samsung and many more.
Security Camera Installation: Our technicians can come to your house, office or other location to install any type of digital video surveillance system. Whether you have a DIY project that requires professional help or just prefer working with someone who knows exactly what they are doing; we offer complete solutions that include all aspects of the job. We use state of art technology to ensure that the quality of installation matches the highest standards in the industry, while offering exceptional customer care every step of the way.
Monitoring: If you already own a Security Surveillance System and you would like us to monitor it, then that’s no problem either. Just tell us which device(s), model #, or brand you would like monitored. We provide 24/7 live streaming and alerts via mobile devices, email, phone call and web browser. All of this is backed up by comprehensive reports and detailed information.
We also sell DVRs (Digital Video Recorders). These record everything going on in your home or work environment and allow you to easily view them anytime from anywhere. They can store hours and weeks worth of footage and even automatically save recordings to an external drive for storage.
If you’re interested in having a professionally installed, high end home security system please contact us today. We’ll answer any questions you may have and show you some examples of systems we’ve built for clients.

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Security cameras are great way to keep eyes upon children, elderly person living alone or monitor property while away from business premises. Today we will be talking about best security camera systems for both residential and commercial use which could help us see everything without being seen.
Home security camera setup should cover whole house but be able to track specific area like garage/basement, pool deck etc. So first step would be finding a solution that covers everything you need (with exception of basement part). That also includes wireless remote monitoring via smartphone or PC, night vision compatible with IR LED lights, outdoor weather resistant design, motion detection, pan tilt zoom video recording along with many other options. Many home surveillance solutions offer indoor / outdoor IP network connectivity. If you find yourself having trouble deciding between indoor & outdoor models, try checking out the reviews for each system to get a good idea of what each offers and pick whichever appeals most to you. Keep in mind some of these products use cloud storage which makes them internet connected no matter where they reside. However, depending on device model, some units won’t allow uploading footage unless connected to wifi connection or cellular modem. (see below chart to determine whether this applies to yours)
Camera type: Depending on how often you watch videos recorded by home security cam, chances are there’s a small possibility you’ll miss something. Therefore, high definition surveillance cams are recommended over standard definition ones since HD gives sharper images and better details. Standard resolution usually only goes up to 720P. But if you’re worried about missing anything, consider investing in higher quality cameras rather than cheaper HD or SD versions so you still get excellent footage.
How long does battery life last?: Battery capacity is defined as the amount of power available during operation. In terms of hours, batteries range anywhere from 4hrs to 24 hrs per charge according to manufacturer specifications. While it’s possible to purchase longer lasting batteries in larger capacities, a decent sized rechargeable LiPo 2S 1250mAH cell costs approximately $30-$35 US dollars. We suggest keeping it charged overnight to avoid getting caught short on power when it matters most.

Warkworth's Best Commercial Security Cameras

In this article I am going to walk through some things you should consider when choosing which type of security cameras will work well inside your Warkworth home.
I recommend having both indoor and outdoor cameras installed. However, if you already have existing cameras in place indoors, then that’s great. Just be aware that they won’t necessarily cover outside areas like your driveway or sidewalk. They still offer excellent surveillance options though. So, whether you get additional indoor / outdoor cameras depends on your needs.
Also, the types of security cameras available vary widely depending on who manufactures them. If you’d rather buy something less expensive than custom made security cameras, then just keep in mind that many different brands and models exist.
There really isn’t any one size fits all solution. If you need a high resolution video feed, then you probably want professional grade equipment. On the flipside, cheaper devices aren’t always able to provide good quality images for long periods of time. But again, these devices are often better suited for short term use, because they won’t cost nearly as much per hour compared to higher end solutions.
In general, indoor IP network cameras are usually easier to install and operate while indoor dome style cameras tend to be smaller and simpler but lack HD recording capabilities. Outdoor units range greatly in size, price, image quality, and operating systems. Some manufacturers even sell their own DIY kits if you prefer building your own system. For example, with my current setup I opted to purchase the Arlo Q as opposed to getting a professionally built system. Both offer similar functionality although the Arlo Q offers a few advantages including being completely wireless via Zwave technology.
So, if you’d rather spend less money and go with a readymade solution instead of spending extra on custom security cameras for the entire house, then Arlo may suit your needs. But there is no “one fit all” solution out there. Every situation requires individual consideration.
We hope this helps guide you towards making informed decisions that benefit your family or business today and tomorrow. Please feel free to contact us directly regarding anything else you need help deciding upon your next steps.

