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There was nothing complicated about getting started back then – it could be accomplished in minutes. But these days it takes a lot longer because modern technology has made everything easier than ever. If you’re thinking about upgrading or adding video surveillance equipment to your business, residential property or apartment building, you better prepare yourself. Getting connected isn’t something anyone enjoys doing but if properly executed will prove beneficial in many ways. Fortunately, this won’t happen overnight; however, once you begin the process, you’ll find more benefits than imagined possible during the initial planning phases. Here’s just some of what you’ll benefit from:
Security is key factor that keeps people safe at home & office. Most consumers today believe they can handle every aspect of DIY projects themselves – often without proper training — which leaves them less prepared when things go terribly awry. As a result, homeowners aren’t aware of potential risks involved in making certain renovations or improvements until after an issue occurs.
Homeowners who take shortcuts when installing cameras face serious consequences including costly lawsuits due to injuries caused while trying repair damages created from poorly installed products. For example, if you hire someone to install your system improperly, it likely wasn’t worth the investment since you’ll have to spend additional money repairing the problem down the road. On top of that, homeowners end up wasting valuable time dealing with issues like damaged doors and windows which makes time management difficult.
For businesses, poor security systems leave employees susceptible to identity theft and other forms of cyber crime that causes significant financial loss along with personal embarrassment. Plus, the lack of adequate protection decreases profits and revenue generation leading to losses up to half from your total monthly expenditures.
If you aren’t taking inventory of your current home security devices, check out Secure Cam’s checklist below. Then evaluate each device against the following questions to determine whether you should update or replace existing solutions: 1. Can I live without the services provided? 2. Does my solution meet my needs? 3. Is my price reasonable? 4. Will the upgrade pay dividends in increased safety and peace of mind? 5. Am I satisfied in terms of reliability? 6. Should I wait another few years to get updated/newer versions of solutions? 7. Do I really need this service?

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There is no better way to protect yourself than through the use of electronic surveillance devices like cameras. If you haven’t yet installed any type of security system in your own residence or business property then we suggest getting started today.
One of the most common things people overlook when installing outdoor lighting in White rock is having the correct size sensor to be used depending upon the area being covered. We recommend keeping this equipment small unless you really intend to cover large areas.
Also remember that smaller sensors will work well indoors while larger sized ones do well outside. As always contact us first before making final decisions regarding your project because nothing could go wrong once the job gets under foot!
Visit Secure Cam for a full range of outdoor & indoor camera systems that fit each situation perfectly.
Please don’t hesitate to get back to me with any questions you’ve got! I’m always happy to help 🙂
Thank You again for visiting my website and taking some valuable time reading this page! Have an awesome day, stay safe & keep smiling.

Best Security Cameras White Rock

Security cameras play several useful functions; they protect us against unwanted intruders who try to break into homes and offices, provide some form of entertainment, allow people live stream events, act like eyes in the sky, and help detect human activity at remote locations. A camera does more than just show pictures but monitors surroundings 24/7 for days of weeks. These devices collect information around people and places so they can be monitored remotely
To keep yourself safe and secure, you must ensure these things happen. Here are a few tips which could prevent many potential issues with installing a top quality security system.
1. Get Professional Help
If it sounds complicated, then call someone qualified and experienced to install your first ever CCTV system. Professionals will understand the technology and use experience to get the job done efficiently without getting frustrated along the way. While getting a professional handyman may cost extra, it should save you lots of hassle and unnecessary frustration down the line. Be wary of cheaper DIY guides because often times cheap solutions aren’t really worth anything. Instead check websites which review high end products but make them affordable enough for most budgets. If you’re still having trouble finding reliable professionals who offer good customer service contact local police stations, building control groups, plumbers, electricians, garden centres, pest controllers, carpenters, roofing companies, tree surgeons and other tradesmen. Some of these providers or trade directories have special sections dedicated to installing new systems
2. Don’t Forget Your Neighbors!
Make a note to watch out for neighbors’ blind spots while planning your location. Try to avoid placing cctv close together on opposing properties, particularly to areas near windows. Most burglars prefer breaking through windows or doors rather than jumping fences, so consider this factor while selecting an ideal position for placement. Make sure no trees obstruct your view either. Don’t forget to cover nearby driveways and footpaths. Also include shrubs outside the house if necessary since burglars typically hide behind bushes or in gardens. This tactic helps conceal them better.
3. Pick Out Appropriate Lighting
Select indoor lighting carefully.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Please contact us today to learn how our smart home technologies and security camera systems will bring a new level of security to your home or office. We are currently services areas including Toronto, Whitby, Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Burlington, Barrie, Hamilton & surrounding areas.



Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems White Rock

If you’re planning on installing a surveillance system in a home or business this summer, the choice could be complicated.
There’s no shortage of options, but finding products and technologies that meet both needs — ease of use and high quality security video footage — shouldn’t be impossible.
To help you navigate the market, Secure Cam recently put together these quick guides. They’ll take you through the basic specs and other key factors for choosing cameras based on the type of job they’ll do, including residential installations versus commercial projects.
Our picks include some of the most popular brands available today, like Almond IP Video Camera Series with Cloud Storage, which offer Wi-Fi capability and IP streaming technology; and Axis’ HD Network Camera Systems, which feature advanced digital zoom capabilities and HD 1080p recording. Both provide top-notch functionality without being overly complex.
But remember… just because something meets those criteria doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the best solution for whatever situation you find yourself in. And while the recommendations below represent solid technology across the board, ultimately you should evaluate each model against specific requirements and other considerations — like cost and support — based on the individual needs presented by your project. We hope they prove useful when making an informed decision.
In addition to the recommended models listed above, Secure Cam recommends two additional types of cameras worth considering. First, check out the BlackFly Outdoor IP Video Camera series, which offers great image capture that lasts outdoors under harsh conditions. Second, consider checking out our Top 3 Surveillance Products guide, where we recommend solutions designed specifically for monitoring outdoor activity.
For more information about these products or more general tips and tricks on selecting surveillance systems, visit

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Security cameras that use high definition video technology to record footage 24/7 come in different sizes and models and prices which will suit every type of household. We’ve taken some of the most popular brands and listed them below along with information about each model and price range. From cheap entry level options suitable for small homes to luxury solutions designed specifically for large houses or commercial properties. From outdoor surveillance systems ideal for keeping track of children around your pool area and other vulnerable spots to indoor IP cameras perfect for monitoring staff coming in and going through your front door. All these choices offer excellent quality HD recording capabilities allowing images of people, vehicles and pets moving across the screen clearly and easily without distortion. For added convenience they usually connect to a central hub via Wi‑Fi or Ethernet connection meaning no wires are required to be run across floors or ceilings. Many modern surveillance cams feature motion detection functionality so they will only operate once someone passes a certain distance past your device. Others allow you to set specific distances and times that trigger the recording function which is great for catching theft or break ins before they happen.
All this makes having a good IP Camera system essential whether you just wish to keep watch of your kids playing in another part of the house or install a professional grade CCTV solution as well as providing additional peace of mind. If you haven’t installed anything yet but would like to get started today take a peek at our top 5 picks for 2020
What Our Customers Say: “I’m impressed with Secure Cam service and support team. They respond fast & provide timely assistance. I highly recommend your company and plan to order my next camera soon. Thanks again!”~ Robert B., Calgary
“Thank you Secure CAM! Excellent customer experience overall” ~ Jason P., Edmonton
“Great Service, Highly Recommend!!” ~ Dwayne R., Vancouver
“Best Customer Support ever!!! Thank you for being awesome! Love the products, love working with you guys!! : )”~~ Jessica F., Mississauga
“Awesome service. Great communication throughout project implementation.

