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Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Yankeetown

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Security Camera Trends For You & Your Property By Secure Cam Security Camera Installation Services Inc | Secure Cam Security CamerasYankee Town NJ
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Video Surveillance System Products
Commercial Video surveillance systems for commercial buildings/businesses. New technology is now available in many cases with 2 video cameras inside the business (front and back). And most businesses will use both front and rear views via IP streaming back to the cloud and mobile apps. Many clients ask us “why buy just 1 system when I could buy 2″. So yes, it is possible to have multiple video cameras installed per building. But, this is becoming less common than ever due to the advancements in wireless technology. When installing these types of system you typically get 4 things: Front Wide view, Rear wide view, front monitor only and rear monitor only. Not every business needs all four but some larger companies will install all four. Most smaller offices will often go digital with no analog equipment installed whatsoever. They prefer to see everything moving digitally through a cell phone and tablet screen with the ability to zoom in and out from the same device. A lot of times they would rather stream live videos wirelessly instead of actually recording them like older systems used to do. Wireless technology is simply better today and it seems almost everyone wants instant playback capability regardless of cost.
We are proud to say that Secure Cam offers FREE installation services for Yankeetown residents who call ahead to schedule a free quote. We believe in providing quality service which makes customers stick around to experience this value proposition first hand.
Many people will come across various different home alarm monitoring services through internet advertisements. Most of these alarms will be DIY self-installation type units that run wires to the house exterior with little to nothing being offered after initial purchase other then basic functionality. Some providers will offer monthly fees along with hardware setup charges but it often ends up being way to expensive especially for single family residential properties that rarely receive break-ins or incidents requiring monitored Alarms. Our philosophy on customer satisfaction goes beyond our typical standard contract agreement. We strive to provide solutions to each individual property owner that fit his unique situation and requirements.

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SecureCam Yankeetown offers many reasons why you should consider installing a security system for your house, office space, business or commercial building:
1) Peace Of Mind.
2) Protecting Your Family & Property
3) Protecting Employees
4) Prevent Theft/Damage.
5) Saving Money
6) Safer Neighborhood.
7) Better Neighbors.
8) Safety For Kids And Pets.
9) Security Systems Can Keep An Eye On Things While You Sleep.
10) A Good Investment For Businesses.
11) A Great Conversation Piece.
12) It’s Easy!
13) No Hiding Required.
14) We Install Them Right Away!
15) No Contracts – Just Pay As Needed!
16) You’ll Save Time.
17) Our Services Will Make Your House More Safe, Comfortable and Enjoyable.
18) We Provide Service After Installation.
19) We’re Local, Honest and Friendly.
20) We Offer Low Monthly Rates.
21) We Guarantee Satisfaction.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Yankeetown’s Best Commercial Security Cameras

Yankeetown is the place to be if you’re building a home here in Texas! Many people enjoy living outdoors in this peaceful community located near San Antonio. But even though outdoor entertaining isn’t typical during cooler months, it’s nice to go inside sometimes to warm some food and drinks while enjoying views of scenic nature parks. Unfortunately, leaving valuable belongings unattended is still possible as criminals continue to target homes in this area. That’s why homeowners should install security cameras around the exterior of their house to help protect themselves and their loved ones.
So which are the top rated security cameras available today—and the most useful way to use them? Read below to find out.
1. DVR Style Surveillance System
2. IP Video Doorbell Camera
3. Smart Outdoor Flood Light Kit
4. Networked Wireless Dome Alarm
5. 2 Way Audio Monitoring & Remote Voice Command
6. WiFi Controlled Outdoor Motion Sensor
7. 3 Axis Gyroscope DVR Camera
8. 1/4″ HD Wired Wall Mountable Video Camera
9. 7 Day Battery Backup Mini Network Security Camera
10. 8 Channel Analog CCTV Vandalproof Housing Design
11. 9 Point Indoor Multi Zone Home Security Lighting Control Switching Box
12. 10 Meter Ethernet Cable Secure Your Property From Hackers And Potential Theft Scamming Attempts
13. 11 Metre Fiber Optic High Definition Ultra Wide Angle 1080P Night Vision Night Watch Guard Camo Cover
14. 12 Power USB Charger For Digital Cameras Portable Solar Panel Inflatable Tent Camping Caravan
15. 13 Mute Stereo Speaker Set Wi-Fi Surveillance Monitor Alarm Sound Effects
16. 14 Outdoor LED Flashlight Powered By AC Adapter Or Rechargeable Batteries
17. 15 8 Hour Long Rechargeable LiPo Tension Cordless Handheld Laser Gun Guard Spy Apparels
18. 16 4 Way Color Changing Weather Proof Siren Noise Alert Alarm Clock Radio Phone Answering Machine
19. 17 6 Foot Wifi Range Electric Motorized Mobile Lawn Sprinkler Irrigation Water Delivery System

