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Installing a quality CCTV system is easier than ever thanks to advances in technology. From the ease of use, affordability, reliability, flexibility and versatility of today’s products, choosing which type of security surveillance equipment will work best for your business depends entirely upon your needs. As well as being able to provide excellent images day or night, high definition cameras offer greater detail enabling them to pick out more subtle details, making it possible to identify potential problems long before they develop into bigger issues. A range of different systems are available for every scenario including wired or wireless networks, indoor or outdoor monitoring, IP streaming, motion detection, video analytics and remote viewing. Some of these technologies come complete while others must be added onto existing security systems, depending on requirements.
For example, most security companies recommend installing both doorbell cams and internal cameras, in order to detect anyone attempting to break into your property or gain illegal entry through windows/doors. These additional devices increase coverage area and enable you to see who is coming and going around your premises without having to manually monitor each individual point of interest yourself.
In addition, some advanced models include facial recognition software allowing them to automatically alert you via text message if someone tries to enter your house without your permission. While this feature makes life simpler, you should take care not to install face capture software unless you’re planning to live stream events like sporting matches or concerts, because false positives could result in unnecessary alerts. If you do decide to go down that route, though, keep an eye out during the event for potential infringements on copyright laws. For example, you’ll probably get a lot less enjoyment watching sports without paying for premium content. And if you’ve got kids running wild in your garden, then you’ll certainly appreciate the extra peace of mind knowing that their behaviour isn’t recorded and distributed online.
Other useful accessories include motion sensors, floodlights and alarms; although many people assume that only professional burglars would attempt to steal valuable items from a person’s property, recent statistics show otherwise, with burglary rates increasing across the UK. Therefore, if your home was burgled once, chances are good that you’ll experience another incident sooner rather than later.

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We provide the highest quality security cameras for your business, home, garage, carport, pool area, and driveway. Our team installs high end HD surveillance systems that will be protected against theft and vandalism. We offer custom design options including wireless access points, built-in speakers, motion detection settings, zoom lenses, night/day vision capability, remote control operation via mobile device apps and many other functions. All our products come complete with professional grade mounting hardware and instructions provided by us at no additional cost. When you select Secure Cam, you get the same peace of mind that only top-quality, professionally installed equipment delivers. If you’re tired of having to replace damaged video cameras every few years, then it’s time to take back control of your safety.

I’ve made this post because I’m really excited about some upcoming posts and wanted to help those who are interested but aren’t quite ready yet. My hope is that they’ll find them useful enough to save me work down the road.
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Here’s my current thinking, in order of importance. They probably won’t appear exactly the way I put them together in real life; sometimes things happen for better reason than logic. But hopefully they serve as good starting places for your own ideas.
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In this guide, I will show you some ways to install your own security cameras. These videos walk you through each step of installing the right camera for your needs. We recommend having 3 different types in order to cover every aspect of coverage: indoor / outdoor motion detection / thermal/ IP cameras.
The first thing you should consider is which type of system you would like to use. If you already have a wired network connection, then wireless security cameras will be your best choice. However, wireless systems come with a few downsides. Wireless cameras lose signal range quicker than cable connected ones especially outdoors because of interference. And if the power goes out they won’t work.
Wireless cameras also tend to cost less per channel. But if you decide to go with them, make sure you get the latest technology, otherwise you could end up spending hundreds extra dollars in repairs down the road.
If you’re considering buying a DIY solution, make sure you get a good quality camera with lots of channels. We suggest getting multiple HD models with infrared nightvision capability and 2-4 megapixel resolution. Also keep in mind what type of monitoring software you prefer — most people opt for cloud storage with remote streaming capabilities. For example, if you get an 8 channel 1080P HD model and have 4 monitors setup around your house, you can connect those devices to your router via Wi Fi and stream live video anywhere with internet access.
Now let’s move onto installing the actual cameras. For most people I recommended going with cable connections because they provide better image stabilization and are cheaper overall. They aren’t affected by loss of power, and usually have built in Ethernet ports allowing them to be plugged directly into your modem without needing wifi adapters. Plus, many companies offer lifetime warranties on their products, including ours.
We strongly recommend doing your research when choosing these cameras. Make sure you find what exactly fits your needs. Here are links to a few great places you should check out:,
This Blog gives a general overview of what to expect in terms of price point and functionality.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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For those who own homes without burglar alarms installed, the most common form of theft is through the front door window. If someone walks up and breaks into your house, they will typically be able to easily get inside because most doors aren’t locked or wired for alarm systems. However, installing a high quality security camera outside your home can help deter thieves while giving you peace of mind knowing that should anything happen, law enforcement officials would be notified immediately.
Security cameras work great but many people install them just to see something cool instead of actually benefiting from having one. Some burglars break windows in order to go though a building quickly and quietly. Others take advantage of houses left unsecure during times like spring cleaning which makes a lot of sense for them since some homeowners won’t notice this until months after the fact. Even better than breaking glass to gain entry is climbing around rooftops to avoid being seen by neighbors or surveillance footage.
If you have a yard fence that isn’t tall enough or one whose gate or lock needs upgrades, getting proper fencing materials could prevent a thief from gaining access quickly. A metal fence will usually stop a person from simply walking across the property which can keep more serious criminals away. These types of fences often contain spikes which will injure anyone attempting to climb over it. Chain link fences which have holes in them allow air to circulate freely reducing heat buildup and making these less appealing targets for vandals. Wood slats between posts can provide good security against unwanted guests although they won’t be nearly as effective as other type fences mentioned above. Wooden pallets placed near entrances might provide additional noise deterrents for thieves trying to sneak past unnoticed. Also, if you place wooden crates along walkway paths leading closer to your driveway be careful not cut yourself or fall on sharp pieces of wood from boxes stacked nearby. Cement block fences offer extra protection from potential intruders as well as providing added value for construction projects. They’re inexpensive and durable. When buying cement blocks for use in a project contact mortar manufacturers to find out how long a specific size mixture lasts under different weather conditions and temperature fluctuations.