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If you own property outside Warkworth but still feel like you’re living inside it, consider investing in some outdoor cameras. They will allow you to see everything happening around your house without being present yourself, giving you peace of mind. It doesn’t matter whether you live in town, on acreage, or anywhere else; you’ll always be aware of your surroundings, no matter where you go.
There are lots of different types of outdoor cameras available, each offering varying degrees of functionality. For example, most cameras offer night vision capabilities, which makes them useful for watching your kids while they sleep. Others have motion detection abilities, allowing you to keep tabs on your pets. Some even provide alerts whenever someone walks past your door. All these options come with various costs, however, ranging widely depending on the model. We’ve selected the top five commercial outdoor security cameras to help guide your decision making. These include both wired models, as well as wireless ones.
1. Netgear Arlo Pro 2 Outdoor Camera System
The NetGear Arlo Pro 2 Outdoor Wireless IP Surveillance system offers a lot of flexibility thanks to its remote monitoring feature. If you want something that’s easier on the eyes than traditional CCTV systems, this is definitely worth considering. It includes four HD 1080P cameras and supports night vision and infrared imaging for optimal viewing conditions during daylight hours. The device connects via Wi-Fi, meaning it requires only one Ethernet cable connection to connect to your network router. Once connected, you simply enter your login information on the web browser to view your footage on a computer or mobile phone.
2. NETGEAR NVR8000 Series 4K Ultra Wide Angle Security Dome Camera
This camera has a built-in night vision function and infrared capability that enables users to monitor activity at night without disturbing sleeping patterns. Its ultra high definition resolution lets you capture detailed images with great detail even under poor lighting situations. Additionally, the camera features an 8MP image sensor, which delivers sharp, crisp visuals. The dome lens design ensures you get a wide field of view with minimal distortion, ensuring that you can cover a large area.

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We live inside ever changing cyber environments which are getting stronger every day. No doubt, this will cause some fear among people. But what they should really be afraid of is themselves being hacked for personal gain. Most importantly, if you had a bad experience like losing lots of critical information stored on private computers, then you would appreciate having someone watching your back 24/7. Even though most homeowners probably won’t get breached, but what’s worse is forgetting to lock down their wireless routers. If someone does manage to infiltrate your network your devices could lose sensitive info including credit card numbers, passwords and other confidential data. Plus, you risk exposing yourself to identity theft, malware infection and ransomware attacks.
Nowadays, people are spending more time working remotely than ever before. We’re no longer tethered to desktops anymore, and instead use laptops, tablets, smartphones or just plain old web browsers whenever we work away from the office. While remote employees often face fewer obstacles accessing corporate networks or servers, they still run great risks. Hackers are continuously finding ways to target remote workers and companies alike through phishing emails and hacking attempts known as “man-in-the middle” attacks. So why bother using WiFi? Many people don’t realize that hackers aren’t restricted to physical locations; if they find WiFi in a building, they’ll try to intercept traffic to see who’s connected and what websites those people visit. And they’ll usually pick weak wifi points first since these connections go through the air rather than wirelessly. These insecure links allow malicious entities to snoop on everything going across them, whether it be your browsing history, financial transactions, or communications via email or messaging apps.
WiFi technology isn’t only useful for homes either — business travelers rely heavily on it while visiting clients, vendors and colleagues. Since many airports have wireless internet hotspots available to employees, they’re prime targets for attackers trying to snag credentials. However, since you don’t typically enter your login details when connecting from a laptop at the airport, hackers are forced to find another way to breach the system..

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