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If it was installed properly then you should be able to get the most accurate images possible. But if it wasn’t, then the quality will suffer. If you’re having trouble getting good photos or videos, check these things first:
Make sure the device’s lens covers the area you wish to capture. Make sure the image sensor isn’t covered by anything else like another object or window. Check the angle of the camera. Does it point down toward the ground or straight forward towards the subject? Is the light shining on the subject coming from behind them or from the side of them? Do the lights flicker? If they do this could mean there’s something blocking the power supply or a problem with the power line or wiring. This could cause the picture being recorded to appear blurry or black and white instead of color. Check the batteries. Batteries tend to wear faster than normal after several months of use or storage. So, if you haven’t used your camera in awhile, you’ll probably notice some changes in the battery life. If it still won’t take pictures or record video, try replacing the batteries. Try a different location or position the camera again. Sometimes, moving it around a bit helps. If nothing else seems to work, call us and we’ll send someone out to help diagnose any problems.
We hope this post helped answer some questions regarding how cameras work and why you would want to install one inside your home, office, shop, warehouse, factory, garage, barn, farmhouse, shed, etc..

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We live in a world full of crime, theft, burglary and vandalism these days. We no longer feel safe leaving windows open while sitting down for dinner, taking a shower or sleeping. Unfortunately, this gives criminals a great advantage; knowing which window faces towards the house they’re invading. If a criminal knows he can easily see inside through a certain window, then he’s only going to target that specific area; knowing exactly where everyone living in the house will be vulnerable.
This makes having a reliable, affordable system installed in each location essential. So many homeowners choose just to rely on a camera hidden away somewhere inside the house that nobody notices until something goes terribly awry. Why risk anything yourself? Our cameras come ready to go, installed in minutes and outfitted with some serious hardware built to withstand the worst conditions. Whether you install them internally or externally, your outdoor monitors will deliver quality video day after day. All you’ll need to worry about afterward are monthly subscription fee updates.
These days, most homes have multiple doors and windows leading outside. Many people use their front door to enter and leave via garage as well. Having high traffic areas covered by surveillance systems helps prevent crimes like identity fraud, credit card skimming, vehicle breakins, package thefts, stalking, etc…
If you’ve got a business located near busy streets, sidewalks or parking lots the same types of issues could arise. A security monitoring service can help protect you against property damage caused by thieves or vandals who strike while you aren’t around. For example, a common problem for business owners, especially along heavily trafficked routes, is shoplifting. By installing an IP camera surveillance system, you can keep track of employees who carry merchandise past the checkout counter without paying. Additionally, a good visual deterrent could potentially help stop someone who wants to commit retail theft but would prefer not to cause physical injury during the act. A properly setup IP Camera Surveillance System could save valuable inventory and customer assets. Businesses large enough to employ 24 hr/7 shifts can benefit immensely from keeping tabs on every employee, making sure the work environment is clean and protected, reducing human error and improving productivity overall. Even smaller operations could greatly benefit from proper CCTV installations and monitoring software.

Whites Lake Home Security Cameras Done Right

If you live around whites lake then you probably already have a security system installed. But did you ever stop to consider just exactly how many cameras you should put on your property?
There really isn’t a “one size fits all” rule for determining the correct amount of cameras and zones in your whites lake area; but there are some general guidelines that apply.
First things first, you’ll want to determine which types of cameras will be most effective for protecting your home and business. Depending upon where they’re placed, different models will work better than others and some cameras offer features that other cameras lack, making them more valuable for certain areas.
For example, motion detection systems tend to perform well in bedrooms and bathrooms because these rooms often contain high risk items like jewelry or expensive electronics. Other common locations include hallways, entrances/exits, garage doors / windows and exterior lighting fixtures.
Other popular options for homeowners and small businesses include indoor surveillance cameras, outdoor video recording devices, doorbell cams, baby monitors and even pet monitoring systems.
Next, take note of the specific needs your property requires in order to protect against the risks associated with it. For example, you could place multiple cameras along a single hallway for added protection against burglars, but only use one outside your front porch in case someone tries to break in through the backdoor. Or, perhaps you’d prefer multiple outdoor cameras around your pool and deck to catch thieves who try to enter while swimming during daylight hours.
Finally, once you’ve got a rough idea of the type and quantity of cameras required, you should decide whether you’d rather have a professionally trained installer handle the job or would prefer doing everything yourself. While there’s no denying that installing your own cameras is easier, it’s still recommended that you hire professionals for large installations since you won’t necessarily be familiar enough with the technology to ensure your equipment works properly.
In addition, you can save hundreds of dollars off install fees in most cases simply due to volume discounts provided by professional companies. Plus, a skilled technician can help prevent costly mistakes and provide support if anything goes awry down the road.
So, what are you waiting for? Start planning today. Secure Cam is ready to help.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Best Security Cameras Whites Lake

