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White Rock Security Camera Installation & Maintenance Services
We are experts in installing the most advanced security cameras in white rock homes and business. We offer complete camera installations including professional camera mounting systems. Our team will install the cameras in your house in less than 4 hours.
Security Camera Mounting Systems
If the security system isn’t installed correctly, then it’s only half effective. That’s why we use custom made security mountings systems for each installation, which allow us to adjust and customize each individual security camera for optimal viewing angles and distance. These systems also protect against wind buffeting, rain damage or dust accumulation on the lens.
Camera Types
Most people assume that video surveillance should be just like normal CCTV cameras but they’re wrong. Video recording devices come in many different styles that suit various applications. They range anywhere from basic analog camcorders, through digital recorders, through IP networked cameras, through wireless networks and through web cams. Each type has benefits and drawbacks and you’ll find them listed below.
Wireless Network Cameras
These types of cameras work well indoors because they transmit images via radio waves instead of sending signals down wires, making it impossible for anyone else to intercept those messages. Wireless network cameras usually include both wired connections (for power supply and networking communication), plus a battery for long term operation without AC power or internet connection. Some models even provide Wi-Fi connectivity and remote control capabilities.
IP Camcorder
Analog camcorders are still used today in some situations such as for capturing events on location such as weddings and corporate meetings. Analog video recordings can capture audio and visual information simultaneously. However, these older technology camcorders tend to consume large amounts of electricity. Digital camcorders are more efficient and cost far less per hour than their analog counterparts. However, they lack sound capability. Most modern digital camcorders include built-in microphones for recording voice conversations during interviews.
Digital Recorders
This category includes everything from traditional DVR-style boxes to smaller units designed primarily for mobile applications such as tablets and smartphones. Some of these devices include integrated video and/or photo storage capabilities while others simply store recorded images locally or upload them to cloud-based servers.

Security Cameras Monitoring Company White Rock

In this era of advanced technology, it seems like every other day someone finds another way to hack into people’s accounts. We’ve already seen hackers steal millions of dollars worth of Bitcoin through hacking exchanges; they’re stealing credit card numbers, passwords, and bank account information; and then there was Equifax — the largest consumer reporting agency in the US had over 143 million records stolen. This is just the tip of the iceberg.
If you own a white rock house, condo, apartment, office building, industrial space, commercial property, business, or anything else, you should be aware of these hacks. If you don’t protect yourself, you could lose everything.
But that doesn’t mean installing surveillance equipment will automatically stop criminals from accessing your stuff. They’ll find ways around whatever system you put in place. And while most cameras come equipped with some sort of anti-hacking feature, those features aren’t always enough.
We recommend you invest in high quality, top rated IP cameras to monitor your premises 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These IP cameras offer superior resolution, night vision capabilities and advanced motion detection technology.
And because they use wireless networking instead of wires, you won’t get tangled up in cords. Plus, you won’t run power lines across your floor, risking damage. You’ll only see what needs monitoring with no distractions.
So whether you’re interested in keeping tabs on family members who live nearby, employees checking in after work each day, or tenants staying late to complete chores, a good video camera is the way forward.

Security Cameras Installation & Monitoring in White Rock BC

1. Installations – We recommend installing cameras inside buildings like homes, business offices, warehouses, factories, shops and malls in Canada.
2. Video Surveillance – If you only use surveillance cameras outside, then we suggest getting 4K IP video surveillance cameras, which provide high quality images day and night. Also consider adding additional indoor/outdoor network cameras, depending upon your needs. Please note that outdoor cameras typically take higher resolution footage than indoor ones since they capture light reflected off outside windows and surfaces rather than just capturing shadows cast by artificial lights indoors. These types of cameras offer better image contrast and color saturation when viewing the exterior view during daylight hours. However, because they collect less lighting info while recording, these cameras will record fewer frames per minute on average.
3. Storage – SecureCAM storage servers store recorded videos and send them securely via FTP protocol (secure file transfer protocol). We recommend storing these recordings for 7 days. Once this period lapses, we advise erasing old files immediately without archiving them, so that the amount of space used remains small. After 7 days, you must archive older recordings to ensure sufficient storage.
4. Remote Viewing–Remotely monitor your property 24/7/365 with remote viewing software. In order to get started and check the status remotely, all your network cams connected to your server should be logged onto your router. Then simply launch our free viewer to see live feeds from multiple devices simultaneously.
5.. Cloud Recording–If you prefer to keep all the records locally instead of uploading them to Secure CAM cloud backup service, please refer to the below steps for manual uploads. 1. Connect Camera(s) to PC 2. Set up Network settings 3. Download and install latest version of the viewer 5. Use “upload” button under File menu to save each frame captured by individual cam on HDD.
6. Delete recorded clips after 7 days (default limit), otherwise the size would increase significantly.
Please note, this guide assumes that you have basic knowledge of PCs and networking concepts. For example, connecting a webcam requires that you connect it wirelessly or plug it into computer’s USB port instead of the back of the web camera.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Best Security Cameras White Rock

