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For those who live near a Ski resort like us, every season brings a whole lot of fun things to enjoy but, most importantly, safety should always come first. If something happens in your backyard while skiing, it would be nice to see who was present or pass through footage from your surveillance cameras. Having said that, this might sound scary due to the fact that no matter how professional your business looks from outside, there will still be many thieves that try their luck stealing everything they can get their hands on.
However, one way around these risks is to install 4k video systems or motion sensors inside your house; making it the perfect solution for preventing robberies or other criminal activity. These systems record high quality videos and upload them securely to Cloud storage platforms allowing you to monitor remotely anytime via mobile device apps and website browsers. Furthermore, being connected to your property 24/7 enables better customer service and faster responses to suspicious incidents.
Our recommendation is not only because they offer great value propositions (you spend less than $250 dollars on 2 years worth of cloud HD recording), but because their technology offers some incredible benefits over traditional solutions.
In terms of price range, SecureCamp recommends starting with 3MP models which cost around $400 Dollars and ending with 10MP models costing above $1000 per Camera.
These devices use different kinds of security camera technologies including IP networks, IR LEDs, Zones & DVR software. Some of the manufacturers include Axis, Dahua Group, Hikvision, Panasonic, Sony and Toshiba.
While each of these brands provide top notch products, it seems that the market tends to favor reliable companies that support both hardware & Software integration. Therefore, it becomes much easier to manage multiple cameras running simultaneously or integrate various types of applications depending on specific needs.
This makes one thing common among all the cameras mentioned above. They can easily connect to Wi Fi enabled routers which enable remote monitoring and control capabilities via internet. In addition, several camera models allow for manual wireless connections and power options which helps keep costs down and prevents issues with batteries dying unexpectedly.

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I am proud to announce my 20th post ‘The Ultimate Guide to Installing the Best Security Camera for Your Whistler Home or Business’. I will introduce you to the best cameras installed around Canada today including ones made specifically for small spaces like apartments, condos, commercial properties, schools, retail stores and more. Also this guide includes some tips to help keep the cost down while still getting high quality footage day after day. If you use these products yourself or install them professionally then check out Secure Cam. For those of you already familiar with these items be warned they come equipped with lots of bells & whistles which makes them perfect for monitoring large areas, but often times less convenient for smaller installations due to size, weight and setup requirements. They offer great value products that are worth the investment!

We believe most people would agree that good customer service goes hand-and-hand with having a satisfied clientele. But just saying yes to providing excellent support does not mean doing it well. While many companies try to get away with minimal effort on things like answering emails, responding to phone calls, and following through with promised deliveries, that type of superficial approach to serving customers will inevitably lead to unhappy clients who feel forgotten rather than truly cared for. Here are five ways to provide excellent customer service without breaking the bank. 1. Use technology to automate common processes Customers expect quick answers to questions, whether over email or via telephone. Automating mundane aspects of business — such as sending reminders about overdue payments — frees up employees’ time for higher priority matters and creates better overall service levels. 2. Empower your staff to resolve problems Most of us understand that no solution to a problem ever solves 100% of the issues; however, giving front line staffers the freedom to identify potential roadblocks along the way will go far toward ensuring long term satisfaction among your customer base. 3. Keep everyone informed Every interaction has multiple stakeholders involved. A lack of communication leads to misunderstandings and confusion on both sides. When dealing with a complicated issue, involving other key players should always be considered. 4. Be available It’s important to respond to feedback promptly and take action accordingly.

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Security Camera Installation Trends For 2020 & Beyond, Part 1
Whistler, BC | February 22nd, 2019
This post looks at some of the most popular products being used today for security cameras installations. These days many security camera providers offer multiple options and brands, however, these choices aren’t always made wisely because they lack knowledge, experience, or research. This post will help provide insight into which brands are actually worth buying from, why certain ones fail and which ones are truly great. We hope this helps guide you through this confusing world of security camera selection and gives you the confidence to pick the best camera for your needs. If you have any questions please reach out via email or phone 888 725 4222. Thank you for reading this article and happy shopping.
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Best Security Cameras Whistler