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Security Camera Installation Trends!
Are More People Going Private Property Ownership than Ever before?
This year 2020 started with an unprecedented number of people buying homes for the first time ever for themselves. As an industry this was a big deal, which caused many alarmists to say that homeowners would be putting away their guard dogs and leaving doors unlocked around the world. While I would agree that these things will happen, they won’t become common place anytime soon. Instead it’s very possible that home ownership could continue to rise through 2022, and beyond — and why wouldn’t it?
According to the United States Census Bureau, housing prices nationally rose 7 percent over 2019. If this trend continues then it isn’t too far fetched to believe that home prices nationwide would jump 10% per annum going forward. But who says they’re only heading upward? Some experts believe that the real estate market could take another upward leap in growth, potentially reaching $70 Trillion by 2023, making it larger than the total value of today’s global equities markets.
If this turns out to be true, then it means we could see millions upon millions of Americans owning houses and apartments across the country by 2022. And just like home ownership did back in 2005, homeowners will most certainly be upgrading their existing property systems.
In fact, according to research from CoreLogic, there could soon be nearly 200 million Americans living in newly constructed single family homes by 2025, making them some of the largest consumers of building materials, hardware, fixtures, fittings and furniture. Just imagine waking up each day to your own personal fortress made entirely from steel and concrete… with Wi-Fi!
For those interested in knowing about more security cameras products please visit us at We provide professional surveillance equipment installations including IP cameras, wireless network solutions, indoor/outdoor dome video recorders, power and backup generator supply and solar power inverters.
We specialize in providing high quality service and support to customers including residential, business and government clients in various industries ranging from energy utilities, to medical facilities, to retail stores and other commercial properties. We offer 24×7 customer care, fast response times, and competitive prices.

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Best Camera Installation Trends For The Future:
We will see some of the most popular cameras being installed in homes and office spaces around the globe in the coming years, but which ones will be the best? We can only speculate at this point since the market for these products hasn’t really matured yet, but there’s no doubt they’ll continue to become increasingly sophisticated in terms of both hardware design and software functionality.
Here are some examples of the types of things we’re expecting to see as technology continues to advance over the next few years…
Smartphone Integration: Smartphones are getting smarter every day thanks to advancements made on both Android and Apple’s operating systems. While smartphones aren’t quite ready to replace laptops just yet — at least not completely — they’ve certainly started creeping closer to that line.
In fact, many companies already use smartphone integration to monitor certain aspects of employee activity. This includes everything from monitoring employees’ movements to checking email or text messages while they’re at work. If you’re interested in seeing some of those kinds of uses in action, I’d recommend taking a peek at these apps from Zonoff.
Video Streaming & Recording: Video streaming and recording isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and we should expect to see some interesting developments in this area as 2020 draws to a close. Some manufacturers are already working toward incorporating live video streaming capabilities into their devices, though we haven’t actually seen anything like this take shape just yet. Still, the idea behind this concept seems fairly straightforward; why wouldn’t someone who wants to watch TV remotely simply stream content through his or her device instead of having to pay for cable service or satellite television subscription fees? Of course, there could always come a time when people stop watching TV and begin consuming content via other mediums (e.g., Netflix), but I’m guessing that won’t happen until we get a bit farther along down the road than we currently are.
Security Features: As far back as the early 2000s, we began hearing stories of “smart” doorbells becoming commonplace.