Please contact us today to learn how our smart home technologies and security camera systems will bring a new level of security to your home or office. We are currently services areas including Toronto, Whitby, Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Burlington, Barrie, Hamilton & surrounding areas.



White Rock Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras

Security cameras are becoming more popular than ever in our communities. From protecting kids bedrooms, schools and daycare centers to securing homes and offices against intruders or thieves, installing these devices across Canada is no longer uncommon.
However, security cameras aren’t just meant to be seen; they serve multiple purposes beyond simply being able to see who enters or exits. They can help detect motion, monitor activity, provide video evidence and alert homeowners/property managers when something suspicious occurs or happens outside the range of normal operation. They can detect fire, flood damage, smoke leaks, carbon monoxide levels and temperature fluctuations all while providing peace of mind knowing everything else around them will remain safe. For those living away from civilization, they offer safety monitoring and security. And when used correctly, they can save lives. So why wouldn’t everyone install one?
In this guide, I’ll go over some basics about different types of surveillance systems available today, explain what each does, then highlight which type would work best for you in regards to price point, location and other needs. In addition to reviewing the top brands of security camera products available, we’ve compiled several articles that discuss topics like remote viewing capabilities, wireless integration options and outdoor mounting methods, to ensure you find what’s most suitable depending upon your specific needs.
So whether you’re planning a small townhouse condo renovation project, remodeling a large industrial property, building a commercial office complex or designing a home from scratch, it pays to understand exactly what you’re dealing with and how to properly equip yourself accordingly.
Best Overall: Ring Video Doorbell Pro ($169)
Ring offers one of many excellent entry level doorbell solutions currently available — especially considering it comes complete with a professionally designed outdoor enclosure made specifically for white rock climate conditions. Its ability to capture high resolution 1080p HD footage makes it stand out amongst competitors, but it lacks an integrated alarm system. While it could potentially be used indoors without issues, Ring recommends that users only place indoor units inside their main entrance or garage doors due to interference from nearby sources and potential audio delay problems caused by glass windows and doors.

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White Rock Home Security Cameras Done Right

Hikvision’s HDP2120HDW Series 2MP Dome IP Camera is perfect for indoor applications such as retail stores, hotels, restaurants, warehouses and other locations requiring video surveillance with high resolution. The 2MP HDP series cameras come equipped with an IR filter, allowing it to operate effectively indoors without interfering with lighting sources. The HDP2120HDW Series 2MP Dome IP Cam is capable of capturing videos up to 30 FPS (frames per seconds). For more details, please click
Tianyang Technologies offers an IP66 rated indoor dome 1080P HD PTZ Camera which is ideal for monitoring outdoor spaces and buildings such as malls and parking lots. Its small size makes this camera suitable for use in areas with tight corners and narrow passageways. The PTZ camera can be installed easily through walls and ceilings. Its compact design enables it to monitor multiple points simultaneously and record up to 10 hours of footage. For more information, see
Our Verdict: These security cameras offer a good combination of quality and cost effectiveness. Both are available in different resolutions, colors and frame rates. You should take these factors into consideration while selecting them.