Security Camera Installation Trends: Most homes and office buildings today have multiple cameras installed to provide protection against break ins and vandalism. Surveillance systems provide video footage which will help authorities track down suspects involved in criminal activity.
There are many different types of surveillance systems used for monitoring purposes today including; outdoor/indoor closed circuit television systems, fixed wireless CCTV camera systems installed inside building lobbies or offices, webcams, IP Video Systems, and Network Camera Systems.
Most people who use these technologies tend to be homeowners and business owners. These individuals typically install them themselves rather than hiring professionals because they generally prefer working with non corporate entities and understand that installing these devices requires technical knowledge. They are confident enough in their abilities to handle basic technical issues, but some of us still struggle with knowing how to properly configure networks or troubleshoot computer problems, this makes these companies highly recommended. As technology increases security measures become increasingly smarter allowing for easier implementation. These advancements can be seen with web cams gaining high definition capabilities through software updates or better built hardware components offering higher resolutions allowing for clearer recordings making web cams increasingly popular and affordable to most consumers. Additionally, network infrastructure advancement includes improved router equipment being less susceptible to hacking, stronger Wi-Fi signals improving internet speeds overall, and faster mobile connections increasing broadband speed.
Best Wireless Motion Sensor Technology Available Today: Due to technological advances motion sensor technology continues to improve resulting in greater range, sensitivity and ease of setup. Currently available products vary widely across price points ranging anywhere from $30-400 depending upon model and accessories. Wireless sensors offer several benefits over traditional wired alarm systems including reliability and flexibility providing reliable coverage everywhere. Some models include power backup options eliminating the need to run wires back to main panel while other brands utilize battery backups ensuring constant operation with no interruption in service due to dead batteries. Wireless motion detection cameras allow customers to place units wherever they wish without requiring permanent wiring. Another benefit is having the ability to monitor remote locations remotely reducing the need for physical presence. A common misconception among those who purchase security products for the first time is believing alarms have to sound continuously to operate and transmit alerts to the central system.

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Whites Lake Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras

In this article I am going to talk about the top 10 best cameras, security systems and hardware products available today. These top products will help install and protect your house, business, office space, vehicles, boats, home theater equipment, family heirloom collections, pets, and almost anything else imaginable. If I missed something then post in my comments below your favorite Camera Hardware Product that isn’t mentioned yet. We’re always working to improve and include everything possible.
If you would like us to check out another device please leave a comment bellow. Also remember these tips while buying the item(s).
1. Make sure your device captures video 24/7/365. For most residential applications the ideal solution is 2.5 Megapixel HD quality footage captured every 15 minutes day & night. Most professional level devices record 1080P which typically capture 1 hour segments per day which makes them great solutions to monitor large areas. But some people use other types such as 720p. (Note: Many manufacturers offer “day mode” options to save power. You’ll often find this feature called “Power Saving Mode”. In Power Save Mode many cameras go completely dark after 20 seconds but still capture images. Check if yours does this.)
2. Consider WiFi only models unless they support traditional cellular network connections. They tend to be less expensive than those that utilize cell networks. Wi-Fi cameras usually cost half the price since they capture image data via wireless connection. It’s recommended that homeowners purchase both wired Ethernet and Wireless Internet Connection for maximum coverage. Some models allow simultaneous usage of both modes depending upon your needs and internet speed. (If you use a modem for Wireless connectivity I recommend getting a cable modem instead; otherwise your signal strength is poor and speeds suffer tremendously.) When installing multiple wifi cameras consider placing them strategically in different portions of your property. One location could be near windows or doors allowing for better visibility. Another should be placed away from the first location because each area must receive adequate range and coverage. (This helps to eliminate ghosting errors caused by overlapping fields of view.)
3. Consider battery life. Battery-powered units generally deliver anywhere from 3-6 hours of continuous operation (depending on model type).