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What are some things security cameras will be able to monitor around my house in 2022. As technology continues to evolve people are becoming more conscious about protecting their families homes and property. If you own a business then you should consider monitoring systems for your employees safety while they work away from your office. Most companies offer remote viewing and recording capabilities which allow employers to keep track of employee activity remotely. These days if someone breaks into your place of business most security systems automatically send footage to the alarm system along with live video feeds to police station and/or dispatch center. The average cost of installing and maintaining these systems varies depending on many factors including type of security equipment used, location of deployment and whether it is monitored by an authorized representative or individual homeowner who must initiate alerts.
Monitoring Systems for Homes
Many homeowners use security systems just like those found at commercial establishments for both personal protection and peace of mind. A security camera could alert them to an unwanted intruder who appears to be breaking in and help protect against identity theft. Some homeowners install motion sensor lights with motion detection software inside their home. Others purchase the latest version of a smartphone equipped with built-in GPS receiver to detect intruders. Both types of devices provide constant surveillance without draining battery life.
Smartphones with Built-In Video Recorders are ideal for homes because they capture high quality images that can easily stored on phones storage cards until a computer network is available. Many manufacturers sell smartphones capable of wirelessly streaming recorded videos via cellular networks to another phone through internet connection. Smartphone video recorders are convenient but they lack image resolution comparable to dedicated digital video recorders designed specifically for this role.
There are several other options for home security cameras such as outdoor infrared nightvision cameras and webcams that connect to WiFI routers and PCs or Mac laptops running specialized monitoring software applications. There’s no shortage of choices to pick from either online store or retail stores that specialize in home electronics. These include Amazon, eBay and B&H Photo. In addition to consumer products several large corporations supply their own proprietary line of home automation tools that integrate smart devices together.

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There was a time when surveillance cameras were just used to record events like robberies, burglars, fires, etc.. But today they have become far more sophisticated than this. These days, CCTV systems are designed to capture images 24 hours a day. And these are being increasingly deployed in areas including homes, offices, shops, schools, factories, warehouses, airports, hospitals, malls, banks, hotels, casinos, car rental companies, museums, libraries, restaurants, parks, construction sites, residential property management, government buildings, stadiums, retail stores, sports clubs, military bases, power stations, oil rigs, nuclear plants, chemical storage facilities, oil refineries, industrial estates, commercial complexes and many other locations. So whether you own a business or live somewhere else, chances are there will be some sort of video monitoring available in these places. As well as protecting against theft and crime prevention, most modern systems enable remote viewing via mobile apps. They provide an additional layer of security through facial recognition software and alarm notifications. Modern digital recording devices, which store footage locally rather than uploading it to servers, allow you to quickly retrieve videos and photos. However, due to privacy concerns, some jurisdictions prohibit them entirely. If you’re unsure, check first with your state’s consumer affairs department to find out whether it permits use. And always follow legal requirements.
To ensure smooth operation, you should consider factors including the size of premises covered and the type of coverage required, along with the price tag. For example, large sites typically demand professional equipment. And while smaller ones often benefit from basic models, those offering high quality pictures usually cost more but deliver better value. A good compromise would be a system capable of covering both indoor/outdoor environments plus a few key rooms inside. Some offer extra flexibility through cloud capabilities — allowing you to remotely view recordings on smartphones and tablets.
If your primary concern is protection then you’ll probably opt for a model with motion detection technology. Motion triggers alerts whenever activity occurs. These include people coming or going, vehicles entering/exiting parking lots, doors opening and closing, window breaks, break-ins, fire alarms, burglary attempts, smoke detectors and air conditioning units turning on..

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