White Rock's Best Commercial Security Cameras

Homeowners install CCTV cameras because they see them as reliable devices to protect themselves against crime. However, many homeowners overlook some vital details while choosing and installing these products. Here is a checklist of factors which will help select the ideal security cameras setup to keep safe your house or business premises.
1. Camera Type: Most people opt for HD models due to their high quality video footage but this isn’t always the case. Some companies offer higher resolution cameras for better picture clarity, while others go for lower priced 720P units. A 1080p model’s image appears sharper than that of an 880×480 pixel resolution.
2. Resolution: High definition cameras typically produce crisp images without compromising colour balance. The most common resolutions for indoor cameras include 640 x 480 pixels for standard VGA format (the default setting), 1280 X 960 px, 1920X1080px and 2560×1440 pixels. These sizes provide plenty of detail for surveillance purposes and allow for monitoring multiple rooms simultaneously. For outdoor applications, however, larger screen sizes like 4K Ultra HD 1920×3840(4k UHDTV = 3841 px wide viewing angle & 5120 x 2160 pixels )
3. Audio Capabilities: Whether you intend to use audio recording capabilities depends largely upon the nature of activity occurring around the property; whether there are children present, pets barking, or other loud noises nearby. If you’re installing a system specifically designed to monitor a dog kennel, then having an integrated microphone could be essential. Other properties benefit greatly from integrating microphones into internal doors, windows and entryways to capture conversations, footfalls, footsteps and general ambient noise levels. Many systems come equipped with a ‘one touch’ button that initiates audio/video recordings straight away, without requiring manual intervention from a remote location.
4. Motion Detection: While motion detection is often seen as a feature reserved for professionally installed closed circuit television (CCTV) systems, there are several affordable options available today which allow homeowners or small businesses to easily integrate motion sensors into their own DIY installations. They operate via either infrared light waves or ultrasonic pulses emitted through glass panels mounted discreetly behind the actual sensor device.

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We will cover some of the top commercial security cameras available today including:
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Security Camera Reviews & Product Comparisons
Top 5 Wireless Networking Solutions for 2020

The most common question when choosing a website builder for business owners and small businesses is “How does this service work and what is the difference between them?” We will be answering these questions in this guide, comparing the top 7 best web design companies, which include Wix, Squarespace, SiteGround, Hostinger, Dreamhost, GoDaddy and BigCommerce.
WIX Website Builder
If you are looking for something cheap then Wix would definitely not be the first thing that pops into your head. However, they offer great value for money and a lot of flexibility. They provide everything you could possibly need to get started, with drag and drop tools allowing the creation of custom websites without needing technical knowledge.
Squarespace Website BuildeR
This popular choice is perfect if you are just starting out and would love to learn how things work behind the scenes. Their templates come with stepby step instructions making building sites a breeze. If you want to go beyond basic functionality then they allow you to upload your own content or use third party apps.
Siteground Website Developer
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Hostgator Websites
Another cheap option, although it will take longer to setup. The main benefit of hosting through hostgator is that it allows you the ability to manage multiple accounts through their control panel system. The downside is that they charge monthly fees. Hostgators are not known as being particularly reliable so this may affect your decision to move forward with them.
Dreamhost Website Developers
They have become well established with a strong reputation. They provide excellent quality and support, offering a wide range of products and packages.

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Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems White Rock

SecureCam offers the most extensive lineup available anywhere in Canada today with the widest range of options from entry level cameras, through mid range and high end products available on We offer both IP66 rated outdoor and indoor models, along with wireless options, motion detection technology, and remote monitoring capabilities.
Our mission is to ensure that every customer gets exactly the product they need for optimal peace of mind at an affordable price.
We provide professional service at no extra cost to help customers get started and keep them informed along the way. Our experienced staff are dedicated to ensuring each customer receives top quality equipment and support. If something goes wrong after purchase, we will work diligently to correct the situation and return you to full satisfaction. We stand behind our products 100%.
If you would like to find out why you should be using Secure Cam please visit us at
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“I recently had a pricey amazon package stolen from my doorstep, so I decided to take measures and instal security cameras around my house. Highly recommend this company! They were fast, efficient and friendly!”


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“Excellent experience with Dan and the whole SecureCam team. Price and service can’t be beat!! Cameras work amazing, better than we expected.Definitely recommend!!”


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