Whites Lake's Best Commercial Security Cameras

Whiteslake Hikvisioin C1WK30EZ Camera Installation Instructions. _gacatf=1
Tiandys FVX8L25AQF Camera Installations Instruction Videos
Both these cameras come with 1MP HD resolution photos which allow detailed photographs of people walking through the frame. They both record video footage automatically in high definition 1080P mode
For some reason though I keep getting this error message “Warning! Your account is currently pending approval but will be able to use this website once approved.” everytime I try to install either of them. Not being tech savvy my first thought was that they must be incompatible or something along those lines because I had tried the same thing on another cam earlier today and that worked like charm. However after installing both these cams again, the exact same happens just when i click on INSTALL button on each of them. In case anyone else is experiencing the issue I would appreciate help in solving it. Thanks!
My thoughts on why it happened: My guess its probably due to me having purchased the cameras less then 20 minutes ago so Im assuming the system hasn’t allowed enough time for my payment information or credit card info to go thru successfully yet, hence it shows me that warning page while trying to install the cameras.
Also since its only showing me this when trying to download the camera software via the website, I assume its not allowing the installer to properly execute from downloads folder on my PC. So my next step is going to be checking the settings of the windows firewall and antivirus programs and see whether anything changes upon removing them temporarily. If nothing works, Ill contact support about this issue with the above mentioned error messages.

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In 2020, many homeowners are taking advantage of commercial security cameras for the first time. These products provide peace of mind to those who live and work inside or nearby the property line. They help protect against break ins and theft. Many people use these devices to monitor activity outside or near the perimeter fence line. If you’re interested in installing commercial grade surveillance systems, check out this guide to find which system will be most beneficial to your business.
Whites Lake’s Top 10 Most Popular Surveillance Systems for Homes & Businesses
Here are the top ten most popular commercial security cameras for homes and offices.
1. Axis HD Camera System
2. Panasonic IP Cam HCW-V7L
3. Hikvision DVR WDR1230PZR
4. Ring Video Doorbell 2 Pro
5. Netgear Arlo Q
6. Vivint Smart Home Hub Max
7. Nest Secure
8. Honeywell Iris Plus IP Camera C1040CIR
9. Samsung Galaxy S10
10. DSC Vantage Pro 4K
11. ADT Pulse Connected Alarm
12. Samsung Gear 360 VR180° Panoramic Action Camera
13. Ring Stick Up Cam Outdoor Wireless 1080 Pixels Security Camera
14. ADT Pulse Pro
15. D-Link DCS-3700U
16. Ring ZOOM
17. Ring Spotlight Cam Indoor/Outdoor Wi-Fi
18. Nest Aware Security Camera
19. Ring Stick Up Cam Indoor/Outdoor 1080 Pixels Security Camera
20. Ring Spotlight Cam Indoor / Outdoors 1080 pixalation wireless camera
21. Netgear Arlo Pro 2 HD WiFi Security Camera
22. Nest Thermostat E Series 3rd Generation
23. ADT Pulse
24. Amazon Echo Show 5th generation
25. ADT Pulse Pro
26. Nest Guard Cam
27. Ring Stick Up Pro
28. Ring Spotlight Cam 2nd gen
29. Ring Stick Up Pro Plus
30. ADT Pulse Plus
31. Netgear Arlo Pro XHD WiFi Security Camera
32. Ring Stick Up Pro HD 720 Pixels Security Camera

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Whites lake residents should check out this post to find the best cameras for 2020/21. We’ve got some great tips and ideas for getting the most bang for your buck, whether you’re installing them yourself or hiring someone else to do it for you.
Here’s a quick summary:
1. Check out the price range for each model before choosing which ones will work best for your needs. Some models will be cheaper than others but they won’t always perform better or offer additional functionality.
2. Don’t skimp on your first purchase. If you get a good quality unit at a decent price point then you’ll save yourself a lot of headaches down the road.
3. Be careful when considering wireless options because many units come with proprietary mounts that limit where you can position the system. Make sure the mount supports the type of mounting surface you intend to use.
4. Make sure you understand exactly what you’re buying when shopping around for different types of surveillance systems. A basic package may include a single HD DVR, but it may not provide everything that makes sense to have in a system like that. For example, the ability to view live feeds in multiple locations, record audio as well as video, and integrate with other devices like doorbells or intercoms would be nice additions.
Check back every week for another installment of our series “How I Got My White Lake Home Secured” as we continue to help you keep track of new products and technologies that make life easier in your home or office.
5. Consider adding motion detection, flood lighting, remote pan/zoom capabilities, nightvision and infrared capability to your existing setup. Some manufacturers also allow you to control these settings remotely through an IP address.
6. When selecting the location of each device you need to install consider factors like: proximity to doors, windows, entrances and exits; visibility of the area being monitored; accessibility for maintenance or repairs.
7. Finally, once you’ve made a final decision on which cameras you’d prefer, it’s worth doing research to determine who offers the best customer service support if something goes awry..

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