This article compares four of the top commercial grade video monitoring devices available today to provide homeowners and business owners information on which device will be most suitable for various needs.
These days almost every homeowner wants high quality video surveillance solutions installed to protect his property against unwanted visitors and intruders. Many people install these systems because they feel safer having eyes watching them 24/7 but this is certainly not enough; they should also consider installing cameras because they are the first line of defense against potential threats. These days, the options are endless from DIY kits to fully integrated solutions offered by professional companies like SecureCamera. They offer a wide range of products designed specifically to address different situations ranging from outdoor use to indoor installations.
In terms of price, you’ll find anything from affordable entry level models costing less than $100, all the way up to the higher end offering more advanced functionality, usually sold through dealerships as well. As far as capabilities go, you can get everything from basic motion detection or infrared nightvision sensors, to sophisticated thermal imaging units capable of detecting heat signatures and identifying suspicious behavior. Some manufacturers also include additional features like remote viewing via mobile apps, 2-way audio capability, remote recording and alarm triggering as well as live streaming via IP network connections.
So let’s take a closer look at some of today’s leading residential security cameras and see which ones fit better into the categories above depending on your needs and preferences:
Outdoor Use Only Models:
For those who just want protection without worrying about additional functions, you’re probably going to enjoy the simplicity of the following products, especially considering many come bundled with other useful accessories, making the overall package cost effective:
• 1RU Camera System ($129-$149). A great value for customers with smaller properties, this model offers a compact design and includes both wireless connectivity and built in IR illumination. While the 1RU system does lack HD resolution and features, its primary purpose is to keep track of activity around your yard including movement, temperature changes as well as audio recordings. If you need extra storage space or cloud integration, check out the higher priced 3RU version.
• DVR Camcorder Bundle (from $199).

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Security Cameras Installation & Monitoring in Whistler BC

In recent years, most consumers prefer investing in “home automation” products like video doorbells. But while these devices solve many problems relating to remote monitoring of doors & windows, they won’t prevent break-ins until you install motion sensors and other forms of intrusion detection technology around sensitive locations like basement areas, back entrances, closets, garages, and bathrooms.
While this isn’t always possible depending on location/property size, installing door alerts with video cameras allow homeowners the peace of mind knowing someone will be watching for suspicious activity until police arrive. We talk about some key aspects to consider when choosing a security system for your property and provide recommendations specific to those who live in the ski resort area of Whistler, B.C..
Most alarm systems today include various types of wireless technologies and internet connectivity designed specifically for use in residential homes; however, many people still rely on wired solutions exclusively due to technological limitations.
This guide addresses common questions regarding wireless versus wire systems plus explains why you should invest in both wireless and wire options when considering your next security purchase.
As well as being able to detect movement through video footage, wireless surveillance systems offer numerous advantages over traditional burglar alarms which often involve audible sirens, flashing lights, loud speakers, and phone calls. Wireless cameras feature better quality audio recording than conventional alarms, along with longer battery life which improves overall reliability and reduces chances of false trips caused by power failures. If you’re interested in improving the safety of your home during winter season, installing outdoor lighting also increases visibility outside and helps increase homeowner confidence when leaving your house unattended.
Best Security Camera for Homes Whistler, BC (for example)
Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Video Doorbells Instead of Alarm Systems

#1 : Remote Monitoring
Videos recorded by modern video doorbells enable anyone inside your home to see visitors remotely using smartphones, tablets, laptops, or computers. For home / business owners living in urban areas, video doorbells represent excellent value because they eliminate the cost of hiring a security guard or calling 911 everytime someone rings your bell.

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Security cameras are becoming increasingly popular across residential and commercial properties. They provide peace of mind knowing that someone is watching over your property 24/7 while allowing you to check who’s around your home and business remotely via live streaming video.
In this guide I am going to be covering everything you need to consider when planning your next security system including which type of security cameras would work best for your home or office space.
I will be talking through each category of security camera, what they offer and why they should be considered and then go over some of the most common types of security systems available today.
Security Camera Installation Tips
When choosing a security solution, there are many factors that must be taken under consideration. Here are some general tips for making a good choice:
Consider Your Needs
What exactly is your needs? Do you just want to keep track of who’s coming onto your property? Or are you concerned with intruders breaking in and stealing something?
It’s important to understand how often you wish to monitor and record events happening outside of your house or business. If you only wish to view footage once every few weeks, then it probably isn’t worth investing in a high definition surveillance system.
However, if you want realtime monitoring on demand, then you might find yourself paying monthly fees in order to get the service that meets those requirements.
Think About How Much Data Storage Space Is Needed
One thing to remember is that the amount of storage space required for storing recorded videos depends entirely upon how frequently you wish to watch them. For example, if you are recording footage for less than 10% of the day, then it won’t really matter if you use cloud backup software or simply upload the files to YouTube manually. However, if you’d like to store recordings for a full 30 days, then you definitely need to take advantage of cloud storage options.
Also note that the quality of your video will depend largely upon whether you opt for SD / HD / 4K resolution.
How Many Cameras Should Be Used?
Another key factor to decide upon is how many cameras you plan to invest in.