White Rock's Best Commercial Security Cameras

For years, people have used motion detection cameras and video surveillance systems to protect themselves against burglary, vandalism and other crimes.
While these products work well in some applications, they often fall short because they lack certain key capabilities. These include the ability to send alerts via email or smartphone text message; the ability to record audio and store footage locally rather than uploading to a remote server; the ability to view live streaming video remotely without having to install software like IP Cam Viewer; and the capability to control multiple locations using mobile apps instead of just one single location.
In addition to providing those advanced technologies, SecureCam uses only top manufacturers such as Axis Communications, FLIR Systems, Honeywell, Panasonic Avionics, Point Grey Research/GTCO Technologies, STMicroelectronics Nite Ize Industries. As a result, our high quality network cams provide you with the most comprehensive protection possible today. (Read More About Our Products)
Why We Use Smartphone Apps Over Traditional Remote Panels & Other Methods
We use smartphones with GPS technology to connect to each individual camera system through Wi‑Fi or 4G LTE cellular networking networks. By connecting this way, our technicians can see exactly which device needs attention and address the problem quickly and easily. If something goes awry, our techs will be able to take immediate corrective action. For instance, they could check whether the cameras are working properly or replace faulty batteries. And since everything happens right inside our customer’s homes, clients rarely ever notice anything different going on. When they call us, we tell them why they should trust us and show them proof that our service and equipment meet industry standards.
If you’re worried about being locked out of valuable personal information while away from your house, we offer 24 hours a day, seven days a week monitoring to ensure your safety. All the devices come with 2GB internal memory built in, allowing us to save recorded footage for 30 days straight. So no matter who takes care of business matters during the day, rest assured our team members would love nothing better than to help keep things safe around the clock. (Learn more about our monitoring options).

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In 2020 a lot was going on around us, but most importantly the world saw some serious changes happen during this past year, especially concerning technology. Many believe these events will cause many different shifts moving forward within society. One thing remains unchanged; however and that is our continued love affair with technology. We love gadgets whether they be cell phones, tablets or computers and we continue to get smarter every day. As a result of this trend, cameras are becoming increasingly advanced and powerful making them indispensable in today’s world. It goes without saying that cameras play a vital role in keeping both yourself and those closest to you safe. Whether you live in Canada, United States, Australia, Europe or anywhere else in the globe, there are plenty of options available to keep an eye on who enters or leaves your property 24/7. Some people prefer stationary systems while others like mobile units because they feel safer knowing they won’t lose track of their property and family members. Whatever type of system appeals to you and whatever budget you’re willing to spend on it, Secure Cam offers solutions that fit anyone’s needs!
Today I’m presenting my top picks for the absolute best home and commercial cameras for 2020 and beyond. These products offer great image quality, reliable operation, excellent customer support and outstanding value. With this guide I hope to help you find your perfect security solution!
What Makes Them Great For Your Home? If you already own a webcam, chances are you aren’t happy with it. Why not upgrade to something better? A high resolution 720P HD webcam is ideal for use indoors since its ability to capture detail ensures sharp images regardless of lighting conditions. They tend to provide good color reproduction, allowing for accurate monitoring of rooms. Most come equipped with night vision which helps to ensure no shadows fall onto walls and other surfaces. While not necessary, night vision functionality would enhance indoor safety. Another common feature found in HD webcams is wide angle lens capabilities. Since it tends to focus on areas near the edge instead of just straight ahead, you’ll see everything from a distance. If you have multiple windows throughout your house then wide angle lenses allow you to monitor each room separately instead of having to manually pan back and forth across the screen to view your entire dwelling.

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Homeowners often find themselves spending countless hours installing cameras to monitor entryways and common areas inside and outside homes in order to protect assets and family members. But many homeowners struggle to figure out which types of camera system will be most effective and affordable because the market offers a wide range of options. While some systems cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, other inexpensive solutions tend to lack proper quality optics and recording capability. If you’re shopping around in search of the perfect solution but aren’t finding anything worth considering, this post is for you. We’ll cover everything from basic surveillance needs to advanced applications like motion detection and video storage. After reading through this article together, you should feel confident making sense of every type of monitoring device and their potential use cases. Our experts provide tips on choosing the right technology including IP vs analog and indoor/outdoor cameras, plus tips on integrating them seamlessly. And while prices vary widely depending on whether you buy products outright, pay monthly fee and install yourself, or go with cloud service providers, each method benefits from technological innovation and high reliability. So no matter if you live in Vancouver’s Eastside or anywhere else, you deserve the peace of mind knowing that someone always watches your back 24/7.
This post covers:
How to Install Surveillance Systems
Types Of Cameras
IP vs Analog CCTV Camera Technology
Camera Options For Indoor Use
Indoor/Outdoor Cams
Cloud Services For IP Video Streaming & Storage
Motion Detection
Video Encoding Software
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