We’re sorry but no video content was found because nothing matched the criteria specified.

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Yankeetown Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras

In this article I’ll show you some of the latest commercial cameras currently being manufactured. These include a range of products from the top manufacturers including Canon, Axis, Samsung, SANYO, Panasonic and Sony which cover most popular CCTV applications in business settings. I’ll discuss what these types of camera offer and why they’re becoming increasingly popular choices for small businesses, large corporations and homeowners alike.
This guide will explain how to install each type of camera correctly and safely without causing damage or downtime. We’ll go through basic maintenance requirements for each model. We have created separate pages for indoor/outdoor models depending on whether you intend installing them outdoors for a range of weather conditions and locations. All installations should be carried out by experienced professionals who understand the risks involved and the safety precautions required.
We’ll then move onto other related topics around installation and use of IP surveillance systems, and finally talk about the potential pitfalls to avoid during setup and deployment. If you’d like to find out more information visit
For our readers’ convenience we’ve provided links to relevant articles, videos, case studies, reviews and guides in order to help provide you with more information regarding the different options available to suit various needs and preferences.
What’s New?
Over the years we’ve developed extensive expertise in providing professional quality CCTV Camera Systems for both residential and commercial customers throughout Kent & London area. However due to changes made to government regulations surrounding video surveillance equipment, SecureCameraStore Ltd was recently notified that all existing orders placed via our website cannot be processed unless they include an active VAT Registration Number. Unfortunately we were unable to obtain a registration number until late December 2019 and therefore could no longer fulfil previously ordered items or accept additional orders via We apologize for any inconvenience caused but hope you appreciate the fact that our prices remain competitive due to the cost savings associated with buying locally rather than ordering internationally. We apologise once again for the delay and thank those of you still waiting patiently for delivery. Thankyou.

Best Security Cameras Yankeetown

Yankeetown has a huge selection of high quality Hikvison cameras available for purchase. We offer both wired as well as wireless options and many different models to fit almost every need. If you are interested in buying or installing a video surveillance system please call us at 713-832-7111.
In this article I will be reviewing the top 10 most popular Hikivisons for sale. These include some great deals on these models for 2020.
#10 Hikvision HXW30H2S/C
This model offers excellent picture quality and has a wide dynamic range. It supports 1080P HD resolution which gives a crisp clean image for viewing.
Its night vision capabilities allow you to see things clearly even during the darkest hours. Its infrared technology lets you monitor activity without obstructing light coming through windows during daytime hours.
If you like the convenience of remote monitoring then the WDR function of this unit will help to keep your home safe while giving you peace of mind knowing someone is watching.
#9 Hikvision HS80-3HDW1080I
Another great deal is this model that includes 3 high definition 1080i IP cameras. This model is perfect for indoor use because of its small size but still packs plenty of power.
With this camera you get a full 720p HD streaming capability as well as a high sensitivity sensor that helps capture details even during dimly lit conditions. The WDR mode is also included on this camera allowing you to view images from multiple angles to ensure nothing slips past undetected.
#8Hikviason XR300
This camera is designed to work indoors only but does provide exceptional resolution. Its infrared sensor makes it ideal for use outside in daylight situations.
This particular camera supports 2 way audio communication and includes motion detection capabilities. The built in zoom feature allows you to adjust the lens to focus on specific areas without having to move around the whole house.
#7Titany TK890
This camera is perfect for home or business use in the outdoors. Not only does it support day and night operation but also has a high level of resistance to water damage.