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There are many different questions and concerns every homeowner faces when choosing their next home security system; but whether you’re considering installing cameras outside your door, inside your garage, or both, knowing exactly which type of equipment will fit perfectly into your needs is essential. Below, learn why SecureCam Whistler Camera Systems are the perfect solution for your home’s unique decor & lifestyle. Here is just some of information we’ve compiled for this comprehensive guide.
What Makes Us Unique?
• We offer full service solutions with no contracts or setup fees — including installation, wiring, monitoring and maintenance; plus custom hardware options. And because they come straight from us, you’ll always be getting only genuine brands and top quality products, without having to worry about compatibility issues or hidden surprises. • We offer a lifetime warranty through our network of authorized dealers who ensure your experience is hassle-free and completely reliable.
How Do I Install My Own System?
We understand that sometimes DIY projects simply aren’t feasible for homeowners like yourself whose homes are far away from trained install experts… So, instead of hiring someone else to take care of it, we developed professional installation kits that allow anyone to install their own home surveillance systems…no matter where you live, no matter the terrain — right down to a small office space, basement studio apartment, or other oddball location! Each kit includes everything necessary to complete the project in less than 8 hours…and once installed, it takes seconds to configure each individual unit with the specific settings that suit your family’s needs and preferences.
In addition to providing superior customer support, these units run quietly and unobtrusively — but still provide exceptional video recording capabilities. As long as a few basic things remain true about your home—like doors and windows being closed during daytime lighting conditions (so burglars won’t notice lights turning on while they’re breaking in), and proper weatherproofing around exterior entry points (to prevent moisture problems). Plus most units include motion detection technology and wireless communication, allowing them to send alerts back to wherever you happen to keep your computer/phone(s)—or anywhere else you’d rather watch videos from remotely.

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Whistler homes are built differently than they used to be. They’re constructed like modern condos or buildings with fewer exterior walls and windows which makes them less protected against fire hazard.
In addition to building codes, many people who live in Whistler feel safer knowing they live somewhere “safe.” For homeowners in these communities, safety concerns aren’t just theoretical — they’re part of daily life.
Whether you own property near one of the world’s most beautiful ski resorts or you prefer living closer to nature, chances are you’d benefit from installing cameras around certain areas of your house. If you already put surveillance screens around the perimeter of your home, consider adding additional devices around entrances, hallways, staircases, backyard patio/pool area, garage doors, outside lights, and other potential points of entry or vulnerability. These devices allow you to take proactive measures to protect yourself and your family while keeping your home safe and secure. And because most of us rely on video evidence every day to document events that occur inside our homes and offices, having high quality digital recorders around is crucial — especially during times of emergency or disaster recovery.
Security Camera Installation Tips & Tricks
Before buying, read our guide to choosing the best outdoor security cameras of 2020. Then visit the link below for details on how to get started with installations—and some tips along the way. We recommend starting with either the outdoor HD models or indoor 1080P options depending on your specific needs.
We strongly suggest hiring a professional installer. A DIY approach usually takes longer and leaves gaps for intruders and thieves to enter. But whether you go this route or hire someone else, ensure the system covers critical areas with reliable coverage and avoid placing it too far away from common traffic routes. The ideal location is close enough to capture activity but far enough away to remain unobserved.
Another tip: Don’t install systems unless you’re able to see clearly past obstructions in front of your security panel. Otherwise, you could end up recording nothing except foliage and trees unless you adjust your settings accordingly. Also, remember that motion sensors won’t work well indoors without external lighting..

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