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Security cameras are becoming ever smarter and cheaper than they used to be. They’re getting easier to install and harder to compromise. But that hasn’t stopped bad guys trying. If you’re going to invest in video surveillance systems, you need to make them bulletproof. Here’s what you should consider buying and installing into your business or home this year.
1/2 of people who buy a security camera system will install it without professional help, according to NPD Group. And the majority of these DIY installers get things wrong—a lot wrong. So, if you’re planning on doing some DIY yourself, make sure everything goes smoothly and safely.
Here are 10 things to keep top of mind while buying, setting up, and installing video surveillance equipment.
Best Camera Models
In 2019, the industry moved away from basic analog models towards higher quality digital ones. This is because most consumers today prefer having high resolution photos and videos, rather than just being able to see that someone is watching the house through a live feed. So if you’re thinking about upgrading a security camera, check for high resolutions, night vision capabilities, motion detection options, and remote viewing functionality.
Camera Installation & Mounting Options
If you’re thinking about installing a video monitoring device inside your own building, consider mounting it inside a closet door frame or wall studs. Doing so keeps the camera out of sight and prevents tampering, which makes it less vulnerable. Plus, you’ll save valuable space in rooms where you might otherwise use a traditional security box, like bathrooms.
Video Quality
Most modern security cams offer excellent 1080P resolution. But if you really care about image sharpness, check the specifications closely to ensure that they support 4k recording at 30 frames per second and 24fps for slow motion capture. These are great ways to capture every minute detail of whatever activity is happening around your premises.
WiFi Connectivity
Many newer video security devices come equipped with WiFi connectivity, allowing you to connect remotely, view recorded footage via mobile apps, and monitor activity remotely. But you shouldn’t rely solely on WiFI to communicate with your camera; it won’t work everywhere, and it isn’t always reliable.

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We believe that installing security cameras has become just another thing homeowners do. After all, it looks “good” & feels good to feel like someone else lives inside our homes. Whether these are false feelings or true ones remains to be seen. We hope this guide will help answer some questions that come along.
What should I install my first security system for? If you live in a residential setting, chances are you already own a digital recorder. Why replace it when both technologies work well together? While many still use analog, most of us prefer recording digitally nowadays. So why would you go through the hassle of replacing your recording devices. Most often than not, they provide plenty enough storage space for our needs. For example, a high definition IP Camera records HD video footage 24/7. And a standard resolution SD or 4K DVR may record an entire day of use. They are capable of storing thousands of hours worth of recordings at once. And unlike other types of surveillance technology, they may also save audio files on top of video clips. If you are interested in adding sound recording functionality with your existing equipment, then check out some of the latest models available today.
How large does a networked CCTV system need to be installed? A few years ago, people used to argue whether wired or wireless was better. However, after witnessing multiple burglars breaking into houses without wires attached, one could assume that the presence of wire would deter criminals to target them. Today, the situation is no different. Wireless systems are far smaller but offer similar benefits. Many times, if you’re planning to purchase multiple sensors, you may decide to invest on a larger sized sensor instead of buying a bunch of small sensors for little ROI. One reason being; a single sensor is usually not powerful enough to capture images of everything around your house. But the bigger ones allow you view more areas simultaneously. Of course, the size matters a lot when you consider the overall price tag. When choosing which type of security solution you need, always keep things in perspective. Don’t get carried away by big numbers or fancy specifications. What really affects the total cost is how long it takes to install each system..

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“I recently had a pricey amazon package stolen from my doorstep, so I decided to take measures and instal security cameras around my house. Highly recommend this company! They were fast, efficient and friendly!”


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“Excellent experience with Dan and the whole SecureCam team. Price and service can’t be beat!! Cameras work amazing, better than we expected.Definitely recommend!!”


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